Floors Castle 2018

Unfortunately no footage is available of the CIC2* class - rider names for all other classes can be found below

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Rider Horse Class Status
Aileen Ferrari Couldoran Novice Buy
Aimee Rigg Demo H BE90 Watch
Alannah Grieve Futuristic Iii Open Novice U18 Watch
Alannah Grieve Mulgrave Freddie BE100 U18 Buy
Alex Mundell Coolrock Gold Dust CIC1* Buy
Alexandra Heard Chellagh BE90 Buy
Alexandra Ingram Elora Novice Watch
Alexandra Kennedy Priorspark Premonition Open Novice Watch
Alexandra Riba Segues Wexford Showtime BE100 Buy
Alice Bryce Belle Vi BE90 Buy
Alice Drysdale Mk Clover BE90 Buy
Alison Kennedy Sbt Ballinacree BE100 Buy
Alison Law Zen Roundthorn BE100 Buy
Alison West Balblairs Ambassador Open Intermediate Watch
Allana Wilson Lawfull Dilemma Novice Watch
Amanda Walker Bit Of A Treat BE100 Buy
Amber Steel Rossdarragh Hickstead BE100 U18 Buy
Amelia England Rosshill Paddy BE100 U18 Buy
Amy Aspden Wise Guy CIC1* Buy
Amy Beck Springwind Pro BE100 Buy
Amy Brown Croft Allure BE90 Buy
Amy Gould Ronnoco Silver BE100 Buy
Amy Ralston Curravordy Builders Blue BE90 Watch
Amy Watson Tourmaline Ii BE90 Watch
Anna Galbraith Caugherty Red Adair Open Novice Buy
Anna Hunter Zelana BE90 Buy
Anna Layfield Darraks Clover Lux BE100 Watch
Annie Broad Great Wisdom BE100 Buy
Annie Broad Real Desire BE100 Buy
Annie Sandell Murrah Hall Midnight Maelstrom BE90 Buy
Antonia Baumgart Rapunzel CIC1* Watch
Ashleigh Heywood July Specialists BE90 Buy
Ashley Suddes Quitao CIC1* Buy
Avril Johnston Para Handy Ii BE100 Buy
Avril Johnston Jubilee BE100 Buy
Avril Johnston Rovie Rum Novice Buy
Avril Johnston Rainbow Leader Open Novice Buy
Barbara Palmer Castanetta Mirah BE100 Buy
Barbie Clarkson Projo BE100 Watch
Beckie Cordner Goulane Swatchey Boy BE90 Buy
Becky Tinnion Dayra Lb BE90 Buy
Bella Innes Ker Guidaro BE100 Buy
Ben Hobday Kaapachino Open Intermediate Buy
Ben Hobday Shadow Man Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Blake Hedley Black Eyed Pea Iii BE90 Open Buy
Brian Morrison Global Show Time CIC1* Watch
Brook Walker Shannondale Flight BE100 U18 Watch
Brook Walker Tino Ii BE90 Watch
Caitlin Gribbon Carr Side Calamity BE90 Buy
Caitlin Padfield Quincy Iv CIC1* Buy
Caitlin Padfield George A BE100 Buy
Callum Tarvit My Blue Diamond Boy Novice Buy
Cameron Swales Irish Muskateer The BE90 Buy
Camilla Macleod Santa Cruz Iv BE90 Buy
Carol Kyle Blackwater Andy BE100 Watch
Carole Stewart Finnan Boy Blue BE90 Buy
Caroline Pennycook Blue Thor BE90 Buy
Caroline Simpson Rineen Kings Clover BE100 Buy
Caroline Stewart Royal Rebel BE100 Buy
