Ballarat Pony Club Horse Trials 2021 | An Eventful Life

Ballarat Pony Club Horse Trials 2021

An Eventful Life is filming all competitors on cross country at

Ballarat Pony Club Horse Trials 2021

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbie Mcdonald Bp Joie De Vivre PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Abigail Walker Dexterity PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Alice Berry Kendoo Open 3 Buy
Alice Darby Tinker Tailor PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Amber Mcmanus An American Trilogy Open 5 Pending
Ameika Westbury Denizen Open 3 Buy
Amos Vagg Return To Sender PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Angus Walker Elwick Jack PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Annabel Nelson Ws Poncho Loco Open 1 Buy
Annette Smart Blue Open 4 Buy
Archie Houghton Sammy O'reilly PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Asha Lloyd Wingardium Leviosa PCAV Grade 5 Pending
Baylee Eve Kenlock Indiana Sky PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Bianca Dimovski Makizmo Open 3 Buy
Bianca Hodgson Rockin Ringo Open 3 Buy
Bianca Karp Pizzaro Open 3 Pending
Bonnie Kearney Ro-to-the-oh PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Bonnie Kearney Duke Of Glenbar PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Bree Cocks Flume Open 3 Buy
Bree Cocks Graniteview Under The Radar Open 4 Buy
Bridgette Seirer Bowehill Macca Open 3 Buy
Briony Deeker-Fradd Charlevoix PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Briony Deeker-Fradd Ballahowe On Ice PCAV Grade 1 Buy
Bryanna Crabbe Blazing Cowboy PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Caitlin Smith Wg Rococo Open 2 Buy
Carly Hatton Touch Of Lightning Open 4 Buy
Casey Armistead Oddie PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Cassie Bebbington Rateriser Open 3 Buy
Chanel Radburn Bella PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Chanel Radburn Harry PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Charli Alexander Secret Sapphire Open 2 Buy
Charli Mclennan Jimmy PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Charlize Scott Willow In The Mist PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Charlize Scott Danyiera Park Rocket PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Charlotte Cuming Visual Laughter PCAV Grade 1 Buy
Charlotte Gibson Cayuse Spirit Song Open 3 Buy
Charlotte Payne Periquest Open 3 Buy
Chloe Anstee Corio Elegance PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Chloe Synnott Surge Ahead PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Claire Wade Kalimna Tricks Open 4 Buy
Clara Galvin Royal Star Cha Cha PCAV Grade 1 Buy
Clara Galvin Royal Star Arlington Way PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Corinne Doodt Disco Gossip Open 4 Buy
Darcy Vinycomb Set In Stone PCAV Grade 1 Buy
Della Hughson Sylvester PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Ebony Smith Cp Timtam Open 4 Buy
Elin Jarnestrom Sigba Open 3 Buy
Ella Walsh Poetry In Motion PCAV Grade 4 Pending
Ellie Casey Macey PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Emelia Coyle Cambooya Tobias PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Emilia Jones Kenlock Casino Royale Open 1 Buy
Emilia Jones Breemour Park Justify Open 5 Buy
Emily Atkinson Plovers Rest PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Emily Hudak Sir Tosca PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Emily Hudak Prince Oadie Open 4 Pending
Emily Walker Congratulations Harvey PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Emma Laughton Kendalee Roulette PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Emma Morel Midnight Glory Open 3 Buy
Emma Morel Wren Open 3 Buy
Emma Pounder Milton PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Emma Stephens Turbo Charge Open 3 Buy
Emma Wilkinson Giggles PCAV Grade 4 Pending
Gemma Cowburn Allstars Banjo Open 2 Buy
Georgia Lovelock Arnhem Land Alkira Open 1 Buy
