Eridge 2018

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country on Sunday 15th July at Eridge (please scroll down for rider names)

Unfortunately due to illness we were unable to film on Saturday - our apologies

Further information regarding our XC Videos can be found HERE or feel free to contact us by phone or email

Paul Higgs 07934 464 317           Contact Email


Rider Horse Class Status
Alex Colborn Nederlands Fleetwood Open Novice Buy
Alfie J Sturley Ubranco Uk Novice Buy
Alfie Marshall Kiwi Intermediate Buy
Alice Bowen Billy Bartlett BE100 Buy
Alicia Earee Hickory Iv Open Novice Buy
Alycia Port Flower Faerie Open Novice Buy
Amelia Regan Monatrea Adam BE100 Buy
Amy O'Connor Solsboro Sweetpea Novice Buy
Anna Hilton Ringwood Babinski Novice Buy
Anna Hollis Carnaval Pop Open Novice Buy
Anna Wilks Billy Holiday BE100 Buy
Anna Wilks Micasi BE100 Buy
Annie Forsyth Billy Wayne BE100 Buy
Annie Forsyth Sea Summer Clover BE100 Buy
Anthony Clark Baskin Wicked Game Novice Buy
Anthony Clark Crambamboli Open Intermediate Buy
Beatrix Fuller Royal Storm Superman BE100 Buy
Beatrix Fuller Langaller Quango BE100 Buy
Becky Lloyd Wotsthecatch Novice Buy
Beetle Gage Fly Me To The Moon Intermediate Buy
Brook Staples Ardagh Breeze Novice Buy
Charlie Buss Orangyboom Voltaire BE100 Buy
Chiara Conze Concerto Intermediate Watch
Chuffy Clarke Clearly A Cooley Novice Buy
Chuffy Clarke Morelands Celebration Intermediate Buy
Claire Drey-Brown Baleer Dhi Novice Watch
Connie Wheeler Loris Concerto Open Novice U18 Buy
Eleanor Duley Penny Iv Novice Watch
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Cooley Copresenter BE100 Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Cooley Moonshine Novice Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Cooley Stormwater BE100 Buy
Elizabeth Wadey Fuchias BE100 Buy
Emily Baldwin Vivian 47 Intermediate Buy
Emily Bright Fidachta Tiger Novice Buy
Emily C Nicol Annaghmore Boomlander Open Novice U18 Watch
Emily C Nicol Britannias Pride Open Novice U18 Buy
Emily Mainieri Cefnydd Kyffin BE100 Buy
Emma Chamings Trefeinon Sovereign Intermediate Buy
Emma L Philpott Obsidian BE100 Buy
Emma Lee Smith Thejays Doneit Right Open Novice Buy
Fiona Patty Earl Grey Vii BE100 Buy
Francis Whittington Brother Bertie Novice Watch
Francis Whittington Dhi Fiktor Nita Novice Buy
Francis Whittington Holiena Dhi Novice Buy
Francis Whittington Monbeg Malvo Novice Buy
Francis Whittington Nimrod Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Gemma Wellings Drumaclan Diamond D Intermediate Buy
Grace Dixon Ccs My Guy BE100 Buy
Grace Durkan Crosstown Clovers Dancer Novice Buy
Grace Marshall Maata Of Principle BE100 Buy
Greg Harris Leanorth Royal Princeton Novice Buy
Harriet Colderick Star Fighter Cr Open Novice Buy
Harriet Colderick Watergate Bay Intermediate Buy
Harriet Gillam Milchem Las Vegas BE100 Buy
Harry Dzenis Chorus Boy BE100 Buy
Harry Dzenis Indian Eclipse Novice Buy
Harry Dzenis Kagami Novice Buy
Harry Horton Darc Silver BE100 Buy
Hayley Vowels Greenvale Delicia Open Novice Watch
Helen Philo Reveuse D Elle Novice Buy
Henry Hobby Hazzle Dazzle Open Novice U18 Buy
Imogen Stainton Dromores Westmeath Lad BE100 Buy
India Hewitt The Hornblower BE100 Buy
Indiana Limpus Fernando Viii Intermediate Buy
