Little Downham 2017 (1) | An Eventful Life

Little Downham 2017 (1)

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbi Stone Enumero Open Novice U18 Watch
Abbie Richards Mulvin On The Ball BE100 Buy
Abi W Castle Castle Contender Novice Buy
Abigail Burbidge Castle Fantastic BE100 U18 Buy
Abigail Erian Louie The Third BE90 Buy
Abigail K Walters Agher Spot The Difference Intermediate Buy
Adam Trew Sir Quantum Open Novice Buy
Adam Trew Catherston Spring To It Intermediate Buy
Adam Trew Full Moon Novice Buy
Adam Trew Lamborghini Novice Buy
Adam Trew Shag Rocks BE100 Buy
Aimee Claus Tullycrine Thady BE100 Buy
Aimee Pomfret Starholme Lulu BE90 Open Buy
Alex Greatorex Cassino Valeroyale BE100 Watch
Alex Postolowsky Tredegar Open Novice Buy
Alex Postolowsky Carrick Aldato Girl Novice Buy
Alex Postolowsky Cooley By Name Intermediate Buy
Alex Postolowsky Kelshamore Dandy Open Novice Buy
Alex Wyatt Bellscross Chill Novice Buy
Alexa Regis Millie Magic BE100 U18 Buy
Alexander Tordoff Forever Noble Novice Watch
Alice Able Dontcallmeginger BE90 Open Buy
Alice Casburn Raediant Rubi BE100 U18 Watch
Alice McLeod Scott Mo Cuiske BE100 U18 Buy
Alice Midmer Dassett Real Deal Novice Buy
Alice Pearson Wolferlow Prologue Intermediate Buy
Alice Pearson Jack The Ginger Intermediate Buy
Alice Prior Woodend Picasso Novice Buy
Alice Tracey Freedom Hill Intermediate Buy
Alice Watt Bunowen Rebel BE100 U18 Buy
Alice Watt Allendale Leonardo BE100 U18 Buy
Alicia Wilkinson Perfect Timing Ii Advanced Watch
Aly Dower Rehy Warrior 5 Year Old Buy
Alyson Parker J J Malone BE100 Buy
Alyson Parker Jollie Ii BE90 Buy
Amber Priestley Midget On A Mission Ii BE90 Buy
Amelia Ward Sea Lark Open Novice Buy
Amelia Winter Emotion Open Novice U18 Buy
Amy Lee Barney Rubble Xi BE100 Buy
Amy Lovett Gwynie BE90 Buy
Amy Lukins Clonhenret Lassy BE100 Buy
Amy Meager Pewter Ii BE90 Buy
Amy O'Connor Sankro Novice Regional Final Buy
Amy Ridsdale Springbok Cavalier BE100 Buy
Amy Struthers Hotshot Gn 5 Year Old Buy
Andrew Downes Rocquaine Bay Advanced Buy
Angela Platts Timber BE90 Buy
Angus Smales Esi Pheonix Novice Regional Final Buy
Angus Smales Ballinteskin Rado Intermediate Buy
Angus Smales Leahs Lad Intermediate Buy
Angus Smales Eastern Gold Ii Novice Regional Final Buy
Anna Cheney Every Stone Intermediate Novice Buy
Anna Hilton Elektras Prince Charming Intermediate Buy
Anna Hilton Matrix W Advanced Watch
Anna Horton Barones Ii Advanced Watch
Anna Horton Classic Affair Advanced Buy
Anna Webster Nigrasine Rain Novice Buy
Annabel Jackson Blond Ambitions Open Novice U18 Watch
Annabelle Molyneux Wham A Note BE100 Buy
Annie Forsyth Venette Intermediate Buy
Annie Ho Baxo Open Intermediate Buy
Annie Ho Lost In Translation Open Intermediate Buy
Ashley Harrison Zebedee Ix Intermediate Buy
Barry Meningen In A Spark Open Novice Buy
Becky Morrish Quick To Spot Open Intermediate Buy
Belinda Dow El Gaucho Dhi BE100 U18 Buy
Ben Leathers Con Rico BE100 Buy
Ben Leathers Kauto Cyreo Novice Buy
Ben McClumpha Ridgeway Cross Novice Buy
Ben McClumpha Gulio Novice Watch
Ben McClumpha Royale Beach Open Novice Buy
Ben Taylor Bolero Iii Open Novice Buy