Georgia Atkinson Sondaica PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Georgia Bradley Icarus Sir Walter Open 4 Buy
Georgina Pascoe Bradley PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Greg Way Alfred G Open 4 Buy
Hannah Conron Cobigan Giselle PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Hannah Creevey Glenire Quality Street PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Hayley Fino Jayde PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Hayley Fino My Thai PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Heidi Feetham Your A Wizard Harry PCAV Grade 3 Pending
Holi Campbell Quantum Light PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Indeya Talay Mistaken For Melman PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Isabella Fraser Forestway Riverdance PCAV Grade 4 Buy
J'Aime Mallon Esb Golden Chuckle PCAV Grade 2 Buy
J'Aime Mallon Irish Gem PCAV Grade 1 Buy
Jacqui Nelson Ballahowe Tt Open 3 Buy
Jade Chow Jimmy PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Jade Dickinson Storm Trooper PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Jade Vranic El Nuggo Open 4 Buy
Jana Rzepecki Emirates Fox Trot Open 3 Buy
Janelle Miller Magnificent Miss Millicent Open 3 Buy
Jasmyn Beesley Jazdan Spellbound PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Jasmyn Beesley Ella Azure PCAV Grade 1 Pending
Jenna Krause Lady Belle PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Jess Howes Annie PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Jessica Cassels Caskin Park Cassanova Open 4 Buy
Jessica Cassels Caskin Park Ruby PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Jessica Kennedy Accomplice Open 4 Buy
Jessica Tyrrell Koko Maximus PCAV Grade 2 Buy
jo Murphy Koolaroo Luca Open 4 Buy
jo Murphy Koolaroo Frappe Open 4 Buy
jo Murphy Koolaroo Brilliant Invasion Open 2 Buy
Jordyn Scott Lady Nutmeg Open 3 Buy
Jordyn Treasure Braveheart Hc Open 3 Buy
Jorja Kirsopp-Cole Hero In Disguise PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Julie Bramucci Rafiki Ambergate Open 3 Buy
Kayla Forssman Exford Lad PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Kian Blanchard Ace PCAV Grade 1 Buy
Kiara Vallance Next Era Open 4 Buy
Kiara Vallance Touch Of Class Open 3 Buy
Kiera Mcnally Yoicks Vegas PCAV Grade 2 Pending
Kiera Mcnally Bonfire Belle Open 3 Pending
Kylie Mclennan Lord Helios Open 4 Buy
Kylie Thomas Etched In Gold Open 3 Buy
Lara Mcnally Wenlock Memories PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Lara Mcnally Meritorious PCAV Grade 2 Pending
Lara Truong Roman Emperor PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Laura Knox Gus PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Leah Healey Langarra Open 3 Buy
Leilani Justice Practice Makes Perfect PCAV Grade 1 Pending
Leonora Turner Tuscany Mist PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Lexie Coyle Langley Fairy Legend PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Liane Shannon Poppy Primrose Open 4 Pending
Liberty Armitage Galactic Storm Open 3 Buy
Lily Green Fudge PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Lily Hustwaite Lexi PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Lily Wade Tc Captain Morgan PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Linda Lewis My Boy Scout Open 4 Pending
Lisa Keddie Gold Class Reggie Open 4 Pending
Lisa North Magical Mystical Merlin Open 1 Buy
Loretta Truscott Tempting Fate Open 4 Buy
Louise Mawhinney Le Minx Open 3 Pending
Lucah Alexander Flyer Delys Glenfiddich PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Lucy Borrack Holden Cruz Open 3 Buy
Lucy Borrack Get Rhythm PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Lydia Whiteside Something About Annie Open 3 Pending
Lynden Stannard Ashmead Illusion Open 3 Buy
Maci Dean Eat My Dust PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Maddison Gass Tuned Up Open 4 Pending
Maddy Kitto Rio Bravo PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Maddy Kitto My Friend Jack PCAV Grade 1 Buy