Caroline Taylor Castlelawn Fantastic BE100 Buy
Catherine Cotton Number Twelve BE100 Buy
Catherine Guthrie Someone Special BE90 Open Watch
Cathryn Walby Scottish Law BE100 U18 Buy
Catriona Boxall Glengowla Neco BE100 U18 Buy
Catriona Meikle Whos Vision BE100 Buy
Cerys Rennie Trew Chipara BE90 Open Watch
Charley Tanner Mr Famous Seamus BE90 Buy
Charlotte Agnew Hamiro BE90 Open Buy
Charlotte Agnew Jacobite BE100 Buy
Charlotte Agnew Gladstone Ii BE100 Buy
Charlotte Agnew Iconic Novice Buy
Charlotte Agnew Gtokwik BE100 Buy
Charlotte Bacon Rebels Skytime CIC1* Buy
Charlotte Bone Ardagh Frenchie BE100 U18 Buy
Charlotte Nevison Borthwick Amber BE90 Watch
Chris Fairs Whinchat BE90 Buy
Christina Rennie Lilliesleaf BE100 Open Buy
Cicely C Jeffrey Cavers Magna BE90 Buy
Claire Andrew Gentle Danny BE100 Buy
Claire B Fotheringham Porthill Touch Of Class BE100 Open Buy
Claire Lewis Master Wickham BE90 Buy
Claire Marshall Samuel BE100 Watch
Claire McNay Ghilli Go Lightly BE90 Buy
Claire Paisley Donna Keiseada BE90 Watch
Claire Phillips Bungowla Mr Mouse BE90 Watch
Claire Simpson Tonevane Bonnie BE90 Buy
Claire Skinner Irish Law BE100 Buy
Claire Smith Furioso De Foja Novice Watch
Claire Smith Equit BE90 Buy
Claudia Claydon King Ralph CIC1* Buy
Connie Wishart Devonair S H Open Novice Buy
Daisy Cross Bridgepark Cottage Lady Open Novice U18 Buy
Daisy Cross Commanchero Open Novice U18 Watch
Daisy Job Player BE100 U18 Buy
Dale Robertson New Vic BE90 Buy
Daniel Scott Something Classical CIC1* Buy
Daniel Scott Carrick Diamond Warrior Novice Buy
Daniel Scott Cindy BE100 Buy
Daniel Scott Grafix Novice Buy
Daniel Scott Thatsmylot Novice Buy
David Gatherer Fugley Iii Novice Buy
Dawn Edward Merllyns Marconie BE90 Buy
Dawn Morley Amier BE100 Buy
Debbie McGregor Clonakilty Diamond Shadow BE100 Buy
Debbie Rhind Danton Bay Novice Watch
Deborah Gate Hi Dyke Rebel BE100 Buy
Deborah Hogg Rookins Danny BE90 Watch
Diane Johnson The Ginger Ninja BE90 Buy
Diane Thomson Letango BE90 Watch
Dorcas McDowell Balhagarty Quality Street BE90 Buy
Douglas Crawford Good Girl Susie BE100 Buy
Douglas Crawford Whos The Daddy BE90 Buy
Douglas Crawford Rhymers Ha BE90 Buy
Douglas Crawford Shadow Lad CIC1* Buy
Douglas Edward Rehy Volunteer Open Intermediate Watch
Duncan Fisher Dooley BE90 Buy
Eden Fisher Clayhill Shady BE90 Buy
Edie Shields Ferryman Ii BE90 Buy
Eilidh Macaulay Casper Z BE100 U18 Watch
Eilidh-Jane Costelloe May Day Iii Novice Buy
Eilidh-Jane Costelloe Westmur Quality Open Intermediate Buy
Elana Chilton A Touch Cavalier Open Novice Buy
Eleanor Jack Equinox Isb BE90 Buy
Eleanor Mercer Watsisname CIC1* Buy
Elise Rae Cara Touch Novice Watch