Ben Westgate Call To Conquer BE100 Buy
Beth O Symington What A Man Vdl Novice Buy
Biddy Brasted-Watts Bansha Vendi BE100 Buy
Bindi Vereker Arkansas Gold BE100 U18 Buy
Bonar Coakley Drum Beat Iv Novice Buy
Camilla Kruger Biarritz Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Cariad Miles-Taylor Gellirhiw Lucky Lady Colleen Novice Buy
Caroline Jenks A Cooley Takeover BE90 Open Buy
Caroline March Copyright Cooley 5 Year Old Buy
Caroline Powell Thejays Messiah Novice Buy
Caroline Powell Spice Sensation Advanced Buy
Caroline Powell B Posy BE90 Open Buy
Caroline Powell Sinatra Frank Baby Advanced Buy
Caroline Powell Halaraafa Novice Buy
Caroline Smith Cundlegreen Birthday Girl Intermediate Buy
Caroline Smith Toces Bright Lass Open Novice Buy
Caroline Spurrier Casper Iv BE90 Buy
Carrie Munro Misty Lad Olaf BE100 U18 Buy
Casey McKenna Royal Symphony BE100 Plus Buy
Casey McKenna Kec Salza Intermediate Buy
Casey Parker Eeyore Ds BE100 Buy
Catherine Burrell Duke Advanced Buy
Catherine Burrell Briska Sow Intermediate Buy
Catherine Burrell Milan Intermediate Buy
Catherine Davies Montiny BE100 Buy
Catherine Hill Miss Emily Novice Buy
Catherine Hore The Supreme Cavalier BE100 Buy
Charlie Clover Stracathro Steadfast Knight Open Novice Buy
Charlie Clover Muchadoaboutnothing Novice Buy
Charlotte Bacon Cooley Enno Intermediate Buy
Charlotte Bacon Last Touch Open Intermediate Buy
Charlotte Bruton Daredevil Boy BE90 Open Buy
Charlotte Crumley Call Me Cooley Novice Buy
Charlotte Fray Limbo Wayne Open Novice U18 Buy
Charlotte Golding Wylithya Texel BE100 Plus Buy
Charlotte Mitchell Nettis BE100 Buy
Charlotte Mount Coolrock Jackie Z Intermediate Buy
Charlotte Saunderson Mullaghdrin Sara BE100 Plus Buy
Charlotte Turner Coney Square Open Novice U18 Buy
Chloe De Uphaugh Rca Romeo Open Novice U18 Buy
Chloe Pearson Benvenuto Hattricks Hotsocks BE100 Buy
Chloe Pearson Garryduff Chacoa Novice Buy
Christina Henriksen Cayr Della Caccia Intermediate Buy
Christina Higgs Millers Glen BE90 Watch
Christina March Gwendolien BE90 Buy
Christine Reidy Glenhill Flash Harry Novice Buy
Claire Fielding Stockade BE100 Buy
Claire Fielding Its Chico Open Intermediate Buy
Claire Fielding Redinagh Keen Edge BE100 Buy
Claire Fielding Silhouette BE90 Buy
Claire Fielding Cool River BE90 Buy
Claire Fielding Greenhall Emperor BE90 Buy
Claire Fielding Stockshill Camouflage BE90 Buy
Claire Giraudmaillet Very Queen Novice Buy
Claire Lewis Nutwood Thriller BE90 Watch
Claire Ludeks Ellies Duke BE90 Buy
Claire Surl Grafelles Open Novice Buy
Clara Haggie Silverley Polonia BE90 Buy
Clare Bell Spring Kestrel Open Novice Buy
Clare Lewis Coumroe Calva Intermediate Buy
Claudia Weller Temple Bridge Open Novice Buy
Clea Phillipps Night Tide Ii Novice Regional Final Buy
Coral Herbert Ballyengland Twilight Intermediate Novice Watch
Craig Barr Elusive Dassett Intermediate Buy
Craig Barr Marli Iii Open Intermediate Buy
Crispin Sampson-Bancroft Dowland Doodlebug BE100 Buy
Crispin Sampson-Bancroft Fonzy BE90 Buy
Daisy De Uphaugh Zidane S G BE100 U18 Buy
Daisy Minter Another Island Open Novice U18 Watch
Daisy Murray Dash For Cash Ii BE100 Buy
