Keysoe (1) 2019 | An Eventful Life

Keysoe (1) 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Keysoe (1)

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbie Zehetmayr Some Boy Lukey BE90 Watch
Abi Goddard Riverlands Oscar BE80 Watch
Abi Scott Camarnaint Rambler BE90 Buy
Ada Marson Just Paddington BE100 Open Buy
Agnes Stamp Star Commander Ii BE90 Open Watch
Aimee Claus Tullycrine Thady Novice Buy
Aimee Stunt Tiger Attack BE100 Buy
Aislinn Collins The Forest Puzzle BE80 Buy
Albert Holland Kells Diamond Lad BE80 Buy
Albert Holland Ardlea Auther King BE80 Buy
Alex Dance Shades Of Grey Ii Novice Buy
Alex Norris Iris Nobile BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Trent Balthos BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Eastern Gold Ii Intermediate Buy
Alexa Iona - Smith Flora Lady Open Novice Buy
Alexander Tordoff Shadow Bear Novice Watch
Alexander Tordoff Inory BE90 Open Buy
Alexander Tordoff Digger Jones Novice Buy
Alexandra Haggard Carry On Charlie BE90 Buy
Alfie Haynes Mashoor Intermediate Buy
Alfie Marshall Grc Fontaine Intermediate Buy
Alice Freeman Cooley Black Magic Novice Buy
Alice Hallows Newferry Irish Mist Open Novice Buy
Alice Haynes Hyacint Dhi Novice Buy
Alice Hobhouse Not For Diamonds Intermediate Watch
Alice Turner Mystico Mayfly BE80 Buy
Alice Watt Shannondale Ardeo Pop Novice Buy
Alice White Vicarstown Vinny BE80 Buy
Alice Williams Dutch Dream BE80 Buy
Alison Bradbury Siepkes Ilona BE80 Buy
Allegra Martin Greenhays Great Gatsby BE100 Buy
Aly Dower Cooley Royal Ricardo BE100 Buy
Alycia Port Klotilde Intermediate Buy
Alyson Parker Pebbly Grand Affair BE100 Buy
Amanda Bernard Cailin Ii BE90 Buy
Amelia Fitzsimons Tullibards Clover BE100 Buy
Amelia Holt Rosswood Dixie BE90 Watch
Amelia Ludiman Tynan Mist Open Novice Buy
Amelia Scholl Flintoff BE90 Buy
Amy Alexander Prince Of Diamonds BE90 Buy
Amy Barker Mystery Lady BE80 Buy
Amy Drummond Inna Ninja BE100 Buy
Amy Drummond Lakeshore Intermediate Buy
Amy Searle Billy Radisson Novice Buy
Amy Stone Nelson Vt Dauwhof BE90 Buy
Amy Tough Monkey Puzzle BE90 Open Buy
Amy Tough Miss Velvet Brown BE90 Open Buy
Amy Tough Noble Special Agent Open Novice Buy
Amy Tough Volentieri Open Novice Buy
Amy Tough Chantilly Amatullah BE90 Open Buy
Amy Whittington Newmarket Adventure BE100 Buy
Andrea Clarkson Shaunas Mymwood Maddison BE80 Buy
Andrew Downes Ballins Kelligs BE100 Buy
Andrew Downes Jacardo BE90 Buy
Andrew Heffernan Csf Teddy Novice Buy
Andrew Heffernan Gideon Ii Intermediate Buy
Andrew Heffernan Boleybawn Ace Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew Heffernan On Point Novice Buy
Andrew Hoy Brigant Novice Buy
Andrew Hoy Basmati Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew Hoy Bloom Des Hauts Crets Open Novice Buy
Andrew James Hrony Novice Buy
Andrew James Benelux Casino Royale Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew James Lapdancer Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew James In Like Flynn Novice Buy
Andrew James Primitive Inquisition BE100 Buy
Andrew James Kilgharrah BE100 Buy
Andrew James Xaraymax Blimey O Riley BE90 Open Buy
Andrew James Isalottie Novice Buy
