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Keysoe 2017 (1)

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbie Eaton Colemanstown Rocket BE80 Buy
Abi Jacobs Garway Hill BE90 Buy
Abigail Burbidge Castle Fantastic BE100 Buy
Abigail Erian Louie The Third BE90 Buy
Ada G Marson Rolly Rascal BE80 Buy
Adam Betts Mcqueen BE90 Buy
Aimee Claus Tullycrine Thady BE90 Buy
Aimee Pomfret Starholme Lulu BE90 Open Buy
Aimee Stunt Timolin BE90 Watch
Aimee Stunt Tiger Attack BE90 Buy
Alex Belshaw Bean Machine BE80 Watch
Alex Dance Seven Times Three BE90 Buy
Alex Dance Shades Of Grey Ii BE90 Buy
Alex Greatorex Cassino Valeroyale BE100 Buy
Alex Greatorex Tullibards Hes Cool BE100 Buy
Alex Mersh Alvescot Wise Guy BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Kelshamore Dandy Novice Buy
Alex Postolowsky Carrick Aldato Girl Novice Buy
Alex Postolowsky Cooley By Name Novice Buy
Alex Postolowsky Tredegar BE100 Buy
Alexa Iona - Smith Flora Lady Open Novice Buy
Alexa Palmer Greenhays Popsong BE90 Buy
Alexa Palmer Ogue Caviar Novice Buy
Alexander Tordoff Woodlands Be Daring BE100 Buy
Alexia Mackley Coular Brod BE80 Buy
Alice Freeman Cooley Black Magic BE90 Buy
Alice Kilham Jigilo Junior Novice Buy
Alice McLeod Scott Mo Cuiske BE100 Open Buy
Alice Stanton Cornemargh Prince BE90 Buy
Aly Dower Rehy Warrior BE100 Buy
Amanda Bernard Hob Nob Ii BE100 Buy
Amber Franklin Watervalley Golden Girl Novice Buy
Amber Woodhouse Pongo Novice Watch
Amber Woodhouse Jetset Iii Intermediate Watch
Amelia Fitzsimons Tullibards Clover BE100 Buy
Amelia Hewitson Whats New Pussycat BE90 Buy
Amelia Ludiman Bernwode Nairobi BE90 Buy
Amelia Walker Director General Intermediate Buy
Amelia Walker E Boy Novice Regional Final Buy
Amy Drummond Lakeshore Open Novice Buy
Amy Lovett Gwynie BE90 Buy
Amy Ridsdale Springbok Cavalier BE100 Watch
Amy Searle Billy Radisson BE100 Buy
Amy Struthers Falcora Bs BE90 Buy
Amy Struthers Hotshot Gn BE100 Buy
Andrea Cartwright Rookwood Boy BE90 Buy
Andrea Clarkson Mystery Lady BE90 Buy
Andrea Jansen Carrick Warcraft BE80 Buy
Andrew James Porsche Novice Buy
Andrew James Jazz Concerto Open Novice Buy
Andrew James Redhill Ilisit Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew James Hrony BE100 Buy
Andrew James Gambler Iv Novice Buy
Andrew James Benelux Ocean Star BE90 Buy
Andrew James Celtic Morning Star Novice Buy
Andrew James Hold Me Down Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew James Freestyler Novice Regional Final Buy
Andrew James Benelux Casino Royale Open Novice Buy
Andrew James Lapdancer Open Intermediate Buy
Angela Temple Kildare Steel Diamond BE90 Buy
Angharad Fraser-Williams Kubic BE90 Buy
Anita Lenton My Gleneven BE80 Buy
Anna Price Sile Na Gig BE100 Open Buy
Anna Stone Just Jack V BE90 Buy
Anna Taylor Irish Encounter BE90 Buy
Anna Webster Nigrasine Rain BE100 Buy
Annabel Jackson Blond Ambitions Novice Buy
Annabelle Molyneux Wham A Note BE90 Open Buy
Anne Mackley My Florentine BE100 Buy
Annie Bellamy Hera S BE90 Buy
Annie Bellamy Game Changer Novice Buy
Annie Bridgwood Super Tuesday BE80 Buy
Anthony Clark Loughnatousa Mac Novice Buy
Anthony Clark Romeo Ix Novice Buy