Elizabeth Munro Billy Fox BE90 Buy
Ellie L Wotherspoon Miss Daffy Duck BE90 Watch
Elliott Atkinson Kaleidescope Callisto BE90 Buy
Elspeth Bryce Lacoste BE100 U18 Watch
Emily Edgar Cairnview Corry BE100 U18 Buy
Emily Forsyth Thistle Be Eric BE100 Open Buy
Emily Galbraith Darkwood Peri BE100 Buy
Emily Hedgecoe Wickstead Swanky Panky BE90 Buy
Emily Parker Mile High Open Novice Buy
Emily Parker Cooley Offshore Novice Buy
Emily Scott C Wots Wot BE90 Buy
Emma Brown Pennys Phantom BE90 Buy
Emma Coghill Rainbows Little Rock BE90 Buy
Emma Corner Iamwotiam CIC1* Buy
Emma Craig Theodore Ted BE90 Buy
Emma Defew Miami Suds BE90 Buy
Emma Hawksby August King BE100 Buy
Emma Hawksby Dissington Miss Grainger Novice Buy
Emma Hobday Shadow Puppet Open Intermediate Buy
Emma Hobday Shadow Mushroom BE90 Buy
Emma Nicholson Strike It Lucky BE100 Buy
Emma Ryle Farmhill Morgan BE90 Buy
Emma Soeder Spicey Lady BE100 Buy
Emma Wake Be Crystal Clear BE100 Buy
Emma Webster The Face Of Rome BE100 U18 Buy
Enid Grant Alderman Firefly Fred BE90 Open Buy
Eryn Douglas Spot On Seamus Open Novice U18 Buy
Eszter Schaller Igeret Izidora BE100 Buy
Euan Hammersley Dionysus N Open Novice Buy
Faye Archer Cointreau Iii BE90 Watch
Faye Archer Springsteen Sam BE100 Open Watch
Faye Boyling Ardeo Bounce BE90 Buy
Finlay Marsden Manfred Man BE90 Buy
Finlay Marsden Bolaney Boy BE90 Watch
Fiona Kerry Verona Ii BE90 Buy
Fiona Kerry Spring Ruby BE100 Buy
Fiona Malcolm Furisto Cavalier BE100 Buy
Fiona Michaelides Manakin BE90 Buy
Fiona Miller Edgar Ii BE100 Buy
Fleur Lemke Shortwood Shadows In The Dark BE90 Buy
Flora Allen Diggory Delvet BE90 Buy
Flora Galbraith Mr Fox Ii BE100 Buy
Flora Wilson Good Enough Ii BE90 Buy
Fran Stead Dsh Luckey Town BE100 Buy
Francesca Weymouth Vattrick BE100 U18 Watch
Gabrielle Riddell Ramiro Master B BE90 Buy
Gabrielle Riddell Rachan Wonderful Westend Boy BE90 Buy
Gail McAuley Emperors Diamond Star BE90 Buy
Georgia Buchan Valentino Iii BE100 U18 Buy
Georgia Dukes Jsr Socks CIC1* Buy
Georgia Dukes Jsr Crazy Mazy CIC1* Buy
Georgia Dukes Jsr Jiji CIC1* Buy
Georgia Dukes Jsr Lawless BE100 Buy
Georgia Dukes Shannondale Shuircruise BE100 Buy
Georgie Morrison Blessington Buzzers Clover BE100 Buy
Georgina Haywood Dakota Dream Time BE90 Buy
Gillian Bassett Rainton Woodlander BE90 Buy
Gillian Edward Benny Station BE90 Buy
Giorgia Burns Boss Lux Novice Buy
Giorgia Burns Ferro Star BE90 Buy
Giorgia Burns Life In Time Novice Buy
Grace Collingwood-Cameron Acton Nougat BE100 U18 Buy
Grace Laver Baillinabrough Paddy BE100 U18 Buy
Grace Lumley Beautiful Mind Ii Open Novice U18 Buy
Grace Lumley Ballyoskill Boy BE90 Buy
