Kelsall Hill (2) 2021 | An Eventful Life

Kelsall Hill (2) 2021

An Eventful Life is filming all competitors on cross country at

Kelsall Hill (2) 2021

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbey Rimmer Unnamed BE90 Buy
Abbi James Kimba Royale BE90 Buy
Abby Corlett The Real Mccoy Ix Novice Watch
Abigail A Rowland Ballycon Shadow BE90 Buy
Abigail Boulton Battersea BE100 Buy
Abigail Boulton Akina Z Open Novice Buy
Abigail O'rourke Quatro BE80 Buy
Aisling Stott Kellough Pride BE100 U18 Buy
Alanis Milner-Moore Miss Maybell Open Intermediate U21 Buy
Alex Ashman Bell Baxter BE100 Buy
Alex Ashman Holyrood BE90 Buy
Alex Heaton Esceifiog Anthea BE80 Buy
Alex Herring Ballyfaskin Coco BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Indigo Blue Ii BE100 Open Buy
Alex Postolowsky Trent Parcway Novice Buy
Alex Smith Call Me Daisy BE80 Buy
Alice Owen Violet BE80 Buy
Alison Unwin Castlelawn Hendricks Blue BE90 Watch
Amaia Barnes Hudson Winter Breeze BE90 U18 Buy
Amber Moxon Carnakilly Little Ross BE100 U18 Watch
Amber Skelton Seymour Reality BE100 U18 Buy
Amber Whitehead Life Of Luxury BE90 Watch
Amelia Easthope Good To Go Ii BE90 Buy
Amelia Harwood Seriously Sirius BE80 Buy
Amelia White Camlough Night Fever BE80 Buy
Amelia White Last Of The Dotes BE100 Buy
Amelia White Willy Wiz BE90 U18 Buy
Amy Bevans Annas Delight BE90 Buy
Amy Cowper Lakeland Lad BE80 Buy
Amy Morris Miller Milo BE100 U18 Buy
Amy Obiajulu Adam's Pride BE90 Watch
Amy Richardson Crochallan Louis BE80 Buy
Andrea Houlbrooke Miss Suave BE100 Buy
Andrea Morris Don't Tell Me BE90 Buy
Andrew Downes The Supertrooper BE100 Buy
Andrew Downes Cooley High Thyme Novice Buy
Andrew Downes Ringfort Heloise Du Moulin BE90 Buy
Andrew Downes Safira Intermediate Buy
Andrew Downes Currabawn Alexandra BE90 Buy
Andrew Downes Castledown Sunrise Novice Buy
Andrew Downes Jacardo Intermediate Buy
Andrew Downes Ballins Kelligs Novice Buy
Ann Shearring Merlin Ii BE80 Buy
Anna Gilchrist Strattonstown Jackson BE90 U18 Buy
Anna Layfield Darraks Clover Lux Intermediate Buy
Anna Price Keep Happy Open Novice U18 Buy
Annabella Spencer-Blow Bazaars Jumble BE100 U18 Buy
Annabelle Croxford Sherlock BE90 Buy
Annamara Rimmer Matilda BE90 Buy
Annie Barnes Noble Rebel BE100 Open Watch
Annie Hargreaves Spridlington Jasper BE80 Buy
Anniken Styth Elite Diamond BE100 Buy
Antonia Heraghty Dinarthall Daisy May BE100 U18 Buy
Anya Strilkowski K Open Novice U18 Buy
Archie Tulloch Mgh Querly BE100 U18 Buy
Archie Tulloch Wil Celtic Power Ranger Open Novice U18 Buy
Arthur Duffort Matterhorn Rising Intermediate Buy
Arthur Duffort Gredington Frankincense BE100 Buy
Arthur Duffort Toronto D Aurois Open Intermediate Buy
Arthur Pottier Dolley Secret Novice Buy
Ashleigh Dean Jims Pal BE100 Open Buy
Becky Bosworth Lux BE90 Buy