Andrew James Gambler Iv Novice Buy
Angela Kelly Corinthian Spirit Ii BE80 Buy
Angus Smales El Finito Novice Buy
Angus Smales A Bit Much Open Intermediate Buy
Angus Smales Reward BE100 Buy
Angus Smales Waterloo Alfred BE90 Open Buy
Angus Smales Simply Jackson Novice Watch
Angus Smales Valentinos King Intermediate Buy
Anna Greenland Flashy Lad BE80 Buy
Anna Price Black Jacko BE100 Open Buy
Anna Taylor Irish Encounter BE100 Buy
Anna Taylor Tawnmore Tariq BE90 Buy
Annabel Finston Lookout Lollypop BE90 Buy
Annie Keir Brutus G Open Novice Buy
Annie McMillan Mambo No Five BE90 Buy
Annieka Bacon Corrib Dancer BE90 Buy
Annmarie Ryan Blairfield Equinox BE90 Buy
Anthony Clark Miss Cougar K Girl BE100 Buy
Anthony Clark Mr Bing Bong BE100 Buy
Anthony Clark Baskin Wicked Game Novice Buy
Anthony Clark Classic Casper Novice Watch
Anthony Glass Whiskey Times BE90 Buy
April Hart Boolagh Stormy Night BE90 Buy
Barry Meningen Inesta BE100 Buy
Beatrice Lovett Brunt Glenlo Sally BE100 Buy
Becky Bennett Cj Le Mans BE90 Open Buy
Becky Little Enniskeane Spirit BE90 Buy
Ben Etwell Iguana BE90 Buy
Ben Gower Coolmountain Apollo BE90 Buy
Beth O Symington What A Man Vdl BE100 Open Buy
Bonita Tapp Cobie BE80 Watch
Brian Leung Walt Whiskey BE80 Buy
Bridget Herdman Kennys Lad BE90 Buy
Bruce Haskell Amiro Sky Intermediate Buy
Bruce Haskell Ex Cavaliers Law BE100 Buy
Caitlin Oldham Advance To Go BE100 Buy
Camilla Earnshaw Trinity Chill Out BE90 Buy
Camilla Earnshaw Kilmanahan Cobra BE100 Buy
Camilla Morgan-Evans Sound As A Bell BE80 Buy
Cariad Miles-Taylor Gellirhiw Lucky Lady Colleen Open Novice Buy
Caroline Bridge Silverbridge Hoki BE80 Buy
Caroline Bridge Eldyno BE100 Buy
Caroline Day Redpath Star Dancer Novice Buy
Caroline Day I Faberges Boy Novice Buy
Caroline Day Bellagio 99 BE80 Watch
Caroline Dyer Curraghgraigue Quebec BE90 Buy
Caroline Edwards Baggrave Summer Solstice Open Intermediate Buy
Caroline Harrison Seapatrick Cruise Delle BE100 Buy
Caroline March Fonzy Novice Buy
Caroline March Sportsfield Mac BE90 Open Buy
Caroline March Money Go Round Novice Buy
Carolyne Ryan-Bell Vinegar Hill Novice Buy
Carolyne Ryan-Bell Ballymoon Diamond Intermediate Buy
Casey McKenna Durango BE100 Buy
Casey McKenna Dathuil Major BE100 Buy
Cassidy Carter Sarabande BE100 Buy
Catherine Davies Axel V BE80 Watch
Catherine Lynch Ballyfruit Jayjay BE90 Buy
Cecilia Mayne Master J Open Novice Watch
Cecily Hopkins Jay Silverheels BE100 Open Buy
Charlie Webb Humbug Iv BE100 Buy
Charlotte Cooke Liscannor Tulira BE90 Open Buy
Charlotte Cooke Iceford Jigsaw BE90 Buy
Charlotte Cramphorn Fifty Shades Of Blue BE90 Buy
Charlotte Cutler Kingsleypark Pearl BE100 Buy
Charlotte Cutler Jamesfield Alakazam BE80 Buy
Charlotte Dicker Catherston Oakley BE90 Buy
Charlotte Mair Bullards Mullingar BE100 Buy
Charlotte Mason Shades Of Silver Novice Buy
Charlotte O'Reilly Blackwoodland May Blossom BE100 Buy
Charlotte Reader Wacky Sox BE90 Buy
Charlotte Reader Nibble BE90 Open Buy
Charlotte Uden The Royal Guest BE80 Watch
Charlotte Willss Irish By Name BE90 Buy
Cher East Vanir Remiro BE100 Open Buy
Chloe Astill Toby Lerone Novice Buy