Grace Moran Sea Breeze BE100 Open Buy
Gregor Walkingshaw Craigmancie Symphony BE90 Buy
Hannah Graham Newmains Daydreamer BE90 Watch
Hannah Graves Guido Mh Novice Buy
Hannah Sloan Tinkas Flash BE100 Watch
Hannah Thomson Castlrea Pride BE90 Buy
Hannah Young The Pike BE90 Buy
Harriet Graham Ardagh Exceed BE100 Buy
Harriet J Branch Anouar BE90 Buy
Harriet J Branch Prince Iii BE100 U18 Buy
Harry Harding Goteus S CIC1* Buy
Hayden Hankey Oaken Eddie CIC1* Buy
Hayden Hankey Quanti Du Vi CIC1* Buy
Hayden Hankey Novaturient Novice Buy
Heather Conn Pipers Appeal BE90 Buy
Heather McAtear Ebano Xxxviii BE90 Buy
Heather Ralston Bankier Sunrise BE100 Buy
Hector Payne Balius 7 CIC1* Buy
Hector Payne Guus Dhi CIC1* Buy
Heidi Stewart Cavalier Clooney BE100 Buy
Helen Self Dodd Double Shot BE100 Buy
Helen Self Dodd Wee Mcpea BE100 Open Buy
Helen Self Dodd Ballyeden Mist Novice Buy
Henny Cooper Ballyvad Dubh Novice Watch
Henny Cooper Sea Desire BE100 Buy
Henny Cooper Dunkerrin Pandora BE90 Buy
Henny Cooper Hillside President BE90 Buy
Henny Cooper Hanleen Didjeridoo BE100 Buy
Holly Farquharson Seans Hero BE90 Watch
Holly Robertson Shannondale Jd BE100 Buy
Ida Strandberg Rebel On The Run BE100 Watch
Indie Vaughan-Jones Cuffesgrange Diamond Echo CIC1* Buy
Iona Campbell Edelwijs Ii Open Intermediate Watch
Isaac Amos Sugar Sensation BE90 Buy
Isaac Ratcliffe-Smith Harone BE90 Buy
Isabella Armitage Rahally Artist Open Novice Buy
Isabella England Moonlight Ard Silver BE100 U18 Buy
Isobel Jeffrey Clonlaras Sale Topper BE90 Watch
Issy Saxby Grianagh Qe Dempsey CIC1* Buy
Izzie Bamford Geffory Novice Buy
Izzie Bamford Coosh BE90 Buy
Izzy Riley Silken Allure CIC1* Buy
Izzy Taylor Mbf Harley Rebel CIC1* Buy
Jack T Watson D Artagnan Ii BE90 Buy
Jack T Watson Bibirana BE90 Buy
Jade Pitt Pallas Vank Wish BE90 Buy
Jade Struthers Rockcon BE100 Buy
Jade Thompson Shes Gold BE90 Watch
James Oakden Dunbog Intuition BE90 Buy
James Oakden Ettrick Lilly BE100 Buy
James Rushbrooke Weeton Whin Open Novice Buy
James Rushbrooke Milchem Eclipse Novice Buy
James Rushbrooke Poynstown Rocket BE100 Buy
James Rushbrooke Hermes Royale CIC1* Buy
Jamie Atkinson Salunette Open Intermediate Buy
Jane Peart Keepers Badger BE100 Buy
Jane Reid Jay Silverheels BE100 Buy
Jane Storey Miss Issymus Novice Watch
Jay Ryder Faith Full CIC1* Buy
Jaye Clark Kildromin Hernandez BE90 Buy
Jemima Cross Ebony BE100 U18 Watch
Jemima Cross Tinkas Secret BE100 U18 Buy
Jemma Dath Seabiscuit Bellamy BE100 U18 Buy
Jennifer Bowman Licanto H CIC1* Buy
Jennifer Lange Flashed By BE90 Buy
Jennifer Lange Desdamona BE100 Buy
Jennifer Macgregor Litchfield Jack Novice Watch
Jennifer Stead Kieltys Shadow BE90 Buy