Anthony Clark Fernhill Galaxy Open Novice Buy
Anthony Clark Loughnatousa Kimberley BE100 Buy
Arabella Bealby Forward BE100 Buy
Barry Meningen In A Spark Intermediate Buy
Becky Walker Hammer Shaft BE80 Buy
Ben Etwell Gj BE90 Buy
Benedikte Stenderup Stracathro Steadfast Knight BE100 Buy
Benjamin Hogarth Mrs Browns Boy BE80 Buy
Benjamin Hogarth Forever Spellbound BE80 Buy
Biddy Brasted-Watts Bansha Vendi BE100 Buy
Bruce Haskell Amiro Sky Intermediate Buy
Bruce Haskell The Little Bay Prince BE100 Buy
Camilla Findlay Tourmakeady Jack BE80 Buy
Cariad Miles-Taylor Gellirhiw Lucky Lady Colleen Novice Buy
Carlie Lewis Rollestone Checkmate BE100 Watch
Carol Stuart Hillcrest Enzo BE80 Buy
Caroline Boucher Hasimodo BE80 Buy
Caroline Gouriet Macgregor Novice Watch
Caroline Harrison Royal Diamond Iii BE100 Buy
Caroline Jenks Waldo Open Novice Watch
Caroline Jenks A Cooley Takeover BE90 Open Watch
Caroline March Copyright Cooley BE100 Buy
Caroline March Barrichello Intermediate Buy
Caroline March Craughwell Chester BE100 Buy
Caroline March Life Story BE100 Buy
Caroline Smith Brother Barnaby BE90 Open Buy
Caroline Smith Fenomeen L BE90 Watch
Caroline Smith Foggy Ii BE90 Buy
Caroline Smith Toces Bright Lass BE100 Buy
Caroline Spurrier Casper Iv BE90 Buy
Catherine Fowdrey Fortunato J Uk Novice Buy
Catherine Fowdrey Bicton Incredibly Dun Novice Buy
Catherine Hore The Supreme Cavalier BE100 Buy
Catherine Lynch Sliabh Barra BE80 Buy
Catherine Monnington Classic Chanel BE80 Buy
Charlie Clover Muchadoaboutnothing Novice Regional Final Buy
Charlotte Bonnar Kidam De Ouenville BE100 Buy
Charlotte Cramphorn Fifty Shades Of Blue BE90 Buy
Charlotte Freeman Cloncroi Last Flame BE90 Buy
Charlotte Golding Wylithya Texel BE100 Buy
Charlotte Mount Coolrock Jackie Z Novice Buy
Charlotte Turner Coney Square Open Novice Buy
Charlotte White Pauldarys Wakita Novice Buy
Charlotte Willss Irish By Name BE80 Buy
Charlotte Wood Hoscos Heraldik BE90 Watch
Cheryl Chamberlain Salamanca BE90 Buy
Cheryl Chamberlain Cardonagh Lass BE90 Buy
Chloe Livesey Indian Prince BE100 Open Buy
Chloe Pearson Benvenuto Hattricks Hotsocks BE100 Buy
Chloe Pearson Garryduff Chacoa Novice Buy
Chloe Tuite Mr Dandy BE80 Watch
Christina Higgs Millers Glen BE90 Buy
Christina Higgs Toblerone Iii BE80 Buy
Claire Duffin Vivienne Du Carel BE100 Buy
Claire Elbrow Rathcline Cori BE100 Watch
Claire Fielding Its Chico Open Intermediate Buy
Claire Fielding Greenhall Emperor BE90 Buy
Claire Fielding Olympic Lady Ii BE90 Buy
Claire Gillanders Sleehaun Paddy BE100 Buy
Claire Giraudmaillet Very Queen Novice Buy
Claire Walker Quantico Z BE100 Buy
Clementine Montgomerie Monbeg By Magic BE100 Buy
Clemie Dale Oddspot Vital Element BE90 Buy
Courtney King Madikyle Blue BE100 Buy
Daisy Minter Another Island BE100 Watch
Danielle Bennett Jackson Van T Merelsnest Novice Buy
Danielle Watt Whats It All About Ii BE100 Open Buy
Danni McFaul Russal Z BE100 Buy
Darcey Channing Feyenoordfan B BE100 Buy
David Sheerin Todays Special Novice Buy
Debbie Baker Toncynffig Maatgold BE80 Buy
Diana Bevan Bulby Street Thief Novice Buy
Diana Grant Primitive Night BE90 Buy
Donya Childs Loughnatousa Monika BE90 Buy