Madeline Benson Np Prince Albert Open 3 Buy
Mallory Walker Shadowpark Sydney Open 5 Buy
Mallory Walker Shadowpark Dreamer Open 2 Buy
Manon Schey Coldstream Ulasa Rose PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Manon Schey Northern Farrington PCAV Grade 1 Buy
Matilda Bourk Hillview Park Final Fling Open 3 Buy
Matilda Graesser Kahean Knight Storm PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Maxine Armistead Yeah Man PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Megan O'Rourke Huey Open 3 Buy
Megan O'Rourke Ardmore Maccormack Open 3 Buy
Mia Bartlett Testa Rockette PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Mia Bartlett Aurum Stratum PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Mikayla Dickinson Ricky Rockstar PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Miranda Darby Tad PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Natalie Mitchell Clever Boy Open 4 Buy
Natalie Wemyss Milagro Obrero PCAV Grade 2 Buy
Natalya Vallelonga Lals Haven Priscilla Open 2 Buy
Natasha Exell Tivio Open 4 Pending
Ness Edwards Spring Creek George Open 3 Buy
Niamh Hayter Castle Baroness Open 2 Pending
Nick Ednie Lansdowne Crusader Open 3 Buy
Nicole Edge Akeeba Open 3 Buy
Nola Poulter Aev Ingleby Open 3 Pending
Nonie Eve Savannah Sky Open 3 Buy
Oliver Mair Pindari Lola PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Olivia Thompson Winston Du Mont Open 1 Buy
Paul Buckland Ep Lightning Open 2 Buy
Paul Chow Diamonds In The Sky Open 3 Buy
Penelope Johnson Prosecco Open 1 Buy
Penelope Johnson Maximillian Open 4 Buy
Penelope Johnson Street Lights Open 1 Buy
Rachael Feely Bms Sporacid Open 3 Buy
Rachael Keeton Evie Open 4 Buy
Rebecca Cane Waytogo Mac's Shout Open 2 Buy
Rebecca Cane Whero Taupae Open 4 Buy
Rita De Bon Velvet Well Fit Returns Open 3 Buy
Rosie Maiden Inastride Open 4 Buy
Rosie Maiden Mister Will Open 2 Buy
Ruby Smiley How Fantastique Open 3 Buy
Sally Jackson Witness Open 2 Buy
Sarah Borrack War Paint Code Red Open 3 Buy
Sarah Handscomb Cecil Open 4 Buy
Sarah Handscomb Koyuna Shape Shifter Open 2 Buy
Sarah Martin Wg Sinatra Open 5 Pending
Sarah Pounder Monty PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Sarah Wielens Prince William (billy Open 3 Buy
Sheridan King Fine Divine Open 4 Pending
Sheridan King Subban Open 4 Pending
Sienna Dean Mr Tonto PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Sienna Edwards Diva PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Sophia Pratley Delago Dancer PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Sophia Pratley Don Juan Jds PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Sophie Butcher Manor PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Sophie Wall Lexi PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Sunday Borrack Za PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Susan Dewing Rodney Open 5 Pending
Suzie Cranage Miss Billie Open 3 Buy
Tahli Shakespeare Out Late Open 3 Buy
Tahlia Pursell Fedexpress Open 3 Buy
Tahlia Pursell Gretel Elmare Open 3 Buy
Tania Orlov Bandit Open 4 Buy
Tiana Smith Supreme Puzzle PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Tiarne Long Al Capony Open 4 Buy
Tilly Shand Hollow Log PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Tilly Shand Clover Lodge Cassanova PCAV Grade 3 Buy
Tracy O'Connell Missy Gwen Open 5 Buy
Usman Khan Aik Kashmir Open 1 Buy
Vanessa Bourk Ibeonn Shilo Open 4 Buy
Vivienne Tipping Ballahowe Fire And Ice Open 2 Buy
Wendy Mosley Savvy D Open 5 Buy
William Mair Mr Barnaby PCAV Grade 5 Buy
Yona Lloyd Icarus Gwen Open 3 Pending
Yona Lloyd Havelock Brandy Open 1 Buy
Yona Lloyd Ballahowe Skyfall Open 4 Buy
Yona Lloyd Carlyle Park Bravo Open 2 Buy
Zara Farouque Lushious Lola Open 3 Pending
Zara Harrison Zp Homeless Henry PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Zoe Dunoon Dumpling PCAV Grade 4 Buy
Zoe Greenslade My Crosby Star Open 2 Buy
Zoe Weinberg Heist Open 3 Buy