Chloe Bingley Tinnerath Black BE90 Buy
Chloe Mariani Fire Intermediate Watch
Chloe Mariani Castor H Z Novice Buy
Chloe Pearson Galwaybay Donna Novice Buy
Christian Louis Oxcombe Marsvind BE100 Open Buy
Chrystia Reynolds Fantastic Jack BE90 Buy
Claire Deuten Prestiges Golden Debut BE100 Buy
Claire Fielding Bonafide Allusion BE100 Watch
Claire Fielding Fernando Iv Novice Regional Final Buy
Claire Fielding Stockade Open Novice Buy
Claire Fielding Walk In The Park BE80 Buy
Claire Fielding Silhouette BE90 Buy
Claire Giraudmaillet Very Queen Open Novice Buy
Claire Huck Aarina N BE100 Buy
Claire Myers Quantico Z Novice Buy
Clare Cottingham Easy Peasy Ii BE90 Buy
Clare Hasler Pencos Benevolent BE100 Buy
Clare Valender Just Talk BE100 Buy
Coral Herbert Alice Springs BE90 Open Buy
Craig Barr Ladys Sky High Open Novice Buy
Dag Albert Vincents Casanova Novice Buy
Daisy Adamson Sugar Rush BE90 Buy
Daisy Minter Catherston Sandalwood BE100 Open Watch
Daisy Proctor Carsonstown Athena Open Novice Buy
Daisy Smith-Maxwell Johnny Cash BE90 Buy
Danielle McCormack Easton D Eclipse BE90 Buy
Danielle Watt Dhi Gerard Nita BE90 Buy
Darian White Godington Utah BE100 Buy
Dawn Bloyce Baloubet Artist BE90 Buy
Dawn Bloyce Doranstown Artist BE80 Buy
Deborah Burrell Imperial Tangle BE80 Watch
Diane Hansen Catramis BE90 Buy
Edie Campbell Fireball F Intermediate Buy
Efa Davies Arthurstown Melody BE80 Buy
Eleanor Callaghan Oki Doki Van De Durmstede BE90 Buy
Eleanor Newton Fernhill Duke BE90 Buy
Eleanor Warner-Jones Silken Thoughts BE100 Buy
Eliza Saunders Barney Rubble Xi BE100 Buy
Eliza Stoddart Oakbank Ultimate Illusion Novice Watch
Elizabeth Albert Coolboy Reville Novice Buy
Elizabeth Grimsey Knockavalley Aine BE90 Watch
Ella Dettori Enjoy Open Novice Buy
Ella Marshall Blue Skealon BE100 Buy
Ellie Harris The Silver Fox BE90 Buy
Ellie Hastings Its Himself The Elf Ii BE90 Buy
Ellie Martindale Spot The Pink Panther BE100 Buy
Ellie Martindale Jellybeans BE90 Buy
Ellie Mullan Crossowen Lochlann BE80 Buy
Ellie Mullan Moybella Jacob BE80 Buy
Ellie Sinclair Dragonfly Vi BE80 Buy
Emily Aves Goldem Boy Iv BE80 Buy
Emily Baldwin Bright Spark Iii Intermediate Buy
Emily Blew Jubilee Cruise Novice Buy
Emily C Nicol Britannias Pride Intermediate Buy
Emily Dunning Mr Todd Vii Novice Buy
Emily Lochore Faeriecho BE90 Open Buy
Emily Lochore Kingzetts Clover BE90 Open Buy
Emily McLane Smartly Dun BE90 Buy
Emily Morris Easily Vivendia BE80 Watch
Emma D'Angibau Mosstown Toby Open Novice Buy
Emma Fearn Grange Komero BE100 Buy
Emma Lee Smith Thejays Doneit Right BE100 Open Buy
Emma Ridyard Annual Leave BE80 Buy
Emma Shaw Uncle Monty BE90 Buy
Emma Stretton Willy Ever Novice Regional Final Buy
Emma Vergette Ardlonan Star BE90 Buy
Erin Camp Sunset Tulip BE80 Buy
Erin Sommerville Loughanroe Miss BE90 Watch
Eva Mawby Aphroditie's Echo BE90 Buy
Evangeline Llewellyn-Smith Darling Deluxe BE90 Watch
Eve Cranny Penlough Clover Joe BE100 Buy
Evie Maggio Tawnydon Tierney BE90 Buy
Fiona Kinghorn Isle Moor BE100 Open Buy
Flis Flanagan Elise I BE90 Watch
Flora Elliott Diamond Zest BE100 Buy
Flora Elliott Csf Just A Dream Novice Buy
Flora Harris Class Spec BE90 Open Buy