Dani Cuomo Dakota Lone Star Intermediate Buy
Daniel Hockey Eclipsed Novice Buy
Danielle Bennett Jackson Van T Merelsnest Open Novice U18 Buy
Danielle Watt Whats It All About Ii Open Novice Buy
Darren Brown Quainton Scarlet BE100 Buy
David Doel Shannondale Quest Advanced Buy
David Sheerin Malbec Intermediate Buy
David Sheerin Todays Special Open Novice Buy
Dawn Robson Louie BE90 Buy
Debbie Baker Toncynffig Maatgold BE90 Buy
Diana Grant Zephyron BE100 Watch
Diana Grant Primitive Night BE90 Buy
Diani Western-Kaye Calypso Princess BE100 Buy
Diani Western-Kaye Daffy Duck Novice Buy
Diani Western-Kaye Saulsford Carnival Sky BE100 Buy
Diani Western-Kaye Porter Royal Novice Buy
Elaine Cochrane St George Iii BE90 Watch
Elaine Norris Kiltealy Ghareeb BE100 Buy
Eleanor Morley Bennington BE100 Plus Buy
Eleanor Watts Branna BE90 Buy
Elena Murphy Wonham Floral Tribute BE100 Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Deniro Z Open Intermediate Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Carpe Diem Iv Open Intermediate Buy
Elise Howard Just Dilly BE100 Buy
Eliza Tribe Surprise Surprise BE100 U18 Buy
Elizabeth Hayden Dsl The Professor Intermediate Buy
Ella Cairns Cinn Mhara Dancer BE100 Buy
Ella Frow Boyne Valley Fionn Open Novice U18 Buy
Ella Wharton Dernant Spring Magic BE90 Buy
Ellie Harris The Silver Fox BE90 Buy
Ellie Hayden Flight Of The Bumblebee Ii BE90 Buy
Ellie Wheeler Mae Day Blue Sensation BE90 Buy
Emilia Sparrow Winston Viii BE90 Buy
Emily Blew Shingle Hall May BE100 Open Buy
Emily C Nicol Annaghmore Boomlander Novice Watch
Emily Finston Comanche Colours BE100 U18 Buy
Emily Llewellyn Exclusive Open Intermediate Buy
Emily Lochore Dot To Dot Iv BE100 Buy
Emily Meredith Matthius Du Gazon BE90 Buy
Emily Moffatt Corinthian Clover BE100 Open Buy
Emily Philp Global Royal Luxor Novice Regional Final Buy
Emily Philp Camembert Open Intermediate Buy
Emily Philp Cupido Iii Intermediate Buy
Emily Uden Global Cobra BE100 U18 Buy
Emily Young-Jamieson Dreamliner Intermediate Buy
Emma Cooke Hilton BE90 Open Buy
Emma D'Angibau Mosstown Toby BE100 U18 Buy
Emma Freeman Lady Bounce Novice Buy
Emma Hyslop-Webb Pennlands Douglas Open Intermediate Buy
Emma Imberg Gracie Iv BE100 Buy
Emma Killin Pyriet Des Fontaines BE100 U18 Watch
Emma Lee Smith Thejays Doneit Right Novice Buy
Emma McNab Inxs Novice Buy
Emma McNab Fernhill Tabasco Open Intermediate Buy
Emma McNab Frh Ramona Novice Buy
Emma Philpot Mocklershill Man BE100 U18 Buy
Fiona Breach Kilcannon Harley Cruise Advanced Buy
Fiona Breach Creevagh Silver De Haar Advanced Buy
Fiona Breach Blaze Of Charm Intermediate Buy
Fiona Breach Wsf Carthago Intermediate Buy
Fiona Denton Ath Na Fuinnseoige BE90 Buy
Fiona Hirst Stylish Lady BE90 Buy
Flora Harris Moylaw Badger Open Intermediate Buy
Florence Collinson Johnny Valentino BE100 Buy
Fran Oliver Francescas Coco BE90 Watch
Frances Long Mama Mia Iii BE100 Buy
Frances Stephen This Magic Moment BE90 Open Buy
Francesca Bowden-Graves Rhymers Glen BE100 Open Buy
Francis Whittington Holiena Dhi 5 Year Old Buy
Francis Whittington Dhi Fiktor Nita Novice Buy
Francis Whittington Monbeg Malvo 5 Year Old Buy