Jenny Christie Bellindene Rhuaridh BE90 Buy
Jenny Cochran Bobbing Cove BE90 Buy
Jess Bell Woodville Amber BE100 Buy
Jess Bell Ballybrack Dakota Open Novice Buy
Jessica Burnham Kaylas Star BE100 U18 Buy
Jessica McKie Angel Night BE100 Buy
Jessica Todd Magners BE90 Watch
Jessica Walton Drewmain Star Attraction Open Novice U18 Watch
Jo Beattie Dream Woman BE90 Buy
Jo Luton Birkhill Bronwen BE90 Buy
Jo Luton Clintonstown Zoe BE90 Buy
Jo Swanston Gransha Lad BE90 Watch
Joanna Mitchell Rumour Had It BE100 Buy
Joanna Neilson Ces Silver Chip CIC1* Buy
Jodie Caig Lyndhurst Breeze BE100 U18 Watch
Jodie Neill Quantum Clover Gold CIC1* Watch
Jodie Stokes Quaikin Qurious Open Intermediate Buy
John Thornton Springtime Jazz CIC1* Buy
Josh Haynes To Love And Honour CIC1* Buy
Joshua Wareing Ballyvadd Sarco BE90 Buy
Josie Smailes Ars Vivella Novice Buy
Joss Drummond Castlebay Rockstar BE90 Buy
Julia Craig Ultra Special BE100 Watch
Julie Lawson Faerlie Flashy Novice Buy
Julie Lawson Wall Street Novice Buy
Julie Lawson Baxters Bank Novice Watch
Karen Low Abba Gold De Trelawny Farm BE100 Buy
Karen Redfearn Clonfin Cudos BE90 Buy
Katherine Lindsay Hilton Cooley CIC1* Watch
Katherine Lindsay Cooley Make A Move BE100 Buy
Katherine Lindsay Cooley Crawford BE100 Watch
Kathryn Melville Shercock Midnight BE90 Buy
Katie A Stephen Tartan Chill Open Novice Watch
Katie A Stephen Ballyrobin Quiet Boy BE90 Buy
Katie Bell Mullagh Spirit BE90 Buy
Katie Edgar Ardagh Airborne BE90 Buy
Katie Lilford Balladeer Gatsby CIC1* Buy
Katie McGregor Fogas Adare BE100 Buy
Katie McLaren Vistimar BE100 Buy
Katie Pearson Rockwood Joy BE90 Open Buy
Katie Scott Rathoran Silver BE100 U18 Buy
Katie Smith Sdf Loriot BE100 Buy
Katie Tyrka Faerlie Superstitious BE90 Buy
Katie Walton Chance X BE100 Buy
Katie Wood Tubberscanavan Clover BE100 Buy
Kaylee Clark Samson Ix BE100 Buy
Keileigh More Cloud Corrib Blue BE90 Buy
Kelly Mitchell Clinton Van Stal Romano BE90 Watch
Kerry Armstrong Lucky Xiii BE90 Buy
Kerry Donoghue Amiro H BE90 Buy
Khara Findlater Whaupshill Touche BE100 Buy
Kirstin Bamford Gummys Twinkeling CIC1* Buy
Kirsty Aitchison Twilight Hocus Pocus BE90 Buy
Kirsty Cordner Bonbon Rouge BE90 Buy
Kirsty Hogg Stonehavens Redrock BE100 Buy
Kirsty Hogg Harry Oh CIC1* Buy
Kirsty Stark Mr Monkey Puzzle BE100 Watch
Kirsty Stark Harbour Lights Open Intermediate Watch
Kyla Grieve Culmore Frank BE100 Buy
Laura Fenwick Watervalley Diamond Guy Novice Buy
Laura Fenwick Pink Wafer Novice Buy
Laura Fenwick Rustenberg Diamond BE90 Buy
Laura Hamilton Rselves Alone BE90 Buy
Laura Hutt Robin I BE100 Watch
Laura Landale Ballynoecastle Lyria Novice Watch
