Horseheath (2) 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Horseheath (2)

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Rider Horse Class Status
Aaron Otway Dreamworks Desire BE100 Buy
Abbie Brucki Paycheck BE80 Buy
Abi Jacobs Auld Flame BE90 Buy
Abi Scott Camarnaint Rambler BE90 Buy
Abigail Erian Louie The Third BE100 Watch
Ada Marson Just Paddington BE105 Buy
Aimee Godbold Roman Eglenovich BE100 Watch
Alice Grassly Tara Viii BE105 Watch
Alice Haynes Emerald Coffey 4 Year Old Buy
Alice Somerville Campaston Jazzi Jasper BE90 Buy
Alice Stanton Cornamagh Prince BE90 Buy
Alice Williams Dutch Dream BE90 Buy
Alicia Wilkinson Incognito BE100 Open Buy
Alicia Wilkinson Glenkeeran Ruby Cruz BE100 Open Buy
Allegra Martin Silrose Miss May BE90 Buy
Amber Staaf Woodlands Missprimnproper BE80 Buy
Amber Staaf Clifton Dickara BE90 U19 Buy
Amy Brownlee Havanna BE80 Buy
Amy Crosby Parkchurch Holly Berry BE90 Buy
Amy Ridsdale Springbok Cavalier BE90 Open Buy
Andrea Jansen Carrick Warcraft BE90 Buy
Andrea Smith First Love BE100 Watch
Anita Lenton My Gleneven BE80 Buy
Anna Czylok Curolea Mika BE100 Open Watch
Annabel Gardiner Annandale Just Annie BE80 Buy
Annie Barwell Tinnerath John BE80 Buy
Anthony Berry Millridge Biscuit BE90 Buy
Aoife Rew Drishoge Lotto BE100 Buy
April Cox Holywood Houdini BE90 Buy
April Hart Boolagh Stormy Night BE90 Buy
Asha Speak Amigos Boy BE80 Watch
Aurelie Charrière Vollonia Des Gats BE80 Watch
Bea Andrew Cavalier Harlequin BE80 Buy
Belinda Dow El Gaucho Dhi BE105 Buy
Bobbie Hall Silken Bow BE90 Buy
Bridget Herdman Kennys Lad BE100 Watch
Camilla Bartell Gluten Mad BE80 Buy
Camilla Findlay Tourmakeady Jack BE90 Buy
Caragh Paul Rockfinn BE100 Open Buy
Cariad Miles-Taylor Fiftyshadesofgrey BE90 Buy
Carol Challinor Dawn Chorus Iv BE80 Buy
Carol Smith Carmo Beech BE90 Watch
Caroline Bridge Bellagio 99 BE80 Buy
Caroline Day Toces Bright Spark BE105 Buy
Caroline Day Talos Dazzler BE90 Buy
Caroline Day Candy BE105 Buy
Caroline Day Fenomeen L BE105 Buy
Caroline Day Redpath Star Dancer BE105 Buy
Caroline Powell Fire Fox BE90 Open Buy
Caroline Powell Rosco Roseanna BE90 Open Buy
Caroline Powell Cabra Candy BE90 Open Buy
Casey McKenna Mccarthy Mor BE100 Buy
Casey McKenna Durango BE100 Buy
Catherine Lynch Ballyfruit Jayjay BE90 Buy
Catherine Sadler Royale Messenger BE105 Buy
Catherine Shergold Sweet Legend BE80 Watch
Catherine West Bella Ii BE80 Buy
Cathy Jefferies Dramatist Ii BE90 Open Buy
Charles Woods Doon Peter BE90 U19 Watch
Charlie Buss Orangyboom Voltaire BE90 Buy
Charlotte Bruton Isingy Red BE80 Buy
Charlotte Cutler Beveriche Special Occassion BE90 Buy
Christine Reidy Glenhill Flash Harry BE100 Open Buy
Ciara A Hogan Cinn Mhara Dancer BE90 U19 Buy
Claire Fielding Walk In The Park BE90 Buy
Claire Gough Tresaison Hawksbay BE80 Buy
Claire Osborne Charlies Girl BE80 Buy
Claire Wood Boomerang Blue BE90 Buy
Clara Wilson Vicarshill Ben BE80 Buy
Clare Dobie Kildangan Calypso BE90 Buy
Corinne Roberts Fourstar Struck BE100 Buy
