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Northallerton (2) 2018

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbey Kirkwood Copperhall Barney BE90 Buy
Abbie Thorne Rosscon Rockfield Boy BE80 Buy
Abigail Lambert Kennys Cavalier Katie BE80 Watch
Abigail Short Rimillis Boy BE90 Watch
Alex Hill Ballygriffin Doc Cider BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Carolain BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Indigo Blue Ii BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Freddie Viii BE100 Buy
Alexandra Hardy Lucky Junior BE80 Buy
Alexia Schwarz Elita BE105 Buy
Alexis Gregory Lady Hill BE100 Buy
Alice Moralee Jeronimos Conquest BE80 Buy
Alison Worley Budore Michael Anglo BE80 Buy
Amber Coatsworth Rolling Gem BE100 Buy
Amber-lily Graham Lickeen Ryan BE90 Buy
Amelia Tarling Corderry Crackle BE100 Buy
Amy Aspden Kiltealy Prophet BE100 Buy
Amy Aspden Dissington Shadow BE90 Buy
Amy Auld Coolamber Dash BE100 Buy
Amy Bell Trully Teddy BE90 Buy
Amy I Roberts Fruitloop BE105 Buy
Amy I Roberts Lionheart BE105 Buy
Amy Thompson Miss Moon Moth BE90 Buy
Andrew Hoyle Christian Iii BE100 Watch
Ann White Lord Nacally BE90 Buy
Ann White Mr Delectable BE90 Buy
Anna Edwards Mister Solo To You BE105 Buy
Anna Warnecke May Bee Xi BE100 Buy
Anna Widdrington My Tiggy BE90 Buy
Annabel Stanley Solitiare BE80 Buy
Anthea Thompson Ewan BE90 Buy
Anya Strilkowski Woodlander Wagalina BE90 Watch
Ashleigh Heywood July Specialists BE100 Watch
Barbara Palmer Castanetta Mirah BE100 Buy
Becci Leigh Harrold Shannondale Annie BE100 Buy
Beccie Atkinson None Go Bye Maximus BE90 Open Buy
Beccie Atkinson Arracourt BE100 Watch
Beckie Cordner Ballinrouge Clover BE80 Buy
Becky Paul Deacon Que BE100 Watch
Ben Cowan George Xxx BE80 Buy
Beth Eyles Abi BE100 Buy
Beverley Halstead District Attorney BE90 Buy
Billie Bradbury Manorcunningham Arizona BE90 Buy
Bryony Parkinson Jessop Flying Officer BE100 Buy
Cara Williams Squeezers Boy BE105 Buy
Carole Dennis Shannondale Jay T BE90 Buy
Carrie Skelton Hespo BE100 Buy
Cassie Thompson Capital Boy BE90 Buy
Catherine Hewitt Matthew Man BE100 Buy
Charlie Wells Newgrove Lass BE100 Buy
Charlotte Bartle Eye Eye Sally BE80 Buy
Charlotte Dennis Coole Prince BE90 Open Buy
Charlotte Dennis Foxpark Poppy BE100 Buy
Charlotte Eastwood Pengoch Jonah BE80 Watch
Charlotte Fox Tullamoon Prince Charming BE80 Buy
Charlotte Gabriella Flood Super Sonic Iii BE100 Buy
Charlotte Parkin Mill Man BE100 Buy
Charlotte Smith Much Ado Ii BE105 Buy
Charlotte Wood Hoscos Heraldik BE105 Watch
Chloe Dods Woodfield Gloves BE105 Buy
Chloe Fairley Behey Boy Ii BE90 Buy
Chloe Hagan Float Van Twelve Oaks BE100 Watch
Claire Knoery Avalon Vi BE90 Buy
Claire Williamson Tynagh Tim BE100 Buy
Clare Barnes Phoenix The Wonder Boy BE80 Buy
Colin Rae G Dancon Summer Solstice BE90 Buy
Connie Russell Wsh Orlando BE90 Buy