Laura McDonald Hampton Fontaine BE90 Buy
Laura Mitchell Ozinocco CIC1* Watch
Laura Ralston Bankeir Midnight BE90 Buy
Laura Ritchie-Bland Lord Aster BE100 Buy
Laura Ritchie-Bland Hts Hobson Dee BE100 Buy
Laura Varty - Lindsay Quick Je Jaime Open Intermediate Watch
Lauren Hayton Billy Ball Open Novice Buy
Lesley Barwise-Munro Something About Danny CIC1* Buy
Lewis Marshall Ballysax Cotterstown Open Novice U18 Buy
Lewis McLean Lissyegan Mikie Lou Open Novice U18 Buy
Lindsey Brown Rebel Duchess BE90 Buy
Lisa Cox Mr Lucas BE90 Watch
Lizzie McFadzean Perfectly Dun Ardeo BE100 Open Buy
Lizzie McFadzean Fernhill Floyd BE90 Buy
Lizzie Somerville Splash And Dash Iii BE90 Watch
Lloyd Newton Mercurio BE90 Open Watch
Lloyd Newton Waterbeck Woodruff BE90 Watch
Lorna Hogarth Dunard Red Knight BE100 Buy
Louie Ackroyd Daulton Ii BE100 U18 Buy
Louisa Craigs Astaires Bounce BE100 Open Buy
Louisa Milne Home Grantstown Harry Open Intermediate Buy
Louisa Milne Home Cinque Terre Open Intermediate Buy
Louisa Milne Home Carrow Iroko Novice Buy
Louisa Milne Home Future Plans Novice Buy
Louise Clark Daisy Jane BE90 Buy
Louise Doherty Askinvillar Mayflower BE90 Watch
Louise Forrest The Pearl King BE90 Buy
Louise Forty Loughnatousa Edward BE90 Open Buy
Louise Hebdon Dunaverty Bay BE90 Buy
Louise Higham Laburnum Thigue BE90 Watch
Lucy Bailey Highling Gizmology BE100 Open Buy
Lucy Cowan The Exmoor Pony BE90 Watch
Lucy Grindal Trethern CIC1* Buy
Lucy Harley Fernhill Inspector Novice Buy
Lucy Soeder The Full Monty Viii CIC1* Buy
Lucy Sugden Elbandani CIC1* Buy
Lucy Walby Gigalo BE100 U18 Buy
Lydia Turnbull Robe Summer Knight BE100 Watch
Lynda Macey Rinceoir Alainn BE90 Watch
Lynne Blore Stonebyres Volante BE90 Buy
Maddie Oliver Polished Class BE100 Open Buy
Maddie Oliver Gowran Bell BE90 Buy
Mairi Sinclair Morelands Conclusion BE100 Buy
Maria B Nisbet Weetentherty BE100 Buy
Marina Allen Cracker Jack Ii Open Novice U18 Watch
Marina Allen Rohdiamant Von Cassini BE100 Watch
Marion Vernon Primitive Popinjay BE100 Buy
Marion Vernon Dont Tell The Husband Ii BE100 Buy
Mark Jackson Linnel Dance Again BE100 Open Buy
Martha A Green Petite Pois Novice Buy
Martha Todd Borenta Open Intermediate Buy
Mary Douglas Return To Sender BE100 U18 Buy
Matthew Wright Monbeg Maximus Novice Buy
Matthew Wright Prince Mayo Open Intermediate Watch
Matthew Wright Wanskjaers Carlsson Open Intermediate Buy
Matthew Wright Obos Colombus Open Intermediate Buy
Matthew Wright Dhi Paparazzi Open Intermediate Buy
Matthew Wright Dakotah Vii Novice Buy
Matthew Wright River Warrior Novice Buy
Meghan Healy Ozzies Gem CIC1* Buy