Becky Bosworth Danubio Z BE100 Buy
Becky Cooper Bobby Brown BE90 Buy
Becky Hartley Pause For Applause BE90 Buy
Becky Murfin Burtons Girl BE80 Buy
Bella Timmis Lakeview Rocky BE90 U18 Buy
Beth Wood Tinkov BE90 Buy
Bethany Davies Glynarthen Hi Ho Silver BE80 Buy
Bethany Humphries Brians Best BE100 Buy
Bethany Humphries Gortmore Whos Dun It Novice Buy
Bev Gibson Havanna E.l.s. BE80 Buy
Bill Levett Rnh Hendricks Nj Intermediate Buy
Bonnie Fishburn Cupids Arrow BE90 Buy
Bonnie Jackson Hewarths Celebration BE80 Watch
Brier Leahy Seapatrick Carlento Open Novice Buy
Brier Leahy Catdol Gpo BE100 Buy
Brier Leahy Catdol Gypsy Spice BE80 Buy
Carla Arthur Luxs Zebedee BE100 Buy
Carlos Parro Camross Cruise BE100 Buy
Carlos Parro Harrison Iv Open Novice Buy
Carlos Parro Calcourt Landline Open Intermediate Buy
Carlos Parro Joly Jumper Open Novice Buy
Carlos Parro Wadacre Aramis BE100 Buy
Carlos Parro Cool Striker Intermediate Buy
Caroline Basnett Limbo Cracker BE90 Buy
Caroline Cook Cloonagh Shadow BE90 Buy
Carolyn Swallow Zeus BE90 Buy
Carolyn Walkden Mr Frodo Ii BE80 Buy
Carrie Childs All On Deck BE100 Buy
Catherine (katie) Thornber Bowland All The Diamonds BE90 Buy
Catherine Moore Cruising Callista BE80 Buy
Catherine Pearson Unbelievable Taillon BE100 Watch
Catherine Pritchard Knockbridge Dancer BE80 Buy
Cathrine Taylor Gredington Wildfire BE80 Buy
Cathrine Taylor Redshaw Vivendi BE100 Buy
Cathrine Taylor Creevaghstables Balief BE90 Buy
Cerys Macaulay Drumconnick Cavalier Open Intermediate U21 Buy
Charles Dicker Jimmys Hope Novice Buy
Charlie Cross Gorey Gold BE100 Buy
Charlotte Clewlow Annagh Little Rosey Novice Buy
Charlotte East Hindoctro Intermediate Buy
Charlotte Fox Tullamoon Prince Charming BE90 Watch
Charlotte Green Jp Casanova BE90 Watch
Charlotte Mccracken Richmondlea Ivanhoe BE90 Buy
Charlotte Ward Fortview Noels Earl BE90 Buy
Chloe Pearson Seapatrick Deja Vu Novice Buy
Christopher Whittle Rumber Til Dawn BE100 Buy
Christopher Whittle Skip Mill Open Intermediate Buy
Claire Campbell On 'n' On BE80 Buy
Claire Deuten Ustinov Van Elsenham Open Intermediate Buy
Claire Roston Tevenie Sunshine BE90 Buy
Clara Edwards Deicin Midnight BE90 Buy
Clara Hofstetter Cobhams Extraordinaire BE90 Buy
connor bowes Brookdale Touch Of Class BE80 Watch
Cordelia White Nono BE90 Open Buy
Cristine Milton Gibroy Cavallo BE90 Buy
Dag Albert Ballydunne Super Hero BE100 Buy
Daisy Walker Ballyhow Boy BE90 Buy
Dan Gibson Paddywhack BE90 Buy
Darren Hegan Trulli Scrumptious BE80 Buy
David Barrell Aquila Heights BE80 Watch
David Llewellyn Castle Red BE100 Watch
David Quest Let's Go Vd Withoeve Novice Watch
Diane Hargrove Lady Vicky BE80 Buy
Diane Hargrove April Fool BE90 Buy
Dr. Rowan Wright Sir Digby BE90 Buy
Eleanor Peters Quintessential Q BE100 Buy