Eilish Hill Golden Honey BE80 Buy
Elaine Norris Kiltealy Ghareeb BE90 Buy
Elaine Pearce Jimmy Brown BE90 Watch
Eleanor Broadley Amberleigh Mouse BE80 Buy
Eleanor Callaghan Quiqui Degrinvil Novice Buy
Eleanor McFarlane Monbeg Hero BE100 Open Buy
Elise Howard Just Dilly BE100 Buy
Eliza Saunders Samson Viii BE80 Buy
Eliza Stoddart Billy Libretti BE90 Buy
Eliza Stoddart Good To Go Ii BE100 Buy
Eliza Stoddart Dunny One BE90 Buy
Ella Cairns Cinn Mhara Dancer BE90 Buy
Ella Marshall Prince Aladdin BE100 Buy
Ella Wharton Dernant Spring Magic BE90 Buy
Ellen Carey Chasing The Light BE90 Watch
Ellie Greenan Dancing Conundrum BE90 Buy
Ellie Harris The Silver Fox BE90 Watch
Ellie Hayden Flight Of The Bumblebee Ii BE90 Buy
Ellie Wheeler Mae Day Blue Sensation BE80 Buy
Eloise Carter Chocolate Domino Open Novice Buy
Emilia West Happy Easter BE80 Watch
Emily Falle Abc Arctic Dame BE100 Buy
Emily Finston Comanche Colours BE100 Open Buy
Emily Gresty Sporty Patch BE100 Buy
Emily Lochore Baker Street Ii Novice Buy
Emily Lochore Dot To Dot Iv BE100 Buy
Emily Uden Campion Capella BE90 Buy
Emma Brinkworth Merehead BE90 Buy
Emma Cooke Hilton BE90 Open Watch
Emma D'Angibau Mosstown Toby BE100 Open Buy
Emma Farley Casper Xviii BE100 Watch
Emma Fearn Grange Komero BE90 Buy
Emma Freeman Quick Dolla Bill BE90 Watch
Emma Hyslop-Webb Darrant Novice Buy
Emma Hyslop-Webb Obos Quality Star Novice Buy
Emma Hyslop-Webb Beanie Mcbean Novice Buy
Emma L Philpott Obsidian BE90 Buy
Emma Lee Smith Thejays Doneit Right Novice Buy
Emma Leslie-Miller Dante Viii Novice Buy
Emma Littmoden Kilmountain Serena BE90 Buy
Emma Stretton Cloonaveigh Prince BE90 Buy
Emma Stretton Willy Ever Novice Buy
Emma Vergette Parc Kenny BE80 Buy
Etti Dale Simply Simon Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Eve Cranny Opposite Lock BE80 Buy
Fiona Davidson Foxfields Chanteuse Novice Buy
Fiona Davidson Make It Count Novice Buy
Fiona Hirst Stylish Lady BE90 Buy
Fiona Lundy Castielle BE90 Buy
Fran Oliver Francescas Coco BE90 Buy
Frances Berry Fast Forward Ii BE90 Buy
Frances Stephen This Magic Moment BE90 Open Buy
Francois Huvelle Carina Iv Novice Buy
Franki Jarvis Boo Baloo BE100 Buy
Franki Jarvis Obi Dazzled BE90 Buy
Freya Marlow Nottingham Just Jack BE90 Buy
Gabriella Herbert Tipperary Conker BE80 Buy
Gaspard Maksud Moorelands Crossword Novice Regional Final Buy
Gaspard Maksud Altus Louvo Novice Regional Final Buy
Gemma Slack Lord Whinston BE100 Buy
Gemma Wellings Drumaclan Diamond D Novice Buy
Georgia Clare Woodlands Be Exquisite BE90 Buy
Georgia Holden Pal Joey BE90 Buy
Georgie Fenn Bloomfield William BE90 Buy
Georgina Beach Patrick Harry Duke BE100 Buy
Georgina Kidner Thornfield Jones Open Intermediate Watch
Georgina Ridal Sabrehill Solo BE90 Buy
Georgina Webster Kernow Karma BE90 Buy
Grace Gerry Simply Charlie BE80 Buy
Grace Gerry Whodareswins BE90 Buy
Grace Gerry Touche Me BE80 Buy
Graeme May Knockmurry Penneytime BE80 Buy
Greg Williams Blaze Finder BE90 Buy
Guy Woods Kingsgrove BE100 Buy
Hannah Anderson Ishd Countdown Open Novice Buy
Hannah Babb Jesmond Skippy BE90 Buy
Hannah De Monti Casper Xiii BE90 Buy
Hannah Hobhouse Pebbly Hunt Supper Novice Buy