Flora Harris Monbeg Alcatraz BE90 Buy
Florence Collinson Johnny Valentino BE90 Buy
Florence White Poetry In Motion Ii BE100 Buy
Flossie Myers Dancing Tinarana BE90 Buy
Frances Long Mama Mia Iii BE90 Buy
Francesca Beresford Liath Ardaigh BE100 Buy
Francesca Bowden-Graves La Principessa 2 BE100 Open Watch
Francesca Housden Italy BE90 Buy
Francesca Housden Shanna Dun An Oir Star Lite BE100 Buy
Franki Jarvis Lissavorra Doc BE100 Buy
Franki Jarvis Obi Dazzled BE80 Buy
Franky Reid-warrilow Billy Champagne Intermediate Buy
Franky Reid-warrilow Billy Bordeaux Intermediate Buy
Franky Reid-warrilow Funny Boy Intermediate Buy
Freya Peverell Lyrical Mind Novice Buy
Gabriella Herbert Tipperary Conker BE90 Buy
Gaspard Maksud Cado Louvo Novice Regional Final Buy
Genevieve Walters Dorissimo Novice Buy
George Vergerson-Rowley Mullagh Shane BE100 Buy
George Vergerson-Rowley Seven Times Three BE100 Buy
Georgia French Diamond Bear BE80 Buy
Georgia Rhiannon Constance O Cool Open Novice Buy
Georgia Wagstaff Emeralds Finest BE100 Buy
Georgie Bowett Shaunlara Gold BE100 Buy
Georgina Kidner Dark Diamond Iii Novice Buy
Georgina Kidner Obama Jd Novice Buy
Georgina Sear Woodfield Chance BE90 Buy
Georgina Sutton Rehy Warrior BE90 Buy
Georgina Webster Capard Lady BE100 Buy
Georgina Webster Shingletons Cuthbert BE80 Buy
Ginny Howe Heros Row Novice Buy
Ginny Howe Undalgo De Windsor Intermediate Buy
Ginny Howe Interlaken W Novice Buy
Ginny Howe Confession Time BE100 Buy
Grace Hull Ahaltive Surprise BE100 Buy
Gracie Tyte Liskillen Prince BE90 Buy
Greta Mason Weston General BE100 Buy
Greta Mason Calluna BE90 Buy
Greta Mason Wsf Verona BE100 Buy
Greta Mason Vitoria Dh Z Open Novice Buy
Guy Cubitt Ace Lightning BE100 Watch
Guy Moore Nutella Ballingowan BE80 Buy
Hanna Lipnicka Ramzes BE90 Buy
Hannah Craft Sir Duke Ii BE100 Watch
Hannah Horton Robin Longstride Novice Buy
Hannah Horton Its Lush Intermediate Buy
Hannah Kelly Pairumani Tyree BE100 Buy
Hannah Scully Rebels Dylan Intermediate Buy
Harri Green Cuz Novice Buy
Harriet Anthony Pims De Bellefond BE90 Open Buy
Harriet Boddy Jeordie Jubilee Novice Buy
Harriet Tiplady Mr Clover BE90 Buy
Harriet Turton Kates Touch Open Novice Buy
Harriet Turton Billy Bug BE90 Open Buy
Harry Horton Alvescot Wannabe BE90 Buy
Harry Horton Jack The Lad Xix BE90 Buy
Harry Horton Darc Silver Novice Watch
Harry Horton Findon Fiasco Open Novice Buy
Harry Horton Bleannagloos Lad BE100 Buy
Harry Lee Abbeywoods Opium BE90 Buy
Harry Scott Seren Benfro BE90 Buy
Harvey Yendall-Smith Boston Zidan BE90 Buy
Harvey Yendall-Smith Atlantic Cruising BE90 Open Buy
Hayley Burton Bob Ix BE80 Buy
Hayley Cooper Favorit Von Rocherath BE100 Buy
Hayley Ward Red Inferno Novice Watch
Helen Fordham-Hughes Millbrook Isla BE100 Buy
Helen Gale Rocky Mountain High BE90 Buy
Helen Hickson Ballyneety Marion BE90 Buy
Helen Murphie Acosta Verde BE90 Buy
Helen Newton Corrnafest Charlie BE90 Buy
Helen Nicholls Angelo Of Dalwhinnie BE80 Buy
Helen Witchell Wish Upon Galaxis BE100 Buy
Helen Witchell Billy Eastender BE100 Buy
Helen Witchell Mcs Maverick Novice Buy
Helen Witchell Will O Blyge BE100 Buy