Elisa Emmerson Winter Beat BE80 Buy
Elizabeth Clark Failte Lady BE100 U18 Buy
Elizabeth Roberts Tanzanite Rizzle BE80 Buy
Ella Lawton-Smith Lowhill Fier Ambassador BE90 Buy
Ella Thomson Tom And Jerry BE100 U18 Buy
Ellie Crabtree Make Believe BE90 U18 Buy
Ellie Ormrod Keyland William Intermediate Buy
Ellie-Mae Brewster Penton Kite BE90 U18 Watch
Elyse kniveton Unnamed (808570) BE80 Buy
Emily Culpeck Lucky Todd BE80 Buy
Emily Dove Ratibia BE90 Buy
Emily Dove Ring Of Fire Ii BE100 Open Buy
Emily Dove Raya BE90 Buy
Emily King Imposant Intermediate Buy
Emily King Unnamed (810189) BE80 Buy
Emily King Mister Big Ears Novice Buy
Emily King Mellow Lane BE80 Buy
Emily Kruijt Bazaars Kasbah BE90 Buy
Emily Mason-Evans Gorfelyn Sea The Stars BE80 Watch
Emily Philp Grandturgeon BE100 Buy
Emily Philp Hillocks Rising BE100 Buy
Emily Rowland Isabella BE90 U18 Buy
Emily Yeomans Silken Brew Novice Buy
Emma Boxer Unname (alfie) BE100 Watch
Emma Corner Katonah Els BE100 Buy
Emma Forrest - Helsby Jacobite Legend BE90 Buy
Emma Hayton-lee Jaspers Pedal BE90 Buy
Emma Hyett Ricardo Silver Goose BE80 Buy
Emma Hyslop-Webb Kingsday BE100 Buy
Emma Hyslop-Webb La Contadina BE100 Buy
Emma Lawton Mantra Open Novice Buy
Emma Lawton Ross Skylark BE100 Buy
Emma Lawton Dinarthall Sea King Novice Buy
Emma Little Alecon BE100 Buy
Emma McParland Rolo Soleil BE90 Watch
Emma Rarity C S Bullet BE100 Buy
Emma Rarity Kudu BE90 Buy
Emma Rarity High Time BE90 Buy
Emma Silman Kec Maxxine BE100 Open Buy
Emma Tarry Indigo K Vant Kettenheye Z BE90 Buy
Emma Wayland Gaby BE80 Buy
Erica Murphy Welton Artemis BE80 Buy
Erica Murphy Doncorde BE80 Buy
Erin Kopydlowski Little Miss Millicent BE90 U18 Buy
Evie Jones Sunnybanks Sweet Peter Pan BE80 Buy
Fern Hordern Kannan's Boy BE90 Buy
Fern Hordern Javier Vdl BE100 Buy
Finn Healy Fathers Compromise Open Intermediate U21 Watch
Florence Griffiths Ciscos Boy BE100 Watch
Francois Heyns Hettie Little Simba Novice Buy
Francois Heyns Fanfreluche Van De Zuuthoeve Z BE100 Buy
Franky Church-Huxley Noble Old Mill Novice Buy
Franky Reid-warrilow Dolley Spectre BE100 Buy
Freddie James Haddon House Madam Shutterfly BE90 U18 Buy
Freya Smith Forrests Snowcloud BE90 Watch
Gabriela Baxter Billy Castillo BE90 Buy
Gail Bunce Vivendi Sally BE100 Buy
Gareth Warburton Hotshot Iii BE90 Buy
Georgia Davies Shl Dream Come True BE90 Watch
Georgia Dixon Silken Chique BE90 Buy
Georgia Dixon Fjk Step It Up BE90 Watch
Georgie Brown Maharees Bob BE100 Buy
Georgie Driver Diamond Dancing Hettie Open Novice Buy
Georgina Holland Monatigue Royal Rose Novice Buy
Georgina Holland Ruthstown Millfall Boy BE100 Buy
Georgina Lomas Rockabilly Iii BE90 Buy
Grace Barr Balnashallog Maestro BE100 U18 Buy
Grace Cooper Hopes Are High Ii BE90 Open Buy
Grace Oakley Woodview Champion BE100 Buy