Francis Whittington Dhi Purple Rain Novice Buy
Francis Whittington Carlchen Advanced Buy
Francis Whittington Nimrod Ii Open Novice Buy
Francis Whittington Hope Over Experience Open Novice Buy
Franki Jarvis Boo Baloo BE90 Buy
Franki Jarvis Obi Dazzled BE90 Buy
Freya Partridge Master Macky Open Novice U18 Buy
Garry Russell Daydreamer Ii BE90 Buy
Gavin Connell Captain Nolan BE90 Buy
Gemma Raby Taipan Tommy BE90 Watch
Gemma Tattersall Tillingbourne Open Novice Buy
Gemma Tattersall Billy Shania Open Novice Buy
Gemma Tattersall Pamero 4 Open Intermediate Buy
Gemma Wellings Drumaclan Diamond D Open Novice U18 Watch
George Hopwell Kapello Ii Open Novice U18 Buy
George Hopwell Majesty Open Novice U18 Buy
Georgia Bartlett Spano De Nazca Open Novice U18 Buy
Georgie Strang Monbeg Maximus Novice Buy
Georgie Strang Red Hot Cooley Novice Buy
Georgie Strang Carrick Diamond Flyer Open Novice Buy
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Georgina Kidner Thornfield Jones Open Intermediate Watch
Georgina Smart Be Delicious Novice Buy
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Gordon Murphy Monbeg After Dark BE100 Buy
Gordon Murphy Dark Spirit Novice Buy
Gordon Murphy Ion Pomes Novice Buy
Gordon Murphy Elmwood Czech Point Open Novice Buy
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Grace Hull Ahaltive Surprise BE90 Watch
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Greg Kinsella Dino Ferrari Novice Buy
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Greta Mason Cafre First Melody Novice Buy
Gussie Terry Golden Beryl 5 Year Old Buy
Guy Woods Kingsgrove BE100 Buy
Hannah Anderson Ishd Countdown Intermediate Buy
Hannah Bate Fanta Boy Novice Regional Final Buy
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Hannah De Monti Casper Xiii BE90 Watch
Hannah Kelly Pairumani Tyree BE90 Buy
Hannah S Burnett Cougar Bay Open Novice Buy
Hannah S Burnett Cooley Dream Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Hannah S Burnett R F Demeter Open Intermediate Buy
Hannah Sutton Bertie Park BE90 Buy
Harriet Gibbs Chiron Darcey BE90 Buy
Harriet Turton Coolattin Champ BE90 Buy
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Harriet Turton Billy Bug Novice Buy
Harriet Willmott Ardlea Joyce BE90 Buy
Harriette Howard Starholme Amberleigh Open Novice Buy
Harry Dzenis Xam Open Intermediate Buy
Harry Dzenis Above Board Advanced Buy
Harry Dzenis Cruise A Crosstown Intermediate Buy
Harry Horton Jack The Lad Xix BE90 Buy
Hayley Cooper Favorit Von Rocherath BE100 Buy
Hector Baker Leighland Xavier Advanced Buy
Helen Gale Coismeag Joey BE90 Buy
Helen Waterhouse Merlot Open Novice Buy
Helen Waterhouse Shes Kanny Intermediate Buy
Helena Vardag-Walters Vardags Bucephalus BE90 Watch
Henrietta McRae Tossey Ginger BE90 Buy
Henry Dove Timeless Myth Open Novice Buy
Henry Dove Captain On The Move Intermediate Buy
Henry Minter Sally Mcnally BE100 U18 Watch
Hente Dorhout Mees Troef Van De Vive La Vie Open Novice Watch
Holly Baker Twilight Clover Open Novice U18 Buy
Holly Baker King Arthur V BE100 U18 Buy
Holly Bradshaw Stellor Rhodes Advanced Buy
Holly Needham Cruz V Open Intermediate Buy