Hannah Lacey After Party BE80 Buy
Hannah Lacey Campino Iii BE100 Buy
Hannah Scully Rebels Dylan Novice Buy
Harriet Harding Mr Monkey Puzzle BE90 Buy
Harriet Simm George Ix BE90 Buy
Harriet Turton Billy Bug Novice Buy
Harry Harding Goteus S BE100 Buy
Harry Harding Georgie Girl BE100 Buy
Harry Horton Alvescot Wannabe BE100 Buy
Harry Horton Lucas BE90 Buy
Harry Horton Jack The Lad Xix BE90 Buy
Harry Rugman Bart Iv BE90 Buy
Hayley Cooper Favorit Von Rocherath BE90 Buy
Hayley Ward Red Inferno Novice Buy
Heather Marshall Harri Coeswen BE90 Buy
Helen Tedaldi Major Blizzard BE90 Open Watch
Helen Tomlin Jendali Lad Novice Buy
Helen Witchell Irmani D09 Open Intermediate Buy
Helen Witchell Sea Breeze Viii Novice Buy
Helen Witchell Guaranteed Quality Novice Buy
Helen Witchell Miss Be Cool Intermediate Watch
Henry Minter Sally Mcnally BE100 Watch
Hilary Butler Edward Bear Iv Novice Watch
Hilary Campton Ajn Poppet BE90 Buy
Holly Ball Bay Hill BE90 Buy
Holly Ball Pontoon Heather BE90 Buy
Holly Bradshaw Lily Xi BE90 Buy
Holly Brett Willoway Pride And Joy BE90 Buy
Holly Campbell Simply Jackson BE100 Buy
Holly Campbell Tamara Ii BE100 Buy
Honor Redhouse Blackwoodland Breeze BE90 Watch
Howard Newitt Mjm Solomon BE100 Buy
Hugh Train Iris Ii Novice Buy
Ian Foster Newmarket Adventure Novice Buy
Ian Marsh Healys King Arkansas Novice Buy
Ian Wills Fallulah Intermediate Buy
Imogen Swann Blue Xvii BE100 Buy
Indiana Limpus Billy Pacific Novice Buy
Indiana Limpus Billy Brogue Intermediate Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Fernhill Go Go Intermediate Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Cool Blue BE90 Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Cuffesgrange Diamond Echo BE100 Buy
Iona Sclater Blakehill Joey BE90 Buy
Iona Sutton Kilcobben Edward BE90 Buy
Isabel Seddon Reuben James BE90 Buy
Isabel White Quite Something Novice Buy
Isabel White Sir Lehmann Open Novice Buy
Isabella Castle Topman Ted BE90 Buy
Isabella Castle Trelotte Intermediate Buy
Isabella Miners Okehurst Double Trouble BE90 Buy
Isabelle Cleghorn Ashwood Gem BE80 Buy
Isobel Botfield Dhi Zidalso BE100 Buy
Isobel Fear Rubys Grey Boy BE90 Buy
Izzy Falle Lollipop Chino BE80 Buy
Izzy Taylor Redbridge Glider Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Mbf Harley Rebel BE100 Buy
Izzy Taylor Hathaway Quality Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Dancing Diego BE100 Buy
Izzy Taylor Hello Stranger BE100 Buy
Jacky Beavan Quinquaginta Novice Watch
Jacqueline Lawson The Clover Hero BE90 Buy
Jane Bettles Gold Rush Iv Novice Watch
Jane Burton Le Petit Diablotin Intermediate Buy
Jane Dippolito Kissemmie Ebony BE80 Watch
Jane Marson Heritage Apollo BE100 Buy
Jane Riley Lomoto Intermediate Buy
Jane Riley Popular Choice Intermediate Buy
Jane Riley Sam Spade BE100 Buy
Janet Hyde Just A Lad Ii BE80 Buy
Janine Hagger Floating Angel BE90 Buy
Jasmine Roach Woodlands Unforgettable Intermediate Buy
Jay Imberg Fiesta Am BE100 Buy
Jayne Wilson Diamond Spring BE100 Buy
Jemima Upton Free Bee Intermediate Buy
Jemima Upton Liscannor Tulira Novice Buy
Jemima Upton Easy Boy Intermediate Buy