Gracie Jenkins Acton Nougat BE90 U18 Buy
Guthrie Shields Sportsfield Super Sonic BE100 Buy
Hannah Cliffe Rv Olie BE100 Buy
Hannah Louise Silvester Botney Bay BE80 Buy
Hannah Marshall Gileshill Finale Novice Watch
Hannah Roach Kiltealy Titanium BE100 Buy
Hannah Taylor Legaland Best One BE100 Buy
Hannah Ward Whatchamacallit BE90 Buy
Hannah Watson Beau Rivage BE80 Watch
Hannah Woodward Ballybridge Alainn BE90 Watch
Harriet Bagley My Atlantic Mario BE100 Buy
Harriet Deeming Mrf Metropolis BE90 Open Buy
Harriet Dickin Custer Of The West BE100 Buy
Harriet Dickin Its All About Me Iii BE100 Buy
Harriet Dukes Rainford Glory BE90 Buy
Harriet Morris The Red Ace Of Diamonds BE100 Buy
Hattie Maddocks Shinglis Joe BE100 U18 Buy
Hattie McCance Lord Larry BE100 Open Buy
Hayden Hankey Du Rouet Of Boherdeel BE100 Buy
Hayden Hankey Vincents Casanova Novice Buy
Hayden Hankey Chevalian Lady Luck BE100 Buy
Hayley Mayer Charamba BE100 Buy
Heather Earnshaw Callowfeenish Peter BE80 Buy
Heather Hardy Cruise Around BE80 Buy
Heidi Coy Clonshire On Trend BE100 Buy
Heidi Coy Lavana Valentino Novice Buy
Heidi O'brien Cryptic King Novice Buy
Heidi O'brien Artan Mac Intermediate Buy
Helen Clarke Arwens Orthello BE80 Buy
Helen Jones Glountane Tequila Royal BE100 Watch
Helen Peel Lightning Lass BE90 Buy
Holly Gee Ginja Ninja Iii BE90 Buy
Honor Freebody Trofarth Olaf Gwawr BE100 U18 Buy
Imi McCance Gun Moor BE100 Buy
Immy Kennedy Hardy Warrior BE100 U18 Watch
Iona Bullough Black Thunder BE80 Buy
Isabel White Sir Lehmann 2 Novice Buy
Isobel Stockwell Hs Diamond Lil BE80 Watch
Issy Insley Man In The Mirror Open Novice U18 Watch
Issy Saxby Equitrek Atom Open Intermediate U21 Buy
izzi davenport Ghs Renkum Uno BE90 U18 Buy
Izzy Wright Menlo Amy BE100 U18 Buy
Izzy Wright Glen Corrin BE100 U18 Buy
Jack Leese Cashman B Open Novice Buy
Jack Leese Summerborn Landorestu's BE100 Buy
Jack Leese Vechtas Boy BE80 Buy
Jacqui Ashforth Casanovas Story BE90 Buy
Jade Fyfe Penny Pursuits BE100 Buy
Jade Harper Loughnatousa Lilly BE90 Buy
James Avery One Of A Kind Ii Open Intermediate Watch
James Avery Auxtehwteuh Novice Buy
James Avery Benicia B Intermediate Buy
James Avery Dallas 13 Novice Buy
James Avery Dhi Kickodieza Novice Watch
James Ker Dod Buster Rhymes BE100 U18 Watch
James McMahon Westside Jasper BE90 Buy
Jana Nekulova Rich Icon BE80 Buy
Jane Christison Flyhigh Jacobean BE90 Buy
Jane Valentine Dollar Oats BE80 Buy
Janice Edwards Ballinvella Joe BE100 Buy
Janine Bowler Hilary Novice Buy
Jeanette Brakewell Swhiskey BE80 Buy
Jeanette Brakewell Malbay Master BE80 Buy
Jennifer Mulcahy Myspires Great Expectation BE90 Buy
Jennifer Stokes Moorlough Kate BE90 Buy
Jess Cunningham Cricket Can Fly BE100 Watch
Jessica Turner Endless Time BE80 Buy
Jessie Mackay Shadora BE90 Buy