Holly Needham Strike A Pose Open Intermediate Buy
Hugh Train Iris Ii Novice Buy
Ian Marsh Healys King Arkansas Novice Buy
Ian Wills Fallulah Intermediate Buy
Imogen Murray Illston Jester BE100 Open Buy
Imogen Murray Shannondale Vintage Intermediate Buy
Imogen Murray Heavy Metall R BE90 Open Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Cool Blue BE90 Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Arrowmands Diamond Intermediate Buy
Indie Vaughan-Jones Quob Dynamic Intermediate Buy
Iona Sutton Kilcobben Edward BE90 Buy
Isabel Oakley Rockisland Bartley BE100 Buy
Isabel Scott-Bowden Muckrim Evan BE90 Buy
Isabella Castle Topman Ted BE90 Buy
Isabella Stagg Quite A Compliment BE100 Buy
Isabelle Hogarth Whizz Biz Novice Buy
Isabelle Hogarth Shannondale Aston BE100 Plus Buy
Isobel Botfield Dhi Zidalso BE100 Buy
Isobel Johnson Rickamore Reilly BE100 Buy
Issy Sykes Sir Bingo BE90 Buy
Izzy Taylor Rca William Bishop Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Ballycoog Guinness Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Millstreet Mitch Intermediate Buy
Izzy Taylor Perfect Stranger Advanced Buy
Izzy Taylor Kiltealy Catch Up Open Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Artful Trinity Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Impromptu Ii Advanced Watch
Izzy Taylor Grafenelle Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Kilderrys Cougar Girl Intermediate Buy
Jack Tebbutt Catch Me If You Can BE90 Watch
Jaime Hill Brookfield Huntsman Intermediate Novice Buy
Jake Fowles Weston Dazzler BE100 Buy
Jake Fowles Bathleyhills Justified BE100 Plus Watch
James Brown Il Darco G Novice Buy
James Pratt Churchside Reflection BE100 Plus Buy
Jane Anderson Jims Patch BE90 Buy
Jane Bettles Gold Rush Iv Novice Watch
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Jane Hussell Crofters Flory BE100 Plus Buy
Janice Macleod Borneo Bramley Open Novice Buy
Janine Hagger Floating Angel BE90 Buy
Jasmine Holmes Doolin De Reve BE100 Watch
Jasmine Slater Brock Gent BE100 U18 Buy
Jayne Wilson Diamond Spring BE100 Buy
Jeanette Brakewell Tyddyncochyn Salvador Open Novice Buy
Jeanette Brakewell Tory Massini Novice Regional Final Buy
Jeanette Brakewell Cooley Master Intermediate Novice Buy
Jemima Snipe Chebsey Mint BE90 Watch
Jemima Upton Liscannor Tulira Novice Buy
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Jenny James Billy Rocket BE90 Buy
Jess Butler Kilcolman Golondrina BE100 Buy
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Jo Meningen News For You BE90 Open Buy
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Joanne Foley Georgina H Novice Buy
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Jodie Seddon Skies The Limit Iii Intermediate Buy
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John-Paul Sheffield Celine Novice Buy
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Josh Denton Rebels Flight BE90 Buy
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Kate Darby Magic BE90 Watch
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Kate Low Maggies Hope BE90 Buy
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Kate Walls Cooley Lands Advanced Buy