Jennifer Galuszka Cornascriebe Quidam BE100 Buy
Jennifer Taylor Ballinvellas Buddy Love BE80 Watch
Jenny James Billy Rocket BE90 Buy
Jenny James Heritage Attica BE90 Buy
Jess Butler Couraguneen Jennie Novice Buy
Jess Butler Abc Sky Plus Novice Buy
Jess Butler Joly Jumper Novice Buy
Jess Falle Strandhill Cracker BE100 Buy
Jess Williams Audacious Iii BE90 Buy
Jessica Bowes Winnetou Apache BE80 Buy
Jessica Gridley George Tilehurst BE90 Buy
Jessica Montgomery Follow That High BE100 Buy
Jessica Pope The Merry Monarch BE90 Watch
Jessica Richardson Iceford Diamond BE100 Buy
Jo Chipperfield Hyde Park Iii Novice Watch
Jo Ward Centaur Liza Jane BE100 Buy
Jo Ward Hiltje L BE100 Buy
Joanna Bialkowska Bay Bandit BE90 Buy
Joanne Foley Georgina H Novice Buy
Jodie Seddon Skies The Limit Iii Intermediate Buy
Jodie Seddon Master Furisto Intermediate Buy
Joe Wise Annsfort Quality Novice Buy
Jojo Green Thornhill Jake BE100 Buy
Jonathan Bard Loughnatousa Schmidt BE90 Buy
Jonathan Bard Tom Of Diamonds BE90 Buy
Jonathan Chapman E Warrantsson BE100 Buy
Jonathan Chapman Costa Fortune Ii Novice Buy
Jordana Marston Rainstown Cruise BE100 Buy
Josephine Shipman-Toon Pembridge Veilie BE90 Buy
Judith Barker Class Diss Miss Novice Buy
Judith Barker My Diss Sire Intermediate Buy
Judy Carroll Clonmore Lily Novice Buy
Julia Dungworth Rocky Spring BE100 Buy
Julia Dungworth Sonic Boom Open Novice Buy
Julia Dungworth Bravo Bellissimo BE100 Buy
Julia Sandford Easier Said Than Dun BE90 Buy
Julia Woods Mystic Moonstone BE80 Buy
Julie Chapman Vladimere Iv BE90 Buy
Julie Horton Topwood Merlin BE90 Buy
Julie Middleton-Reid Lady Jessicka BE90 Buy
Justine Fordham Kilcandra Rambo Ray BE100 Watch
Karen E Arlott Gentle Romance BE90 Buy
Karen Gray Lexus Hof Ter Zeedycke BE100 Buy
Karina True Coolattin Pablo BE80 Watch
Karla Parsons Marnums Rough Diamond BE100 Buy
Kate Greenhalgh Noble Nuteller BE90 Watch
Kate Greenhalgh Vardags Silmarillia Novice Buy
Kate Pegrum Just A Chance Iv BE100 Buy
Kate Thompson Jamies Lad BE90 Buy
Kate Walters Doctors Orders Novice Buy
Katelyn Winter-Hutton Koyuna Sun Magic Open Novice Buy
Katharine Mason Ariban Intermediate Buy
Katherine A Smith Holme Park Kudos BE90 Buy
Katherine Barker Valentino 46 BE100 Buy
Katie Barber Glenard Ash BE90 Buy
Katie Cameron Call Me Kev BE100 Buy
Katie Fordham Schoolan Boy BE80 Buy
Katie Strelczuk Aprils Royale Ruby Novice Buy
Katie Thomas Idol Hero BE90 Open Watch
Katy Carter Pinochle BE90 Buy
Kazuma Tomoto Tacoma Dhorset Open Intermediate Buy
Kearnie Jennings-Reed Reenmore Chatterbox BE100 Buy
Kellie Fisher Lyrical Mind BE100 Buy
Kellyanne Crane Madam Chippison BE90 Buy
Kelsey Love Castle House Gem BE90 Buy
Kerry Higgs Emor B BE100 Buy
Kevin Urwin Cuileann BE90 Buy
Kira Richer Warm Memories BE100 Buy
Kirsty Fisher Wonham Jackpot BE90 Buy
Kitty Palmer Jamiraqui Ii BE100 Buy
Kizzy Smith Diversity Daybreak BE90 Buy
Lacey Dowse Breezy Cms BE90 Buy
Latta Chauhan Dhi Wiliniooka BE100 Open Buy
Laura Dalgleish Benedictus Z BE80 Buy
Laura Dimelow Diessel Equi Nova BE100 Buy
Laura J Casbolt Chincalease Cowboy Intermediate Buy
Laura Toller Doolin Black Beauty BE90 Buy
Laura Webb Lord Of Galloway BE100 Buy