Daisy Adamson Sugar Rush BE100 Buy
Daisy Brucki Doultons Cruise BE90 Buy
Daisy Dollar Wr Mcgregor BE90 U19 Buy
Daisy Hills Taurmore Buster BE100 Buy
Daisy Murray Dash For Cash Ii BE100 Buy
Darren Brown Quainton Scarlet BE100 Buy
Daryl Freeman Primitive Beauty BE90 Buy
Dawn Fitch Whiskers Twilight BE80 Buy
Dawn Moffat White Star BE80 Buy
Dawn Robson Louie BE100 Buy
Diana Bevan Newmarket Ambassador BE100 Buy
Dina Fasakin King Star BE80 Buy
Doriel Watson Claude Ii BE90 Buy
Dotte Gowing Outgoing BE90 Buy
Douglas Naylor Stewart Thistlewood Thunder BE90 U19 Buy
Efa Davies Arthurstown Melody BE90 U19 Buy
Eleanor Callaghan Quiqui Degrinvil BE105 Watch
Eleanor Callaghan Oki Doki Van De Durmstede BE90 Watch
Eleanor Masters Country Tiger Lilly BE90 Buy
Eliza Crane Go Diego Go BE90 Buy
Elizabeth Grimsey Knockavalley Aine BE90 U19 Buy
Ella Ricci Access Bill BE100 Open Buy
Ellen Attrill Coco Bean Ii BE90 Buy
Ellen Pritchard Top Of The Morning Iii BE105 Buy
Ellie Barnard Talbot Tom BE90 Buy
Ellie Bierton Shadows Prince BE90 U19 Buy
Ellie Brewer Epasja BE105 Buy
Emilie Chandler Jalba O BE90 Buy
Emily Aves Goldem Boy Iv BE90 Buy
Emily Uden Campion Capella BE80 Buy
Emily Uden The Royal Guest BE80 Buy
Emily Wakeling Albecyn Vice Versa BE90 Buy
Emma D'Angibau My Wee Shoogle BE105 Buy
Emma Julian Little Irish Magic BE80 Buy
Eve Cranny Penlough Clover Joe BE90 Buy
Faye Durman Carnmore Village BE90 Buy
Fiona Gordon-Clarke Tinnakill Golden Star BE90 Watch
Fiona Kinghorn Isle Moor BE105 Buy
Fiona Woodford Billy Joel BE90 Watch
Francesa Aitchison Wix Spring Realm BE90 Buy
Francesca Davis Ri Cooper BE80 Watch
Francesca Housden Shanna Dun An Oir Star Lite BE105 Watch
Francesca Housden Italy BE90 Buy
Franki Jarvis Lissavorra Doc BE105 Buy
Freya Naylor Stewart The Flying Fox Ii BE80 Buy
Gabrielle Gadsby Good To Go Iv BE80 Buy
George McCaldin Valentine Harlequin BE90 Buy
Georgia Youngs Bear With Me BE90 Watch
Georgie Bowett Shaunlara Gold BE90 Buy
Georgina Wilson Rubecula BE90 Buy
Georgina Wood Greenlanes Hermione BE90 Open Buy
Gini Hope Leagaun Wild Boy BE105 Buy
Gordon Murphy My Kilcannon Annie BE90 Buy
Gordon Murphy Drombane Magic BE100 Open Buy
Gordon Murphy Dos Tory Wood BE105 Buy
Grace Gerry Diamond Jubilee Iii Ii BE100 Buy
Grace Gerry Illustrious Illusion BE80 Buy
Hannah Cobb Walk Of Gleams BE90 Buy
Hannah Deal Times Up BE90 Buy
Hannah Galley Lowerybane Leon BE80 Buy
Hannah Naylor Stewart Primitive Inquisition BE100 Buy
Harriet Allen Hoax BE100 Buy
Harriet Allen Rehypark Jake Rebel BE80 Buy
Harriet Gillam Stonehall Miss Russel BE100 Buy
Harriet Peters Cavalina Bella BE90 Buy
Harriet Willmott Ardlea Joyce BE90 Buy
Harry Horton Royale Ginger BE100 Buy
Harry Scott Camlough Fabio BE90 Buy
Heather Mussett Commanche Finale BE80 Buy
Helen Gale Rocky Mountain High BE90 Buy
Helen Newton Corrnafest Charlie BE90 Buy
Henry Dollar Brosna King BE90 U19 Watch
Henry Minter Kilnamona Susie BE100 Open Buy
Hettie Meadows Narramore Oliver BE100 Buy
Hetty Keyes Mount Conero BE90 Buy