Helena Pope Courtyard Cracker BE100 Open Buy
Hermione Brooksbank Md Supreme Bud BE100 Buy
Hetty Keyes Mount Conero BE90 Buy
Holly Maudlin D.f. Paul BE90 Buy
Holly Steels Dark Cassis BE80 Buy
Holly Steels Last Dance Vi BE90 Buy
Holly Taylor-Hart Miss Mills BE80 Watch
Holly Woodhead Pengrafen Novice Buy
Holly Woodhead Benicia B BE100 Watch
Holly Woodhead Que Sera Open Novice Buy
Holly Woodhead Harlassimo Novice Buy
Hope Mussell Callow Danny BE90 Buy
Ian Marsh Healys King Arkansas Novice Buy
Imogen Pohl Ardlonan Lad BE90 Buy
Imogen Pohl Ballingowan Chiara Ii BE90 Buy
Isabel White Sir Lehmann 2 BE100 Buy
Isabella Castle Brookpark Ruby BE100 Buy
Isabella Elwes Fast Fuse BE100 Buy
Isla Finney Lake Street Soltan BE90 Buy
Issy Sykes Sir Bingo BE90 Buy
Izzy Hardy Chance In A Million BE100 Open Buy
Jacqueline Lawson Mbf Cappaquin BE80 Buy
Jade Short Marys Mini Ha Ha BE100 Buy
Jaide Hartridge Donogue Steel Clover BE100 Buy
Jake Surl Excells Bells BE100 Open Buy
James Curry Brackenspa Havoc BE100 Buy
Jane Buchan Baileys En Premier BE90 Open Buy
Jane Hood Stambrook Mastercard BE100 Buy
Janice Macleod Borneo Bramley Intermediate Buy
Jasmine Abraham Genuine Pearl Open Novice Buy
Jasmine Curran Grandis Oscar BE100 Buy
Jemima Foljambe Finleyblue BE80 Buy
Jenna Harris Boher Lass BE90 Buy
Jenny Hawkes Frankly BE90 Open Buy
Jenny James Moonlight Charm BE90 Buy
Jenny James Eastern Mayfly BE80 Buy
Jenny James Highfield Quintin BE80 Buy
Jess Butler Indygo Blue Novice Buy
Jess Butler Drumalagagh Carrick Lady BE90 Buy
Jess Butler Abc Sky Plus Novice Buy
Jess Corser Mister Biggs BE100 Buy
Jess Corser Noddy On The Voddy Novice Buy
Jess Corser Direct Contender Novice Buy
Jess Corser Breaffy Delight BE90 Buy
Jess Maye-Clarke Mr Sligo Sid BE80 Buy
Jessica Baugh Aventador BE90 Buy
Jessica Baugh Csf Fifi Novice Buy
Jessica Gridley George Tilehurst BE80 Buy
Jessica McLeod Rhydant Duffy BE90 Buy
Jessica Murray Artic Diamond Haul BE90 Buy
Jessica Pope The Merry Monarch BE100 Buy
Jessica Shopland Bond Girl Novice Buy
Jessica Stephens Tinkers Talk BE100 Open Buy
Jessica Watts Sportsfield Rio Novice Buy
Jitka Hola Joint Venture BE100 Buy
Jo Carlin Water Mill Smooth BE90 Open Buy
Jo Jordan Royal Diamond Iii BE90 Buy
Jo Williams Darwin Iii Novice Watch
Jo Williams Lisaragh On A Whim BE90 Buy
Jo Williams Captain Jones Ii BE100 Buy
Jo Williams Monmore Var BE90 Buy
Joanna Beattie Sky Blue Curtis BE90 Buy
Joanna Pinkerton Porter Jack BE90 Buy
Joanne Foley Georgina H Novice Buy
Joanne Horton Foxisle Reflection BE100 Buy
Joanne Kearns Spice Vi BE100 Open Buy
Jodie Rea Cavallo Iii BE90 Buy
Joe Roome Emerald Spirit Ii Novice Regional Final Buy
Joe Roome Mickeysmatedusty BE100 Buy
Joe Wise Annsfort Quality Intermediate Buy
Joe Wise Shannondale Warren BE100 Buy
John Unsworth Chillax In Limerick BE90 Buy
Jordana Marston Silver Skymaster Novice Buy
Julia Dungworth Ringwood Cantos Choice BE90 Buy
Julia Dungworth Irish Spring Iii Novice Buy
Julia Izzard Liberal Lady Ii BE100 Buy
Julia Kershaw Aubane Sheila BE80 Watch
Julia Woods St Flannans Liam BE80 Buy
Julie Horton Topwood Merlin BE90 Buy
Karen E Arlott Lux Hot BE90 Buy
Katarina Bruhn Rathlacken Kate BE80 Buy