Lauren Ulyett Chakira BE90 Buy
Leanne Cartwright Shannondale Xander BE90 Buy
Libby Cartwright Cloneygowan Flare BE100 Buy
Libby Gill Give Me A Chance BE100 Buy
Lilly Adkins Just A Dream Iv BE90 Buy
Lily Hill Barney Xiii BE80 Buy
Lindsay Newitt Coumroe Cruise On Boy BE90 Buy
Lindsey Fraser Beekdales Chaos BE90 Buy
Lisa Clarke-Spence Eyebrook Cosmos BE100 Buy
Lisa Clarke-Spence Nicholai Ii Novice Buy
Lisa Clarke-Spence Desert Fox Iii BE100 Buy
Lisa Clarke-Spence Lucky Stars Gb BE90 Watch
Lisa Freckingham Tregolls Intermediate Buy
Lisa Freckingham The Classic Composer Novice Regional Final Buy
Liz Fraser Village Prince BE80 Buy
Lora Hawkins Carrolls Lad BE90 Buy
Lorna Benfield Emperor Blue BE90 Buy
Lorna Collins Irish Drummer Boy Novice Buy
Lorna Tait Starlight Silver Onyx BE90 Buy
Lorna Triggs Playmate Iii BE100 Buy
Lorna Willcocks Brackenspa Rock In BE90 Buy
Lorna Willcocks Dunhill Desert Storm Novice Buy
Lottie Kennedy Mr Cheeky Chap BE80 Watch
Lottie Kennedy Dignified Hero BE80 Buy
Louise Allen Swilly Lad BE90 Buy
Louise Crow Robyn BE80 Buy
Louise Cupitt Energiek N Novice Buy
Louise Hawkins Coosan Curley BE90 Buy
Lucas Peries Quote Of The Day BE90 Buy
Lucinda Eastley Carrolls Courage BE100 Open Buy
Lucy Blowers Bilbo Boris BE90 Buy
Lucy Gasston Nelgorde Naheez BE100 Open Buy
Lucy Gasston Smart Colours BE90 Buy
Lucy Gasston Rockhill Dynasty Open Novice Buy
Lucy Goodey Ballybolger Mischief Open Novice Buy
Lucy Haefeli Silver Lining Iii BE80 Buy
Lucy Lapping Tullibards Magical Ocean BE90 Buy
Lucy Lapping Roses Princess BE80 Watch
Lucy McHale Pollyanna BE80 Buy
Lucy Price Top The Class BE100 Buy
Lucy Price Coolrain Starlight Open Novice Buy
Lucy Reader Nibble BE90 Open Buy
Lucy Romyn Lady Tamalia Novice Watch
Lucy Shrimpton Ullord Charley BE80 Buy
Lucy Stimson Cregaan Scenic Open Novice Buy
Lucy Tinkler Cloondoolagh Cowboy BE90 Buy
Lucy Varley Ballyvaughn BE100 Buy
Lucyanna Westaway Whitesparke William BE100 Watch
Lydia De Gioia Italian Clover Intermediate Buy
Lydia Law Granit Lad BE80 Buy
Maddy Jackson Fidelio Ii BE100 Buy
Maddy Taylor In A Piccle Intermediate Buy
Maggie Tyrrell Petlin Jessica BE100 Buy
Maisie Grover Newrath Samson Novice Watch
Malcolm Holtshausen Billy Estrella BE90 Buy
Maria Brooks Bolero Levante BE80 Buy
Mark Kyle Qeh Making Waves Novice Buy
Mark Kyle Doonaveeragh Elise Novice Buy
Mark Rowland Toms Gold BE90 Buy
Martha Craggs Garrybritt Coole Park Open Novice Buy
Martha Sparrow Power Boy V BE90 Buy
Mary Edmundson Ricky Roller Intermediate Watch
Mary Edmundson Aragonite Intermediate Buy
Mary Edmundson Royal Rufus BE100 Buy
Mary Edmundson Tashkaldou BE90 Open Buy
Matt Earith Carricos Conquest BE90 Buy
Matt Earith Simba BE100 Open Buy
Matt Earith Ballycoog Silver Bells BE100 Buy
Matt Earith Jasel Cyranovic BE100 Open Buy
Matthew Jacques Trehudreth BE100 Buy
Matthew Jacques John B BE100 Buy
Max Thomas Capard Lady BE90 Buy
Megan Elphick Commons Delight BE90 Buy
Megan Page Florentino Ii BE100 Buy
Meghan Healy Ozzies Gem Novice Buy
Melanie Howard Mr Frosty Iv BE100 Buy
Michael Whippey Absolut De La Rose BE90 Buy
Michelle Joyce Dream Boy Iii BE90 Buy
Michelle Joyce Prospect Henry BE90 Watch