Jill Barrell Commanche Bouncer BE90 Buy
Jo Beattie Ludo BE80 Watch
Jo Bunyan Cashelbay Lucky Duke BE80 Buy
Jo Carlin Water Mill Smooth Novice Buy
Jo Holding My Magic Star BE100 Open Buy
Jo Holding Coolnorran Final Edition BE90 Buy
Jo Holding Lagerfeld W BE90 Buy
Joanne Royle Esperanza De Suerte BE80 Buy
Jodie Stokes Promise Of Peace BE90 Open Buy
Jon Kirby Fanisk Krafty Man BE90 Buy
Jordan Roberts Sannabays Leonardo BE80 Buy
Josh Haynes Dynasty Z Novice Buy
Josh Haynes Quick Quack Novice Buy
Josh Haynes After The Storm BE100 Buy
Josh Haynes Royale Hero BE100 Buy
Josh Haynes To Love And Honour Open Novice Buy
Joshua Levett Diarana Dh Z Open Intermediate U21 Buy
Joshua Levett This Ones On You Open Intermediate U21 Buy
Judith Shaw Doogarrys Prince BE90 Buy
Julia Birkin Stormhill Clover Open Novice Watch
Julie Penny Lazy Ballerina Novice Buy
Juulia Savonlahti Gvs Gortagarry Clover Novice Buy
Kane Phillips Gurraun Catch Up BE90 Buy
Kat Raybould Baumanns Fleur Novice Buy
Kate Oleszko Courtenay Autumn BE80 Buy
Kate Rutherford Longfordpass Delux BE90 U18 Buy
Kate Ward Silver Pearl BE80 Buy
Kate Williams Clover V BE100 Buy
Kathleen Robinson Forrard On Douglas BE90 Buy
Kathy Jones Llynhelyg Bouncer BE80 Buy
Katie Ardern Ferro Pleasant BE80 Buy
Katie Bleloch Quimera Cp Intermediate Buy
Katie Bleloch Rossmount Blue News Intermediate Buy
Katie Ivings Duntally Dolly BE100 Buy
Katie Leather Dalton BE80 Buy
Katie Neary Rocktj BE90 U18 Buy
Katy Mousdale Chill Chick BE80 Buy
Katy Prince Dizzee Rascal BE100 Buy
Keeva Stott Ardfield Betty BE100 Buy
Keeva Stott Ardfield Lord BE100 Buy
Kim Salmon Freckleton First Officer BE90 Buy
Kimberley Manktelow Rilke BE80 Watch
Kimberley Parkin Concetto BE90 Buy
Kirstie Morris Fulwoods Sensation BE90 Buy
Kirsty Buchanan Trehudreth Novice Buy
Lana Booth Brooks Blondie BE90 U18 Buy
Lara Chapple Slaneyside Cooley Open Intermediate U21 Buy
Laura Cocking Shannondale Jordi BE90 Buy
Laura Hanson Wickenhill Wiley Wisp BE90 Buy
Laura Hayward One Up For Jazz BE80 Buy
Lauren Rothwell Ballydeely Steppe BE90 Buy
Leah Crook Cavalier Four For Joy BE90 Buy
Leonna Mayor Sir Pascal Novice Watch
Lesley Mitton Penhill Rex BE90 Buy
Lexi Cockcroft Sizing Colombia BE90 U18 Buy
Lexie Brennan Stenigots Red D'ablo BE90 U18 Buy
Lillian O'Hearn Vivendi De Vardag BE100 Open Watch
Lily Bentley Bluey BE80 Buy
Lily Coates Rinwood Cooley BE100 U18 Buy
Lily Diggle The Juggler Iii Open Novice U18 Buy
Lily Mccormack Barnaboy Ambassador Novice Buy
Lindsay Morton Daldo BE90 Buy
Lindsay Raistrick Buffalo Springfield BE100 Buy
Lisa Durant Landara BE90 Buy
Lizzie Baugh Carlingfords Hes A Clover Intermediate Buy
Lizzie Lennon Django Moonshine BE90 Buy
Lola Kopydlowski Quaikin Rhihan BE90 U18 Buy
Lou Burns Simply Sunny BE100 Open Buy
Lou Burns Invisible Man BE100 Buy