Kate Carson Dirty Ari BE100 Buy
Kate Dodd Concordia Liberty BE90 Buy
Kate Dodd Golden Grace BE90 Buy
Kate Dorney Auckland De Re BE80 Buy
Kate Dorney Gorgeous Angel BE90 Buy
Kate Pegrum Mermonas Touch Novice Buy
Kate Wallett Cassanova King BE90 Buy
Katherine Culshaw Luitenant Van Het Napoleonhof BE80 Buy
Katie Anderson Apple Iv Novice Watch
Katie Barber Clarissimo BE100 Buy
Katie Barber Diamond Mine Novice Regional Final Watch
Katie Grove Dont Be A Charlie BE100 Buy
Katie Moult Izephyr BE90 Watch
Katie Pope Clonavarn Jane BE90 Buy
Katie Power Tattygare Never Let Me Go BE90 Buy
Katie Reid Molina BE90 Watch
Katie Reid Whos Nightcruise BE100 Open Watch
Katie Richards Gringolet Open Novice Buy
Katie Rucker Vlove D Or Ly Open Novice Buy
Katie Sperrin Glashabeg Boy BE90 Buy
Katie Strelczuk Aprils Royale Ruby Novice Buy
Katie Thomas Idol Hero BE90 Open Buy
Katy Briggs Macs Dreamer BE90 Buy
Katy Kirkham Billie Piper BE100 Buy
Katy-Mai Guiney Paint Me Proud Ii BE80 Watch
Kelly Brown Rasputin Vi BE80 Buy
Kelly Salisbury Fairwood Max BE100 Buy
Kelly Turner Rhythm Of The Beat BE80 Buy
Kelsey Love Castle House Gem BE90 Watch
Kelsey Love Mermus R Royal Touch BE100 Buy
Kira Dolman Killea Alannah BE80 Buy
Kirsty Hayes Semper Fidelis BE100 Open Buy
Kirsty McCaig Mister Angus BE80 Buy
Kizzy Smith Bristol De Breve BE90 Buy
Kizzy Smith St Georges Day BE80 Buy
Kylie Roddy Quick Decision Iii BE100 Buy
Kylie Roddy Carden Earl Grey Open Intermediate Buy
Kylie Roddy Srs Kan Do Open Intermediate Watch
Laura Adams Secret Galvinator BE80 Buy
Laura Dalgleish Mocklershill Buster BE90 Open Buy
Laura J Casbolt Horseheathdiamondnightmare Novice Buy
Laura J Casbolt Chincalease Cowboy Intermediate Buy
Laura Pitman Free Flow BE100 Buy
Laura Steele Stamfords Dun And Dusted BE80 Buy
Laura Toller Alkatraz Escape BE90 Buy
Laura Watson Gotcha Pss BE100 Buy
Laura Wilcox Jesmond Trinket BE90 Buy
Lauren Brant Lissan Heidi BE80 Buy
Lauren Cass Ines Js BE80 Buy
Laurence Hunt Eclipse Sb Novice Buy
Laurence Hunt Lakota Ghost BE100 Buy
Leanne Cartwright Shannondale Frederick BE100 Buy
Leanne Cartwright Shannondale Xander Novice Buy
Leonie Thornhill Major Sensation BE90 Buy
Libby Cartwright Cloneygowan Flare BE100 Buy
Lillie-May Beazer Trelynza Rose BE100 Buy
Lily Bradstock Shiny Rose Z Intermediate Buy
Lily Mawby Claddagh Blue BE100 Buy
Lily Mawby Derrys Diamond Cavalier BE100 Buy
Linda Tallett Chad Iii BE90 Buy
Lisa Clarke-Spence Desert Fox Iii BE100 Open Buy
Lisa Clarke-Spence China Dream BE80 Buy
Lisa Egan Sannabays Hakuna Matata BE90 Buy
Lisa Maynard Summer Nights BE100 Buy
Lizzie Baugh Lvs Reggie BE90 Open Buy
Lizzie Erian Bountiful Bess BE90 Open Buy
Lizzie Evans Ludos Rebel BE90 Buy
Lizzie Matthews Go Zippy BE90 Buy
Lorna Benfield Emperor Blue BE90 Buy
Lorna Willcocks Dunhill Desert Storm Novice Buy
Lorna Willcocks Kinsky Abraham BE90 Buy
Lottie Surl Glencullen Bailey BE90 Watch
Louise Bradley Ardeo King Of The Swingers Novice Buy
Lucinda Brookes Downton Coco BE100 Buy
Lucy Christie Ruling Chica BE100 Buy
Lucy Goodey Cest Bibi BE100 Buy
Lucy Jakes Ballycoskerry Golden Coast BE100 Buy
Lucy K Wheeler King Creole Vd N Ranch Novice Regional Final Buy