Hilary Thorburn Pearl Pat BE100 Buy
Hollie Zive Jassin BE80 Buy
Holly Berry Diamond Banbh BE105 Buy
Holly Berry Mervs Lucky Clover BE105 Buy
Holly Gadsby Devils Lad BE80 Buy
Holly Horton Lordinio BE100 Buy
Holly Hunter Molly May BE90 Buy
Holly Hunter Betty For Short BE105 Buy
Holly Seaman Belle Isle Oliver BE90 U19 Buy
Honoria Bulwer Long Ardkil Boy BE90 Buy
Ian Marsh Healys King Arkansas BE105 Buy
Imi Bradbury Siepkes Ilona BE90 Buy
Imogen Carr Tullabrack Jimbo BE90 Buy
Imogen Simper - Lewis Love On Sight BE80 Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Veedoubleyou BE90 Open Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Majestic Heather BE90 Open Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Fernhill Focus Maxi BE100 Buy
Isabel White Brilliant Fusion 4 Year Old Buy
Isabel White Pele Dwerse Hagen 4 Year Old Buy
Isabelle Cleghorn Ashwood Gem BE90 U19 Watch
Isabelle Lane Drumaclan Diamond D BE100 Open Buy
Issy Sykes Sir Bingo BE100 Buy
Jasmine Jenkins Longwood Diamond Dan BE80 Buy
Jenna Emmerton Dovers Copper Boy 4 Year Old Buy
Jenna Hoyle My Buddy Joey BE90 Buy
Jenny James Eastern Mayfly BE90 Watch
Jenny James Avoca Oxo BE90 Open Buy
Jessica Dyer Edelweiss Iv BE90 Buy
Jessica McCaldin Stambrook Messiah BE80 Buy
Jessica Simpson My Foxhall Monty BE90 Buy
Jessica Sneddon Morello Iii BE100 Buy
Jo Cameron Genal Merddin's Flying Boy BE90 Buy
Jo Chipperfield Fourstar Wolkendeed BE90 Buy
Jo Ingle Pearls Choice Ii BE100 Watch
Jo Parker Omiros Supersonic BE80 Watch
Joanne Watts Churchside Reflection BE105 Buy
Jodie Rea Cavallo Iii BE100 Buy
Jordana Marston Curraghkyle Silver Brumby BE90 Buy
Joseph Barber Carra Black Knight BE100 Buy
Josephine Gleeson Ofs Ruffian BE80 Buy
Julia Kershaw Aubane Sheila BE100 Buy
Julia Sorman Cosinilla BE90 Open Buy
Julia Woods St Flannans Liam BE80 Buy
Julie Boss Nebelwerfer BE90 Buy
Julie M Wright Moylaw Patcheen BE90 Buy
Katarina Bruhn Rathlacken Kate BE80 Buy
Kate Dodd Golden Grace BE90 Buy
Kate Pegrum Mermonas Touch BE105 Buy
Katherine Cross Leonidas 103 BE105 Buy
Katie Beaton Alomo Foxy BE90 Open Buy
Katie Hale Claydon Robinia BE90 Watch
Katie Preston Templar Juno BE105 Buy
Katie Strelczuk Aprils Royale Ruby BE105 Buy
Kayleigh Warmer Ballyowen Foolsday BE105 Buy
Kelsey Love Castle House Gem BE90 Buy
Kessia Hale Bryncerdin Charlie's Boy BE80 Buy
Kira Richer River House Lass BE90 Open Buy
Kirsten Poulsom C Me In Oz BE100 Watch
Kirsty McCaig Mister Angus BE80 Buy
Kittey Short Ballingoash Silver BE90 Buy
Kitty Marlow Cassino Valeroyale BE90 U19 Buy
Kitty Marlow Paddy BE105 Buy
Kitty Paul Sorastro Tw BE100 Open Buy
Kizzy Smith Bristol De Breve BE90 Buy
Kizzy Smith St Georges Day BE90 Buy
Laura Dalgleish Dhi Gerard Nita BE90 Buy
Laura J Casbolt Gillsway A Touch Of Class BE90 Open Buy
Laura Steele Stamfords Dun And Dusted BE80 Buy
Laura Wilcox Jesmond Trinket BE90 Buy
Lauren Davis The Grand Artist BE90 Buy
Lauren Steel Moonlight Charm BE90 Buy
Lewis Palmer Dermish Lux BE90 Buy
Lewis Simmons Classic Jester BE90 Buy