Mhairi Rodger Strachbell Sergeant Bilko BE100 U18 Watch
Michael Broadley Azerley Donald CIC1* Buy
Mollie Green Kirtle Harry Hopeful BE90 Buy
Molly Morris Rocky Xi BE90 Buy
Morag O'Mara Mr Incredible Ii BE90 Buy
Morgan Cooper Heidehofs Montana BE90 Buy
Morgan Kent Felda BE100 Buy
Morgan Kent First Woman BE100 Buy
Naidene Urquhart Perihelion Peridot Open Novice Watch
Natalie Anderson Lincoln Master BE100 Buy
Nicola Broad Empire BE90 Buy
Nicola Brown Northern Lights V BE90 Buy
Nicola Rooke Chezet CIC1* Buy
Nicole Hoult Crackenthorpe Vincenza BE90 Buy
Niki McLachlan Freddie Mael Duin BE90 Buy
Nydia Chandler Goldies Indiana BE90 Buy
Oliver Townend Miss Cooley CIC1* Buy
Olivia Burns All Rosie BE100 U18 Buy
Olivia Charles Lenamore Echo Fort BE100 U18 Buy
Olivia Strang Steel Cillbhrid Oscar BE100 Buy
Olivia Stratford Badger Hill Shadow BE90 Buy
Penny Carter Overley Moonraker BE90 Buy
Persia Bhatia Aughnacliffe Gem BE90 Buy
Persia Bhatia Molly Xiii BE100 U18 Buy
Peter Laidlaw Magic River Novice Buy
Philippa Nixon Prf Divo Mail Novice Buy
Polly North Lewis Baldur Diamond BE90 Buy
Rachael Aiton Chorleys Cause A Commotion BE90 Buy
Rachel Gordon Mcl Premier Royale BE100 Buy
Rachel McAnany Roxy Music BE90 Buy
Rachel Robertson Banoge Molly BE90 Buy
Rachel Shiell Glam Gerry BE90 Buy
Rachel Williamson Mcdiamond BE100 Buy
Rachel Williamson Antrim October Open Novice U18 Buy
Rebecca Chrisp Grazia Straordinaria BE90 Buy
Rebecca Fielding Nymphs Ascent BE100 Buy
Rebecca Glasson Denver Iv CIC1* Buy
Rebecca Johnston Harman Jumble BE100 Buy
Rebecca Robb Rockhill Rock And Roll BE100 Open Buy
Rebecca Rowell Liannastarr BE90 Buy
Rebecca Scott Dinozzo BE90 Watch
Ribh Lennox Maverick Viii BE90 Buy
Roan Grant Caballo Rojo BE100 U18 Buy
Robert Brickell Glountane Lord Lincoln Open Novice Buy
Robert Clunas Dash Of Class BE90 Buy
Rona Blackwood Molly Malone X BE90 Buy
Rosanagh Davison Rockwood Beau BE100 Watch
Rose Cartwright Greno In The Pink BE100 Watch
Rose Macpherson Hhs Eyes Only Novice Watch
Ross Middleton Aberlour Novice Buy
Rowan Henderson Holly BE100 Buy
Rowan Laird Village Crescendo Open Novice U18 Buy
Ruth Edge Pauldarys Dun And Only Novice Watch
Ruth Farnsworth Go H Alainn BE100 U18 Buy
Sadie Abel Ericantos Vdb Open Novice U18 Watch
Sally Kidd Just Aske Darcy CIC1* Buy
Samantha Auld Cool Nebraska Guy BE90 Buy
Samantha Martin Touchwood Ii BE90 Buy
Sara Burdess Tale Of Two Shivers Open Intermediate Buy
Sara Dudgeon Cartown Xanthos BE100 Buy
Sarah Clark Killycannon Cruise BE90 Buy
Sarah Clark Don Perrier BE100 Buy
Sarah Cunningham G L Flashy Blue BE90 Buy
Sarah Murray Oswald Viii BE90 Watch
Sarah Rowell Commodore BE100 Buy