Michelle Lowe Vivendi Noble Cavalier BE100 Buy
Miya Halsey Andover The Money BE90 Buy
Mollie Harris Bannview Black Bess BE90 Buy
Mollie Rix Titanic BE90 Buy
Nat Dixon Penny Lane Viii BE90 Buy
Nat Dixon Hot Party Juice Open Intermediate Buy
Nat Dixon Irish Class BE90 Buy
Nat Dixon Party Juice Open Novice Buy
Natalie Gamblin Wincent Open Novice Buy
Natalie Green Millennium Falcon BE80 Buy
Natalie Pettitt Findeln Novice Watch
Natasha Lyth Ems Fritz Intermediate Buy
Nathan Gibbs Meepswood Gigolo BE100 Buy
Nici Wilson Viktor Krum Intermediate Buy
Nici Wilson Fine Fleur Intermediate Buy
Nicki Grayson Rainstown Michael BE90 Buy
Nicky Keir Domino Dancer BE90 Buy
Nicola Sparrow Ashtrees Serendipity BE100 Buy
Nicola Stockton Starlight Emerald BE100 Buy
Nicole Gwynne Free Flow Open Novice Buy
Nicole Gwynne Rnh My Lord Novice Regional Final Watch
Nicole Mills Derinoghran Rambler BE90 Buy
Nicole Mills Silver Alberto BE90 Buy
Nikki Goldup Wayward Wanderer BE90 Watch
Nikki Oneill Tir Na Nog Ii BE80 Buy
Noah Brook Gabanna H F D Novice Buy
Noah Brook Grafenstolz Distinction Novice Buy
Noah Brook Ludo Fh Novice Buy
Oliver Mays Captain Intermediate Buy
Olivia Craddock Coco De Cara Open Novice Buy
Olivia Craddock Ella Carthiloma BE100 Buy
Olivia Craddock Killbunny Andy BE100 Buy
Olivia Craddock Billy Logan BE100 Buy
Olivia Leyland Cruise The Town Novice Buy
Olivia Marsh Hermes Iv Open Novice Buy
Olivia McDonagh Midnight Romance Ii BE100 Buy
Olivia R Aulton Ballylean Caster BE100 Buy
Ollie Brown Supernova Girl Open Novice Buy
Owen Cooper Fernhill Quirado BE100 Buy
Owen Cooper Pembrooke Ii BE100 Watch
Owen Cooper Jejokus B BE100 Open Watch
Owen Cooper Danthos Utopia BE100 Buy
Paris Gainsford Hollypark Royale Novice Buy
Paris Gainsford Ghost Town Gt Novice Buy
Paul Burgess Maistresse BE100 Buy
Paul Hunter Wonderfully Well BE80 Watch
Pauliina Swindells Maurice The Dude Intermediate Buy
Philippa Cross Guisho BE90 Buy
Philippa Cross Corrnafest Charlie BE100 Buy
Philippa Cross My Uptons Bibble Babble BE100 Buy
Philippa Cross The Pipers Son Ii BE90 Buy
Philippa Wyncoll Fingals Talisman BE90 Buy
Phoebe Anderson Wytchwood Desert Prince BE90 Buy
Phoebe Buckley Tiger Mail Novice Watch
Phoebe Buckley Custer Of The West Novice Watch
Pip Clough Shalee Cowboy BE80 Buy
Polly West Cloudbusting BE90 Buy
Poppy Pitt Blue Blaze BE90 Buy
Poppy Proietti Derroe Sprinter BE80 Buy
Rachael Attwood Flo Flying Fantasy BE100 Buy
Rachael Gladstone-Brown Garrison Rhodes BE100 Buy
Rachel Lawson Liam BE100 Buy
Rachel Underhill Zumaya BE90 Buy
Rebecca Hewitt Prince Earl BE90 Buy
Rebecca Lait Definitely Just A Dash BE100 Buy
Rebecca Parrott Ross Culleens Lad BE90 Buy
Rebecca Terry Dereentige Irish Delight BE90 Buy
Rebecca Williams Divine Street BE100 Buy
Regina Mitchell Dickens Iii BE90 Watch
Rhian Smith Boris Vii Open Intermediate Buy
Rhianna Walton Alfie Moon Vi BE100 Buy
Rhiannon Trenton Loganberry BE100 Buy
Rhiannon Trenton Tyddyncochyn Galahad BE100 Buy
Richard P Jones Fonbherna Lancer Novice Buy
Ricky Hilton Bank C Iv BE100 Buy
Ricky Hilton Kilcannon Will He BE100 Buy
Robin Fortune Acute Angle Novice Buy
Robyn Green Kildea Rambo BE80 Buy