Louise Atkin Tulloch Mhor BE80 Buy
Louise Harwood Clondaw Sam Novice Buy
Louise Harwood Brechfa Ietta Novice Buy
Louise Harwood Blues Cloud Novice Buy
Louise Hemmings Consuelos Country Girl BE80 Buy
Louise Webb Chequidam Z BE90 Buy
Lucas Poole Bazaars Texan BE80 Buy
Lucas Poole Bazaars Dakota BE80 Buy
Lucy Chivers The Ballagh Lady BE100 U18 Buy
Lucy Cocker General Samarski BE100 Watch
Lucy Corlett Escaday Novice Watch
Lucy Evans Cooley Cuba Libre BE100 Buy
Lucy Muir Woodford Jim BE100 Buy
Lucy Ormrod Pickhill Dancer Novice Buy
Lucy Ormrod Rachan Wonderful Tesoro BE90 Buy
Lucy Ormrod Pickhill Ferocity Novice Buy
Lucy Watson Rafiki Yango Intermediate Buy
Lyndsey Roberts Tanaruz Ragtime Foxtrot BE80 Buy
Lynsey Ward Gortmore Magic Nancy BE90 Buy
Madeleine Wolfenden Ballintrane Minty Open Novice U18 Buy
Madlen Carlick Mailman BE100 U18 Buy
Mairead McGrath Lucky Albert BE80 Buy
Mairead McGrath Brackenmix BE90 Buy
Maisie Grew It’s Raphael BE90 Buy
Maizey lilly Johnstone Mochulla Ben BE80 Buy
Mandy Peffers Laobhrus Dazzler Four BE90 Buy
Margareth Dauphard Veloumani Tess Ly Open Novice Buy
Mark Cramb Loulou De Artsville BE100 Buy
Mark Poskitt Little Organic BE90 Buy
Mark Poskitt Unnamed (804014) BE90 Buy
Mary Hayton-Lee Pwllmelin Dun And Dusted BE90 Buy
Matilda Machin Mikie BE90 Open Buy
Matilda Wadeson Knights Beau BE100 Open Buy
Max Austin Little Ted Ii BE90 U18 Buy
Max Austin Snowstorm Ii BE100 Buy
Maxine Linas An Buachaill Ban Bui BE100 Buy
Megan Anderson Bon Joey BE100 Buy
Megan Armor Equit BE100 Watch
Megan Cole Pancake Times BE80 Buy
Megan Prince Jilly Fantail BE90 U18 Buy
Melissa Shawcross Netherwood Lola BE100 Buy
Mia Hirst Barna King BE80 Buy
Mia Smith Shankill Rory BE80 Watch
Michael Maxwell Spring Willow BE100 Watch
Michael Owen Monbeg Darwin Novice Buy
Michael Owen Beyond Cooley BE80 Buy
Michael Owen Brindley's Finale Intermediate Buy
Michael Owen No Expectations BE80 Buy
Michael Owen Moncoeur BE80 Buy
Mimi Jones My Knockillaree Conquistador BE100 U18 Buy
Minnie Longdon Tynan Mist BE100 U18 Buy
Mollie Riley Trebella BE90 Buy
Molly Downie Cloudy Skies BE90 Buy
Natalie Knowles Kincon Gt BE90 Buy
Natalie Wright Anya Ii BE80 Buy
Natasha Arhainx Grc Trumps BE80 Watch
Natty Higham Bennys Joy BE100 Buy
Nia-wyn Williams Buachaill Beag BE100 Buy
Nicola King-Salter Lilly Langtrey BE80 Buy
Nicola Rowntree Rosie BE80 Buy
Nicole Mills Kopi Luwak BE100 Buy
Nicole Mills Joolz BE100 Buy
Niki De Macedo Primitive Dolly Bird BE100 Open Buy
Oliver Lofthouse Amicitia BE100 Buy
Oliver Loud Paddington BE100 U18 Buy
Oliver Townend Cooley Master Class Open Intermediate Buy
Oliver Townend Cooley Stirling Novice Buy
Oliver Townend Mhs King Joules Open Intermediate Buy
Oliver Townend Carden Balou Moon Novice Buy