Lucy K Wheeler Ringwood Kenco Novice Buy
Lucy Moore Liscongill Lad BE100 Buy
Lucy Price Blakeney Surprise BE100 Buy
Lucy Price Jerry Bouncer BE80 Buy
Lucy Prior H Twister Joris BE80 Buy
Lucy Steel Murrayana BE90 Buy
Lucy Witts Keep In Touch Ii Novice Buy
Lucy Witts Ballintogher Belle Intermediate Buy
Lucyanna Westaway Dumero Novice Buy
Lucyanna Westaway Django Untrained BE100 Buy
Luke Thompson Exit Visa BE90 Buy
Luke Thompson Fara-diba M BE90 Buy
Lydia De Gioia Invito BE100 Buy
Lydia Law Granit Lad BE90 Buy
Lydia Norton Painted Moon Ii Open Novice Buy
Lydia Taylor Tinnashinnagh Snowflake Freddie BE90 Buy
Lynn Nabarro Alvescot Wonderwoman BE90 Buy
Maaike Van Wijk Ucs De Dior BE90 Open Buy
Margo Sly Gorsehill Alamo BE90 Buy
Marianne Blaxland Balladeer Precise BE90 Open Buy
Marion Henstridge Herbie BE80 Buy
Mark Rowland Toms Gold BE80 Buy
Martha Craggs Frog Rock Open Intermediate Watch
Mary Edmundson Dg Maradona Open Intermediate Buy
Mary Edmundson Lionel Ii Intermediate Buy
Mary Maitland Sea Vivaz BE90 Buy
Mathew Maskill Frank In Touch BE90 Buy
Matilda Knowles Dazzling Intuition BE90 Buy
Matt Earith Shant Agree BE90 Buy
Matthew Wright Shannondale Gold Rush Novice Buy
Matthew Wright Monbeg Maximus Open Novice Buy
Max Gordon Redwood Clover Open Intermediate Buy
Max Gordon Jerpoint Eclipse BE100 Buy
Max Kettlewell Lickeen Rua BE100 Open Buy
Megan Ellis Martins Irish Buzz Novice Buy
Megan Page Iloma Novice Buy
Megan Rodwell Karachi BE100 Buy
Megan Sanders Trengwainton BE90 Buy
Meghan Healy Highvaro Novice Buy
Melanie Edwards Gamble On Star Diamond Novice Buy
Melissa Joannides Patch Ali Novice Regional Final Buy
Mia Lineham Keel Dandy BE80 Buy
Michelle Wilson Kanae Legacy BE90 Buy
Mikey Winn Black Jack Iv BE90 Buy
Milly Assheton Do Ya Dink He Saw Us BE90 Buy
Mollie Harris Black Bess Novice Buy
Mollie Harris Winterdown Shutterfly BE100 Buy
Mollie Williamson Lerana Diamond BE100 Buy
Molly Johnstone-Ellis Claragh Sonny Novice Regional Final Buy
Molly Mead Queen Maeve BE90 Buy
Molly Whiteford Mansty Dafydd BE80 Buy
Morgan Wyatt Donato Ii BE100 Buy
Mouse Robinson The Devil Wears Prada Ii BE100 Buy
Nana Dalton Coulston Fidelity Novice Buy
Naomi Lawrence Showgirl Von Hary Z BE90 Open Buy
Nat Dixon Kec Lily May BE90 Open Buy
Nat Dixon Curolea Mika Novice Regional Final Buy
Natalie Biggin Dark Emperor BE100 Open Buy
Natalie Biggin Billy Memphis Novice Watch
Natalie Gill Longwood Mr Diamond BE90 Buy
Natalie Pettitt Vivre La Reve BE80 Buy
Nicola Ford Ballinamurra Joe BE90 Buy
Nicole Mills Primitive Origin BE100 Buy
Nicole Sheldrake Princess Oonzigh BE90 Buy
Nicole Sheldrake Susies Diamond BE90 Buy
Nieve Baker Marley Blaney BE80 Buy
Nikki Hart Guinness Tops BE90 Buy
Olivia Marsh Perseus Ii BE90 Buy
Olivia May Solon BE100 Open Buy
Ollie Brown Mullentine Be Mine BE100 Buy
Owen Cooper Silver Sunshine Open Novice Buy
Owen Cooper Pembrooke Ii Open Novice Buy
Paige Walker Marmie BE100 Buy
Paris Gainsford Hollypark Royale Novice Buy
Patricia Goodwin Earnshaws Country Eclipse BE90 Buy
Patricia Pytches Ces Ballycar Chip Open Intermediate Buy
Paul Burgess Maistresse Intermediate Buy