Sasha Brunton Spiders Walk Tall Novice Watch
Sasha Mackenzie Sportsfield We Three BE100 Open Buy
Sean Henderson Conicavel BE90 Watch
Sean Henderson Mission Accomplished 2 BE90 Buy
Sebastian Roldan Olivera Shadow Sapphire BE90 Buy
Sebastian Roldan Olivera Shadow Moon Dust CIC1* Buy
Sharon C Thom Its Ozzy BE100 Buy
Shaun Malpass Pb Ginger Ninja CIC1* Buy
Shaun Murray Wainthropp CIC1* Watch
Sian Davies-Cooke Longfordpass Delux CIC1* Buy
Sian Davies-Cooke Fatomone CIC1* Buy
Sian Edwards Lili The Pink BE90 Buy
Sinead Russell Earthquake Echo BE100 U18 Watch
Sjaanie Van der Kraan Kiakora BE90 Buy
Sophie Mason Pebbly Limited Edition BE90 Watch
Sophie McDearmid Killawalla Chester Novice Watch
Sorrel Feather Opposite Reflection BE90 Buy
Stephen J Runciman Grantstown Vision BE90 Buy
Stephen J Runciman Joli Certain Open Intermediate Buy
Stephen Rankin Mhs Royal Harlequin Novice Watch
Stephen Rankin Irango Novice Watch
Stephen Rankin Castlefobes Roscoe BE100 Buy
Stephen Rankin Edouard Van Het Cabernhol BE100 Buy
Steve Donaldson Black Diamond Tribes BE100 Buy
Steven Renton High Time V BE100 Buy
Steven Renton Hegglelane Houston BE90 Buy
Steven Renton Millies Law Novice Buy
Steven Renton Air Row Z BE100 Buy
Sue Soley Clorogue Rebel BE90 Watch
Susan Lawrie Hilltower Tinkerbelle BE90 Buy
Susie White Seventh Heaven Ii BE100 Open Buy
Suzanne Cruickshank Checkbook Charlie BE90 Buy
Tanya Buckingham - Lloyd Burlea Battleship BE100 Buy
Tara Forrest Tourmakeady Dandy BE90 Buy
Taylor Elgar Tonbane Clover Lady BE100 Buy
Thandi Smith Ad Astra BE100 U18 Watch
Tiffany Morgan-Evans Able Open Intermediate Watch
Tiffany Morgan-Evans Gh Blueprint CIC1* Buy
Tilly Leathart Florence Ix BE90 Buy
Tilly Milbank Ryehill Prince Samuel BE100 Watch
Tom Clark Thunderball BE100 Buy
Tracy Van Someren Becconsall Storm Novice Watch
Vanessa Hamilton Trenouth BE100 Buy
Vanessa Wark Brockfields Twist Of Fate BE90 Buy
Veera Peltokangas Candy Girl Ii CIC1* Buy
Veera Peltokangas Waterlily Xi CIC1* Buy
Verity Marwood Harlequin Rosa BE100 Buy
Vicky Edgar Ballingowan Flash BE90 Buy
Vicky Edgar Ardagh Bobby BE90 Buy
Vicky Murdoch Captain Courage BE100 Buy
Victoria Smith City Of Rome Novice Buy
Wendy A Bell Dark Orange BE90 Watch
Wendy McGrandles Ruby Mac BE90 Buy
Will Murray Dino Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Will Murray Touch Of Faerie Magic BE100 Watch
Will Murray Royal Etiquette BE100 Watch
William Bailey Loughnatousa Kylie BE90 Buy
Wills Oakden Akd Cooley Lockdown CIC1* Buy
Wills Oakden Flipinlucky CIC1* Buy
Wills Oakden Greystone Rising Star CIC1* Buy
Zoe Burgoyne Hydehill Heavens Above BE90 Buy
Zoe Dawson Trent Parcway BE90 Buy