Lillie Harrison Kilmun BE90 Open Buy
Lily Fraser Village Prince BE80 Buy
Lily Hill Knockenpower Rebel BE105 Buy
Lily M Rhys Fond Of A Drop BE100 Open Buy
Lily Tappin Cortynan Ferro BE100 Buy
Lizzie Webb Killooney Star BE80 Buy
Lorna Willcocks Kinsky Abraham BE90 Buy
Louis Raimes Showtime Longford Lad BE80 Watch
Lucia Barlow Boggy Bracken BE90 U19 Buy
Lucia Perillo Menlough Hero BE80 Buy
Lucy Goodey Cest Bibi BE105 Buy
Lucy Harrington Jumpingdale Charity BE80 Buy
Lucy Haycock Rearcross Quality Time BE90 Buy
Lucy Haycock Silver Viking BE90 Watch
Lucy Hinde Rhuban Prince BE90 Buy
Lucy Prior H Twister Joris BE90 Buy
Luke Prior Royal Rascal BE90 Buy
Lydia Law Granit Lad BE100 Open Buy
Lynsey Taylor Ocelot BE80 Buy
Mabel Salter Whodareswins BE80 Buy
Maisie Morgan Says All 4 Year Old Buy
Maisy Hunter Egan BE90 U19 Buy
Maria Ayiotis Camblin Ohio BE100 Watch
Maria Ryan Golden Mayson BE90 Buy
Martha Hall Hearnsbrook Cygnus BE80 Buy
Martha Maguire Diamonds Flame BE90 Buy
Martha Millar Nibbit BE80 Watch
Martin R Watts Quidams Choice BE80 Buy
Martin Wright Mays Lane BE100 Watch
Mary Ashby Zalinero BE100 Open Buy
Mary Edmundson Kiltown Montana BE90 Open Buy
Mary Edmundson Kells Diamond Lad BE90 Open Buy
Matilda Galloway Toberpatrick Larry BE100 Open Buy
Matthew Selby Jiggery Pokery BE80 Buy
Matthew Selby Sylva Graffiti BE80 Buy
Max Woods Jack Jones BE90 Buy
Meg Adams Forth Mountain BE90 U19 Buy
Megan Sanders Trengwainton BE100 Buy
Megan Sanders Sunshine Scout BE100 Buy
Melanie Leveridge Jamesfield Alakazam 4 Year Old Buy
Melissa Joannides Golly Gosh BE105 Buy
Melissa Joannides Woodfield Gold BE90 Open Buy
Melissa Joannides Hay Josephine BE100 Watch
Mia Lineham Keel Dandy BE80 Buy
Millie Plumb Dwyfach Seren BE90 U19 Buy
Molly Whiteford Mansty Dafydd BE80 Buy
Molly Whiteford Copshawholm Alpine Wizard BE90 U19 Buy
Naomi Lawrence Jaguar Sf BE100 Buy
Naomi Lawrence Jaimy BE100 Watch
Natasha Bentley Solway Storm BE80 Buy
Nathalie George Boogie Woogie Mv BE90 Buy
Nicola Brown Llanveynoe Chocolate Chino BE80 Buy
Nicola Brown Halestorm Topsy BE90 Buy
Nicola Ford Ballinamurra Joe BE90 Buy
Nicola Morrell Buckland Hazzard BE90 Buy
Nicola Stockton Loganberry BE90 Buy
Nicole Sheldrake Susies Diamond BE90 Buy
Octavia Peck Rockstar Rocky BE80 Watch
Olivia Rogers Future Gem BE80 Buy
Olivia Stranders Northern Valley BE80 Buy
Pamela Fletcher Drumhowan Fly Be Cool BE80 Buy
Pamela Horrex Shannondale Blue BE90 Open Buy
Pami Nixon Charlie Boy Iii BE90 Buy
Paris Gainsford Kaeden Surprise BE90 Buy
Paris Gainsford John Brown BE100 Buy
Patricia Goodwin Earnshaws Country Eclipse BE100 Buy
Philippa Cross Diamond Indulgence BE90 Open Buy
Philippa Cross All About Donald BE90 Open Buy
Phoebe Prideaux Isington Red Faerie BE105 Buy
Pippa Dixon Britannia's Star BE90 Open Buy
Polley Short Hamberlins Charco BE105 Buy
Polly Mountford Zephyron BE90 Open Buy
Polly West Cloudbusting BE105 Buy
Poppy Grant Bunowen Rebel BE90 U19 Buy
Poppy Watson Kilconly Cove BE90 Buy
