Langwarrin Pony Club Horse Trials 2019 | An Eventful Life

Langwarrin Pony Club Horse Trials 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Langwarrin Pony Club Horse Trials

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbey Mamers Diverbrook Silhouette PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Airlie Jungwirth Shibeli Shazmienah Open 5 Buy
Alexandra Greenhill Wg Goldilocks Open 4 Buy
Alexandra Lamanna Kobi PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Alice Lawrence Class Act Open 3 Buy
Alina Alieva Volante Open 4 Watch
Alisha Mizzi Maguires Millions PCAV Grade 3 Watch
Alister Ling Heidi Open 5 Buy
Annalisa Perks Kouga Open 5 Buy
Anthony Nemaric Rich Heritage Open 3 Watch
Ayla Hand Diverbrook Casino's Girl PCAV Grade 3 Watch
Bec Savage Contando Stars Open 3 Buy
Bridget Harrison Tango PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Brittany Van Steensel Darwin Park Denzel Open 3 Buy
Bronte Anderson Lordy Open 4 Buy
Brooke Howarth Just A Bit Of Luck Open 3 Buy
Brooke Howarth Woglet The Goblet Open 5 Watch
Caitlin Rogers Bayview Glamour PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Carol Mcdonald Serenity Playboy Open 5 Watch
Carrie Ralston Jaydees Independence Open 5 Watch
Celine Gaudray Willow Open 4 Buy
Charlie Burnell Mr Hollywood PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Charlotte Curwen Dennis Open 4 Buy
Chelsea Oliver Rosie PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Chelsea Thompson Vba Flash PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Chloe O'Neill Zephyr Of Arabia PCAV Grade 4 Watch
Chloe Windt Jack Daniels Whiskey PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Christine Maxwell Jager Meister Open 5 Watch
Claudia Phuah Balmak Chocolate Charm Open 4 Buy
CodiMay Thomas Chunky But Funky PCAV Grade 3 Watch
David Hawthorne Charcoal Park Pablo Open 3 Buy
David Hawthorne Charcoal Park Aureo Open 5 Buy
Elinor Hannay Ludo Open 3 Buy
Emma Wolsley Moose Open 4 Buy
Esta Christensen Roxy PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Georgia Cornell Geronimo Open 3 Buy
Georgia Cornell Red Delicious Open 3 Buy
Georgia Salmon Zabellen Open 3 Buy
Grace George Cooper Open 4 Buy
Hannah Bonella Mickey PCAV Grade 4 Watch
Hayley Arnold Archie Open 4 Buy
India Timms Mr Bright Rock Open 3 Buy
Isabelle Morrs Joey PCAV Grade 4 Watch
Itzy Kelly Nandita Dream Catcher PCAV Grade 4 Watch
Jacinta King Dyno Open 4 Watch
Jackie Wright Lakevale Toy Dancer Open 4 Buy
Jackie Wright Lakevale Ace Of Spades Open 4 Buy
Jamie Lee Valhalla Rising PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Jasmin Walters Warrenwood Signature PCAV Grade 3 Watch
Jasmine Trenwith Blues Street Open 3 Buy
Jenni Hodgins-smart Lp Couperin Open 3 Buy
Jenni Raines Tl Orlando Open 3 Watch
Jessica Dalgleish Miss Rockstar PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Jessica Mclean Granite Open 5 Buy
Joanne Lawley Diamond Park Sienna Open 5 Watch
Kaitlin Adamson Mortified PCAV Grade 3 Watch
Kate Kelly Temporalay Open 4 Watch
Kathryn Polglase Eurythmics Open 4 Buy
Kelsey Lincoln Kings Choice Open 4 Buy
Kelsie Farrugia Waratah Lodge Harrison PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Kylie Pedder Belcam Aladdin Open 3 Buy
Kym Tolliday The Joker Open 4 Buy
Lachlan Holland Vph Little Reward Open 5 Watch
Laura Winwood Tronador PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Libby Price The Ruckman Open 3 Watch
Libby Stevens Wenona Maren Open 4 Buy
Linda Lewis My Boy Scout Open 4 Buy
Linda Williams Summer Open 3 Watch
Maddison Jerkovic Jazz Open 5 Watch
Maya Trevorrow Griffin PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Meaghan Strickland-Wood Remembrance Day Open 4 Buy
Mel Burns Prussian Necklace Open 4 Buy
Mia Wright Wyuna Park Lacey Open 4 Watch
Michelle Pap Rock Wizard Open 4 Buy
Molly Lawrence Rivervale Top Cat Open 4 Buy
Molly Rose Ella Mae PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Naomi Dartnell Star Pariz Open 5 Watch
Natalie Jenner The New Black Open 3 Buy
Nicholas Lamanna Mr Benicus Open 3 Buy
Nicola Foley Rosa Open 5 Buy
Nicole Mahomed Sarnia Awakening Open 5 Watch
Pamela Ormrod Apollo Open 5 Buy
Paul Ormrod Choc Open 4 Buy
Penny Dunster Tolstoy Open 3 Buy
Priscilla Williams Gunna Open 3 Buy
Rhiannon Denham Ashleigh Chocolate Royal Open 4 Buy
Sharon Crombie Ratski Open 3 Buy
Sue Johnston Hamish Open 4 Buy
Sue Margetts Shorty Open 3 Watch
Taylah O'Neill Avalon Mist PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Theodora Newman Flicka PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Victoria Quigley Made You Rock Open 4 Watch
Wendy Christensen Olly Olly Oxen Free Open 4 Buy