Oliver Townend Samiro Cruze Mc Novice Buy
Oliver Townend Ridire Dorcha Open Intermediate Watch
Oliver Townend Last Dance BE100 Buy
Olivia Butler Myfyrian Taran BE90 Buy
Olivia Catton Kannans Miss Gemini BE100 Buy
Olivia Mclaughlin Illane Spark BE100 Buy
Olivia Stubbs Noggus Pride BE90 Open Buy
Pauline Bonavia Can You Dream BE100 Buy
Penny Greenwood Samantha BE90 Buy
Philip Dale Riley Ii Novice Buy
Phoebe Brophy Voulez Vouz BE80 Buy
Pip Howarth Ottava BE90 Buy
Pippa Irving Marti's Boy BE90 Watch
Polly Stockton Wil Cut The Mustard Novice Buy
Polly Stockton Cooley Flash Back Novice Buy
Polly Stockton Chicko Open Intermediate Buy
Poppy Burgess Gfs Dizzy Rascal BE100 Watch
Poppy Proietti Dont Envy Open Novice U18 Buy
Rachel Scales Silver Fern Nz BE80 Watch
Rachel Tudor-davies Sir Archie BE90 Buy
Rebecca Anders Dowhills Stormforce BE90 Buy
Rebecca Cooknell Sultan BE90 Buy
Rebecca Patricia Baggs Langarth Morgan Le Faye Novice Watch
Rebecca Potts Emirates Lad BE80 Buy
Rhianna meredith williams Thelonghouse High Society BE80 Buy
Rhiannon Coleman Ragtime Kiss Me K BE90 Buy
Ricardo Montalvo Dhi Sambuca BE100 Buy
Ricardo Montalvo Elita Novice Buy
Richard Long Yukon Eric BE100 Open Buy
Richard Long Hssh Aramis Novice Buy
Richard Norfolk Kelseys Skylark BE100 Buy
Robert Wild Supermac BE80 Buy
Robyn Gray Sunny Side Up Novice Buy
Robyn Gray Bright Water BE80 Buy
Robyn Gray Razor BE100 Buy
Robyn Gray Killaloe Flash The Cash BE100 Buy
Robyn Gray Master Louis Novice Buy
Rose Nesbitt Master Class Ramiro BE100 Open Buy
Rosie Jones Jive BE100 U18 Buy
Rosie Thomas Crown Davenport Intermediate Buy
Rosie Thomas Another Morning Intermediate Buy
Rosie Thomas Adrenalin Ii Intermediate Buy
Rowena Butler Loughdoo Delight BE80 Buy
Rubi Ambrey Machno Ceinwen BE80 Buy
Ruby Anderton Hillview Lilly BE90 U18 Buy
Rufus Taylor Calluna BE100 U18 Buy
Ruth Edge Ballyhale Black Magic Novice Watch
Ruth Rich Rich Junior K Open Novice Buy
Sally Ann Turkington Red Pixie BE100 Buy
Sally James Crusheen Melody Springs BE80 Buy
Sally James Kapowairua Intermediate Watch
Samantha Cadwallader The King Of Leon BE80 Buy
Samantha Hobbs All Thats Mine BE100 Open Watch
Samantha Hobbs Fiancee BE100 Buy
Samantha Hobbs Fenoman Msf BE100 Buy
Sara M Hughes Buddy Boy Ii BE100 Buy
Sara Moss-gibbons Erddreiniog Jack Davey BE80 Watch
Sara Wright Alton BE90 Watch
Sarah Cairns Ballyhales Luck Novice Buy
Sarah Fawcett Kec Maximum Flair BE90 Buy
Sarah Hedges He's Kanny BE100 Buy
Sarah Hewitt Lynbrie Dewi BE80 Buy
Sarah Hudson Shadow Exchange BE100 Buy
Sarah Roberts Cartier Vd Ruitershoeve BE90 Buy
Sarah Rowlinson Lisrua Reisk BE90 Buy
Sarah Warner Gortfadda Future BE90 Buy
Sarah Weaver Grace Ix BE80 Watch
Sarah Welsby Seacrunis BE90 Buy
Sarah Yeates Llanidan Whistler BE90 Buy
Sascha Smith Augusta Firefly BE100 U18 Buy