Roger Lee Dynamo Ii BE100 Buy
Rose Boyce Opposition Angel One BE100 Open Buy
Rosie Rollinson Mr Sylvester Valentine Novice Buy
Rosie Smith Barrys Best BE80 Buy
Roxanne Carter Loughan Sarco BE90 Buy
Ruth Armstrong Oxhill Rio BE90 Buy
Sally Chamberlain Chevalian Royal Fire BE90 Buy
Sally Chamberlain Gido G BE100 Buy
Sally Cox The Irishman Ii BE80 Buy
Sally Hayes Chin Chico B BE90 Buy
Sally Randles Vegus Iii BE90 Buy
Sally Taylor Mossycon BE100 Buy
Sam Ecroyd Christoff Open Novice Buy
Sam Ecroyd For Vehlage Novice Buy
Sam Gillespie Sticking Point BE90 Buy
Sam Penn Pusiden Open Novice Buy
Sam Penn Northern Territory BE100 Buy
Samantha Firth Fly Boy Ii BE100 Buy
Samantha Gray Homeleigh Wildchild BE90 Buy
Sandy Archer Shaunas Mymwood Maddison BE80 Buy
Sarah Barrett Bijou Ii BE80 Buy
Sarah Flitton Kiss That Doesnt Pop BE100 Watch
Sarah Hildebrand Cooley Rubble BE90 Buy
Sarah Oakley Featured Edition BE80 Buy
Sarah Seaman Walden Sir Jasper BE80 Buy
Sarah Shoemark Lord Francois BE80 Watch
Sarah Turner Carsontown Watercolour BE100 Buy
Sarah Watkins Mighty Quinn BE100 Buy
Sarah-Jane Rouse Clyde Cheeky Charlie BE90 Buy
Sarah-Jane Rouse Milo X BE80 Buy
Sarina Stokes Carousel Romance Open Novice Buy
Scarlett Wills Avocado BE90 Buy
Shari Butchart Dit Is M Dicky Novice Buy
Sharon Hunt Ghana Spartacus BE90 Open Buy
Simon Grieve Bonhunt Bertie BE100 Buy
Simon Grieve Looks Like Fun Ii BE90 Open Buy
Simon Grieve Mr Fahrenheit Iii Novice Regional Final Buy
Simon Martin Charlie Sadler BE90 Buy
Simone Money Tall Order V BE90 Buy
Simone Money Gerrys Clover Hero BE90 Buy
Sofia Forino Kilduff Ady BE90 Buy
Sophia Icke Think Tank Think BE100 Buy
Sophie Brise Harlequin Whiskey Mac Novice Buy
Sophie Dutton Fabos Open Novice Buy
Sophie Parkinson Shutter Pz BE90 Watch
Sophie Wiltshire Kindlelight Soleil BE80 Buy
Stacey L Shimmons Miss Molly Twain BE90 Open Watch
Stacey L Shimmons Orions Curtis BE100 Buy
Stacey L Shimmons Cuffestown Roller Star BE100 Buy
Stephanie Britain Electronic Gold BE90 Buy
Stephanie Coathup Summer Cavalier BE90 Buy
Stephanie Dowson-Alexander Jooles BE100 Buy
Stephanie Reed Classiebawn Roamys Promise BE90 Buy
Steven Smith Darco Iv Novice Buy
Sue Cain Ballagh Buddy BE80 Buy
Sue Colley Hendrik 24 BE100 Buy
Sue Raven Farmers Choice BE80 Buy
Susan Armitage Derena Gifty BE90 Buy
Suzanne Finigan Rathlacken Stanley BE90 Watch
Suzy Smith Enfant Terrible C BE100 Buy
Tamsin Drew Platoon De Lhocre BE100 Open Buy
Tanya Bridgeman Bambi K Open Novice Buy
Tanya Bridgeman Damaskus Novice Buy
Tanya Kyle Udoctro Du Rouet Open Novice Buy
Tanya Kyle Rock Emperor Novice Buy
Tasha Kimminau Sheep Bridge BE80 Buy
Theo Atherton Harlequin Lux BE90 Buy
Tina Canton Bannagh Romeo BE90 Buy
Tina Canton All Wraped Up BE100 Buy
Tina Canton Shannondale Swifter BE90 Buy
Tinky Morris Snow BE90 Buy
Tom Sibson Quotation BE80 Buy
Tom Sibson Cloonkeen Supreme BE90 Buy
Tracey Manning Satin Rose BE90 Buy
Tracey Stewart Trenavey Cry Freedom BE100 Buy
Trixi Gingell Fanfare BE100 Buy
Trixi Gingell Endavor Novice Buy
Trudy Johnson Catch Me If U Can BE90 Buy
Verity Becker Corndu Savistanos Novice Buy
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