Indiana Limpus Trenwheal Bonnie Novice Buy
Indiana Limpus Ballymolloy Rogan Open Intermediate Buy
Indiana Limpus Billy Pacific Intermediate Buy
Indiana Limpus Bronze Dandylion Open Intermediate Buy
Jennifer Galuszka Cornascriebe Quidam Novice Buy
Jennifer Rowlinson Come Along Springtime Novice Buy
Joanna Bialkowska Bay Bandit BE100 Buy
Joanne Foley The Last Striker Open Novice Buy
Josh Moore Funny Boy Fortuna Open Novice U18 Buy
Juliette Edmonds Bubba Gump BE100 Buy
Katharine Mason Ariban Open Intermediate Buy
Katharine Mason Hardy Warrior Open Novice Buy
Katie Higgins Tir Na Nog Shadow Open Novice U18 Buy
Katie Preston Dreams Come True Novice Buy
Katie Thrower Cavello Pip Open Novice Buy
Katy Jones Step Smartly Open Novice Watch
Kazuma Tomoto Brookpark Vikenti Open Intermediate Buy
Kazuma Tomoto Bernadette Utopia Open Intermediate Buy
Kelly Guillambert Cool Quidesco BE100 Buy
Ken Spencer Mattie Iii BE100 Watch
Kirsty McIntosh Kings Lane BE100 Buy
Laura Erith Billy Bula BE100 Buy
Laura Matthews Tara Jim BE100 Buy
Laura Milner Closhaun Hello BE100 Buy
Laura Schroter Brighton Rock Ii Novice Buy
Lauren McLusky Cassidy Iv Novice Buy
Lauren McLusky Rle Cothopo Intermediate Buy
Lauren McLusky Rle Spencers Dream Intermediate Buy
Lisa Pilbeam Galwaybay Timberlina Novice Buy
Lisa Pilbeam Irish Honours Novice Buy
Lisa Pilbeam Popstar Iii Novice Buy
Lorna Young Carrigeen Harvest Novice Buy
Maddy Jackson Fidelio Ii Open Novice U18 Buy
Marcus Gorman Big Quality Novice Watch
Melanie Edwards Gamble On Star Diamond Novice Watch
Melanie Saxe Butts Leonardo R Open Novice Buy
Melissa Joannides Patch Ali Novice Buy
Molly Faulkner Call Me Cooley Open Novice U18 Buy
Molly Faulkner Classic Affair Open Novice U18 Buy
Nadia Stones Heitas Spike BE100 Watch
Nicola Wood Videira Dh Z BE100 Buy
Olivia Craddock Hail Hebe BE100 Buy
Olivia Craddock Mullaghdrin Star Class BE100 Buy
Paolo Belvederesi Coonogue Kings Choice BE100 Buy
Paolo Belvederesi Quarryfield Cobra Cabana Novice Buy
Paris Gainsford Hollypark Royale Intermediate Buy
Pippa Funnell Billy Wonder Novice Buy
Pippa Funnell Mgh Grafton Street Open Intermediate Watch
Robert Smart Cariel More Bouncer BE100 Buy
Rose Carnegie Brother James Iii Novice Buy
Rose Carnegie Return To Sender Ii BE100 Buy
Rose Carnegie Sister Sue BE100 Buy
Rowan Collins Josephine Novice Buy
Rowan Collins Moorelands Crossword BE100 Buy
Rowan Collins Somerville Perugina BE100 Buy
Sally Witts Simba V Novice Buy
Sam Bennett Saratogas Sunshine BE100 Buy
Scott Allen Wozz Two Of Bellhouse Intermediate Buy
Shari Butchart Merengo V T Dauwhof BE100 Buy
Sharon Newman Igor Novice Buy
Sophie Dutton Fabos Intermediate Buy
Sophie Hyde Shannondale Oso Novice Buy
Sophie Rennison Elmwood Czech Point Open Novice Buy
Sophie Van der Merwe The Honey Badger Intermediate Buy
Stephanie Read Whitehill Boy BE100 Buy
Tabby Wylie Multi Angellino Open Novice U18 Buy
Tilly Holland Balladeer Toy Soldier Novice Buy
Tom Jackson Clonlaras Chacoa Princess Intermediate Buy
Tom Jackson Forrest Gump 124 Novice Buy
Tom Jackson Georgio D Over Intermediate Buy
Tom Jackson No Limit Ii Novice Buy
Vincent I Phelan Allanagh River Dance Novice Buy
Will Furlong Adele 97 Open Intermediate Buy
Will Furlong Collien P 2 Open Intermediate Buy
Zoe Gould Musical Legend Open Novice Buy