Paul Taylor Johns Gulio Th BE90 Buy
Pauliina Swindells Monbeg High Life BE90 Open Buy
Pauliina Swindells Ferro S Open Intermediate Buy
Philippa Cross Diamond Indulgence BE90 Open Buy
Philippa Cross Mister Raffles Novice Buy
Philippa Cross Bullards Touch Warrior BE90 Open Buy
Phillipa Ward Tipperary William Novice Regional Final Buy
Phyllida Buxton Hearnesbrook New Moon BE90 Buy
Pietro De Marchi Cooley Foxtrot BE90 Buy
Pip Clough Shalee Cowboy BE90 Buy
Pippa Dixon Quality Blue BE100 Buy
Pippa Dixon Opptikal Illusion BE90 Open Buy
Polly Mountford Leanorth Jd Intermediate Buy
Poppy Pitt Mhs Africa BE90 Buy
Poppy Pitt Tj Blousey Brown Open Novice Watch
Pretoria Lee Cassdini Novice Regional Final Buy
Rachael Attwood Flo Flying Fantasy Novice Watch
Rachael Ward Out Of The Blue Ii BE80 Buy
Rachel Clark Moonstone Curtis BE90 Buy
Rachel Williams Springwind Craftsman BE90 Buy
Rebecca Anstey Lucky Clovers Inquisition Novice Buy
Rebecca Hewitt Cillfhiachrach Trend BE100 Buy
Rebecca Hewitt Gsa Lance BE100 Buy
Rhian Smith Boris Vii Open Intermediate Buy
Rhian Smith Irene Leva Novice Buy
Rhiannon Rix Bobby Dazzler Xii BE100 Open Buy
Rhiannon Trenton Tyddyncochyn Galahad Novice Buy
Richard Skelt Man Hunt Open Intermediate Buy
Robyn Green Kildea Rambo BE90 Buy
Rochelle Taylor-Smith Proper Charlie BE90 Buy
Rosemary Sharpe Coille Sparrow BE80 Buy
Rosie Hull Auld Flame BE100 Buy
Rowan Collins Moorelands Crossword Novice Buy
Ruth Burnard Godington Pambula BE100 Buy
Ruth Chandler Shaolin BE100 Open Buy
Sally Chamberlain Chevalian Royal Fire BE100 Buy
Sally Corrigan Milchem Mockingjay BE100 Buy
Sally Hancock Wye Valley Fabristeard BE100 Open Buy
Sally Hayes Chin Chico B BE90 Buy
Sally James Kapowairua Intermediate Buy
Sally Thornley Tommy Russell BE90 Open Buy
Sam Bennett Saratogas Sunshine BE100 Buy
Samantha Hobbs Autograf BE100 Buy
Samantha Hobbs Trewyn BE90 Open Buy
Samantha Hobbs Trewitten BE100 Buy
Samantha Ward Wheelavim BE100 Buy
Sara Ingleson War Lad Open Novice Watch
Sarah Gowing Aldo Mw BE90 Open Buy
Sarah Oakley Featured Edition BE90 Buy
Sarah Thorpe Always Blue BE100 Buy
Sarah Williamson Indyanapolis BE100 Buy
Scarlett Bracey Sun Wild Life BE100 Buy
Sean Duffy The Real Machine BE90 Buy
Seren Wing Easter Breeze BE90 Buy
Serena Allery Pocket Of Silver BE90 Buy
Shannon Cunningham Rhydycar Holilock BE80 Buy
Shannon Garner Ghareeb's Diamond BE90 Buy
Sharon Hunt Woodwalk Fear Bui BE90 Buy
Sharon Polding Findonfirecracker Open Intermediate Buy
Sian Hammer Pauldarys Bonobo BE90 Buy
Sienna De Gale Lough Fadda Kipper BE80 Buy
Simon Martin Charlie Sadler Novice Buy
Simone Money Alfie Tom BE80 Buy
Simone Money Craughwell Boy BE80 Buy
Simone Money Frosted Steel BE80 Buy
Sofia Forino Kilduff Ady BE90 Buy
Sophie Byford Handsome Open Novice Watch
Sophie Fretwell Atlantic Rebecca Open Novice Buy
Sophie Hyde Cooley Delta BE100 Buy
Sophie Hyde Shannondale Oso Novice Watch
Sophie Jenman Allspark Novice Regional Final Buy
Sophie Jenman Heathermore Lux Like George BE90 Open Buy
Sophie Johnson Kellys Star BE100 Buy
Sophie Johnson De Goede Rees Darwin BE100 Buy
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