Katharine Mason Hardy Warrior Novice Buy
Katherine A Smith Holme Park Kudos BE100 Buy
Katherine Cross Leonidas 103 Intermediate Buy
Katherine Peden Rufus V BE100 Buy
Kathy Staples Ideal Foxs Castle BE100 Buy
Kathy Staples Directors Chair Novice Buy
Katie Cameron Call Me Kev BE100 U18 Buy
Katie Mulhern Akorna BE90 Buy
Katie Strelczuk Aprils Royale Ruby Open Novice Buy
Katy Clarke Jumbo Jones Open Novice Buy
Kearnie Jennings-Reed Reenmore Chatterbox Novice Buy
Kellie Fisher Lyrical Mind BE100 Plus Buy
Kelsey Love Castle House Gem BE100 Watch
Kelsie Willis Newby Ii Novice Regional Final Buy
Kerry Higgs Emor B BE100 Buy
Kirsty Johnston Lux Zen Novice Regional Final Buy
Kitty Ashpole Key Manor Sky BE90 Buy
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Kristina Cook Killadeas Open Novice Buy
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Kylie Roberts Ardnaglia Earl BE100 Buy
Laura Day Igguldon Jasmine Tea BE100 Watch
Laura Schroter Zorro Rocco Intermediate Buy
Laura Toller Doolin Black Beauty BE90 Buy
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Lauren Larter Diamore BE90 Watch
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Leianne Baulcombe Lady Mandana BE100 Plus Buy
Libby Cartwright Cloneygowan Flare BE100 Plus Buy
Lily Bravery Cork Bay BE100 Buy
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Lisa Clarke-Spence Lucky Stars Gb BE90 Buy
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Lizzy Hearle Henrietta K Novice Buy
Lorna Benfield Emperor Blue BE90 Buy
Lottie Casey Campeon Open Novice U18 Buy
Lottie Kennedy Falcone BE100 Buy
Lottie Kennedy Mr Cheeky Chap BE90 Buy
Lottie Kennedy Dignified Hero BE90 Buy
Lottie Kennedy Affricks Eclipse Intermediate Buy
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Louise Allen Swilly Lad BE90 Buy
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Lucy Blowers Bilbo Boris BE90 Buy
Lucy Bullas Master Jack Iii Open Novice Watch
Lucy Clunie Imperial Spirit Novice Buy
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Lucy K Wheeler Ringwood Kenco Novice Buy
Lucy K Wheeler King Creole Vd N Ranch Novice Buy
Lucy Kemplay Lucky Dude Open Novice Buy
Lucy Lapping Tullibards Magical Ocean BE90 Watch
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Ludwig Svennerstal Franzipan Advanced Buy
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Lydia French Colourful Domino Ii BE90 Buy
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Madison Penfound Fidelia Advanced Buy
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Maisie Grover Newrath Samson Intermediate Novice Watch
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Malcolm Holtshausen Dawn Chorus Iv BE100 Buy
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Marianne Knipe Vampire Svs Novice Regional Final Buy
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Marion Watt Pauldarys Tiger Woods Intermediate Buy
Mark Fairweather Ronni BE90 Buy
Mary Maitland Sea Vivaz BE90 Buy
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Sam Gillespie But Not Till Now BE100 Buy
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