Scarlett Owen Ballynahowen King BE90 U18 Watch
Scarlett Starkey Chinook Cruisader BE100 U18 Buy
Scarlett Starkey Birchcol Rock Idol Open Novice U18 Watch
Sean Henderson Rebel Fran BE100 Buy
Sean Henderson Frs Storm Novice Buy
shannon roche Keady Girl BE90 Buy
Sharlotte Amos Weve Bean Dun BE90 Buy
Sharon Latham Torpenhow Lia BE100 Buy
Sharon Young Renkum Maker BE80 Watch
Shirley Cadwallader The Sauce Pot BE90 Buy
Sofia Humphries By Design Iii BE90 Buy
Sophie Curtis Port For Paddy BE100 Buy
Sophie Farndon Bally Finnegan BE100 Open Buy
Sophie Hall Helvick Hsh Hero BE90 Buy
Sophie Pedlar Hazleton Quality Intermediate Watch
Sophie Sellers Kilmaine Pride BE100 Buy
Sophie Toogood First Class Lady BE100 Buy
Sophie Toogood Randolph BE100 Buy
Stephanie Clarke Irelands Fionn BE90 Buy
Steve Garrod Caunton Well-i-kan BE100 Buy
Steven Barker Whoopy Perla BE90 Buy
Storm Straker Fever Pitch Intermediate Buy
Sue Kirkpatrick Tradhearg Cool Joules BE90 Watch
Suzanne French Morelands Be Cool BE90 Open Buy
Suzanne Ross Toujours Libre BE90 Buy
Sydney Thompson Harlequins Dream BE100 Buy
Sylvia King Landslow Easter Sunrise BE100 Buy
Tabitha Morris Ivory Red BE100 U18 Buy
Tessa Obrien Flashpoint Radcots Tough Diamond BE90 U18 Buy
Thomas Johnson Mari Ceridwen BE90 U18 Buy
Thomas Tulloch Jerrys Moment BE90 Buy
Tia Lewis Archie Lad BE100 Buy
Tia Lewis Sapphire Noir BE90 Buy
Tilly Conder Rollo BE100 Buy
Tina Riches Treliver Dark Velvet BE90 Buy
Tom McEwen Brookfield Carnivan Intermediate Buy
Tom McEwen Brookfield Braveheart Intermediate Buy
Tracey Houston Pallasgreen Promise BE80 Watch
Tracey Ramsbottom Chapel View Karma BE90 Buy
Tyler Cassells Landorijke BE100 Buy
Tyler Cassells Destiny's Daughter BE100 Buy
Tyler Cassells Lissabon Vdl BE90 Open Buy
Tyler Cassells Special Agent BE100 Buy
Tyler Cassells Os Hermintage BE100 Buy
Verity Catterall Fine Arizona BE100 Buy
Verity Sellers Lc Blaze BE90 U18 Buy
Vicki Ardern Silver Cloud Iii BE90 Buy
Vicki Ardern Halyard BE90 Buy
Vicki Ardern Eddy Merckx M2s Novice Buy
Vicki Lowe Ballinaclough Bill BE100 Buy
Vicky Wansbrough Little Marvel BE90 Buy
Victor Burtin Carousel Lady BE90 Buy
Victor Burtin Billy Bergerac Novice Buy
Victor Burtin Majgardens Epo Cartano BE100 Buy
Victor Burtin Sir Corcelot Intermediate Buy
Victor Burtin Boleybawn Lecrae BE100 Buy
Victoria Ann Garner Four Humour BE100 Watch
victoria birchall Calipso Whispering Million BE80 Buy
Victoria Hopkinson Ekaterina BE80 Buy
Victoria Jones Graf Portia BE90 Buy
Victoria Pownall Dda Dau Bentley BE80 Buy
Willa Newton Cipriani Intermediate Watch
Willa Newton Bartley Cole BE100 Buy
Yasmin Ingham Hvl Monbeg High BE100 Buy
Zennor Harvey Goodfella Gio BE100 U18 Buy
Zoe Owen Bungowla Blue Cavalier BE90 Buy
Zoe Raw Freedom BE90 Watch
Zoe Rymer New Tide BE90 Buy