Rachael Attwood Spirit Of Spring BE100 Buy
Rachael Attwood Flo Flying Fantasy BE100 Open Buy
Rachael Hardman Whippletree Hailey's Comet BE100 Watch
Rebecca Anstey Lucky Clovers Inquisition BE100 Open Buy
Rebecca Clark Tulip Of Tulira BE90 Buy
Rebecca Gibbs Onorina BE90 Open Buy
Rebecca Page Bp Showtime BE90 Buy
Rhiannon Trenton Tyddyncochyn Kaan BE90 Buy
Richard Davis Calamity Jane Canary BE90 Buy
Robbie Bell Liscannor Prince BE90 U19 Buy
Robbie Bell Rathnageera Casino Royal BE90 U19 Buy
Rochelle Lee Billy Quick BE90 Buy
Rose Kimberley Young Guns BE100 Buy
Rosemary Sharpe Coille Sparrow BE90 Buy
Rosie Hull Lls Escort BE80 Buy
Rosie Hull Millroad Eclipse BE90 Buy
Rosie Mitchell Kilbally Bob BE105 Buy
Rosie Wheeler Loris Concerto BE105 Buy
Rozzy Goodjohn D' Spider Pig BE80 Buy
Ruth Armstrong Oxhill Rio BE100 Buy
Ruth Hole Bernwode Brahms BE80 Buy
Ruth Wakefield Park Chester BE80 Watch
Sally Cox The Irishman Ii BE90 Buy
Sally Guildford Newtown Imp BE80 Buy
Sam Bennett Saratogas Sunshine BE100 Buy
Sarah E Howlett Quba BE105 Buy
Sarah Field Deards Gold N Silver BE90 Watch
Sarah Pickard Alimo Ii BE105 Buy
Sarah Shoemark Lord Francois BE80 Buy
Sarah Worley Wilby BE80 Buy
Scarlet Barwell Johns Grange BE90 U19 Buy
Scarlett Bracey Arabian Leader BE100 Open Buy
Scarlett Ryder Gortmorris Dun BE105 Buy
Scott Allen Billy Nic Of Bellhouse BE90 Buy
Serena Allery Pocket Of Silver BE90 Buy
Serena Kullich Ilotte Van De Muggenhoek BE90 Buy
Shannon Brady Kenny BE90 Open Buy
Shannon Stratton Marlin Diamond Starburst BE80 Buy
Sophie Cole Sven Comer Q BE80 Buy
Sophie Lane Simple Hearted 4 Year Old Buy
Sophie Lunshof Cum Laude Bright Z BE90 Buy
Sophie Parkinson Dreamland C BE90 Buy
Sophie Philpot Mocklershill Man BE90 U19 Buy
Sophie Philpot Prince Of Donard BE90 U19 Buy
Sophie Reason Ballygriffin Buddy BE90 Buy
Stacey L Shimmons Sls Swatch BE80 Buy
Stella Burbidge D Jingo S BE80 Buy
Stephanie Pepper Garthfach On The Dot BE90 Open Buy
Steve Garrod Its Morka BE105 Buy
Steve Garrod Borrismore Lux BE100 Open Buy
Sue Cain Ballagh Buddy BE80 Buy
Sue Westmore The Footman BE80 Buy
Suki Wales The Weasel Ii BE90 Buy
Susan Tomalin Mr Beaujangles BE80 Buy
Sylvia Wajzner Cornagower Blue BE80 Buy
T'Siah Woods Patience Is A Virtue BE105 Buy
Tamsin Drew Gorsehill Ziggy BE100 Open Buy
Tara Keoshgerian Muchwood Comanche BE100 Buy
Tara Murphy Rincoola Rolo BE100 Open Buy
Tara Murphy Calla Gwennic BE80 Buy
Taylor Smith Zingo BE90 Open Buy
Teresa Jones Bert Ii BE90 Watch
Teri Rudkin Primitive Lightning BE105 Buy
Teri Rudkin Godinus Cb BE105 Buy
Terry-Anne Swarbrick Two Tone Artist BE80 Buy
Tori Upton-Jillings Nbe Hiccup BE80 Buy
Vicky Hansen Hazelhurst Basil BE90 Watch
Vicky Watts Sophisticated Heir BE80 Buy
Victoria Newitt Counting Stars BE100 Buy
Victoria Taylor Cotton Candy BE90 Buy
Violet Congdon Jooles BE100 Buy
Virginia Wells Bobby Bear BE100 Buy
Willow Hayes Dun Ard Goldilocks BE100 Buy
Zara Clark-Jones Gloves Mirah BE90 Buy
Zoe Fuller Bitter Sweet BE90 Buy
Zoe Pinion The Comanch BE80 Buy