Corinne Viviani Standlynch Accolade BE105 Buy
Daniel Megson Innovania BE100 Buy
Daniel Megson Barnacurra Moulin Rouge BE100 Buy
Danielle Cutter Z I BE90 Buy
Darrell Brook Commanche Crest BE100 Open Buy
Dawn Paterson Circus Maximus BE80 Buy
Dawn Ward Hendrix Ii BE80 Buy
Debbie Otterburn Mccoy Ii BE80 Buy
Deborah Hogg Rookins Danny BE90 Buy
Eddie Henson Blowell Superstition BE90 Buy
Elaine Daisley Puddledub Ragamuffin BE90 Open Watch
Elise Bradley Cheeky Bandit BE90 Buy
Elizabeth Lavender Dee Jay Wells BE80 Buy
Elizabeth Ostle Glaramara Luca BE105 Buy
Elle Gair Micklow Primitive Lightyear BE90 Buy
Ellie Howarth Resounding Glory BE90 Open Buy
Emilia Proctor Bee Naround BE100 Open Buy
Emilia Proctor Larksbelle BE100 Buy
Emily Jagger King Herman BE90 Buy
Emma Hawksby Jjays Allabama BE100 Watch
Emma Hawksby Dissington Miss Grainger BE105 Buy
Emma L Littlewood Fortissimo B BE90 Buy
Emma L Littlewood Erinstone BE100 Buy
Emma Mould Join The Dots BE90 Buy
Emma Neesam Dublin Delinquant BE90 Buy
Erika Sjostrom Serendipity Boy BE80 Buy
Evie Farenden Macbry BE90 Buy
Evie Hardwick Roxlan Jasper BE80 Buy
Fiona Grant Tipp Josie BE90 Buy
Fleur Lemke Shortwood Shadows In The Dark BE90 Buy
Fleur Lemke Apache Warrior BE90 Buy
Fleur Lemke Georgia Rain BE90 Buy
Franki Reeds Caressa BE90 Buy
Freddie Fawcett Kilimazing Quartz BE105 Buy
Freya Kendrew Easter Vii BE100 Buy
Gail McAuley Emperors Diamond Star BE90 Watch
Gemma Carson Fancy Free Iii BE90 Buy
Georgia Rutherford New Plan BE80 Buy
Georgina Rooke Dorothy Iii BE90 Buy
Georgina Rooke Bellindene Fergal BE90 Buy
Grace Collingwood-Cameron Acton Nougat BE105 Buy
Hannah Lougher Carrero V BE105 Buy
Hannah Pedley Moment BE80 Buy
Hannah Taylor Cameo Z BE100 Buy
Harriet Bagley Southgrange Dominator BE100 Buy
Harvey Yendall-Smith Boston Zidan BE80 Buy
Hayley Graves Beau Nieuwmoed BE90 Buy
Hazel Towers Welton Affaere BE105 Buy
Hazel Towers Trouble At The Mill BE105 Buy
Hazel Towers Fuzzyfelt BE100 Buy
Hazel Towers Waikiki Cz BE90 Open Buy
Heidi Stewart Cavalier Clooney BE100 Buy
Helen Rucklidge Trilby BE80 Buy
Holly Charlton Rs Felledge Quinn BE100 Buy
Holly Shepherdson Croftys Billy Branston BE80 Buy
Holly Stevenson Touchdown Billy BE90 Buy
Ian Pycock Trendy Diamond Cruiser BE105 Buy
Inola Smith Upsalls Lorna BE90 Buy
Irena Milner Mr Bumble Bee BE90 Buy
Isabella Jones Annaghmore Boomer BE90 Watch
Issie Thompson Pennineview Kaiser Chief BE90 Buy
Issy Saxby Smart After Dark BE90 Buy
Issy Saxby Grianagh Qe Dempsey BE100 Buy
Izzy Hardy Broadstone Little Lord BE100 Buy
Jack Thomas Watson Karlton BE100 Buy
Jade Cannell Got To Guess BE105 Buy
Jade Pitt Pallas Vank Wish BE90 Buy
James Rushbrooke Poynstown Rocket BE90 Buy
Jasmine Grace Black Blackwoodland Jester BE80 Buy
Jasmine Watson B Silktown Magnolia BE100 Buy
Jasmine Watson Grande By Design BE90 Buy
Jemima Fawcett Kilimazing Topaz BE105 Buy
Jenni Heard Centaur Barrister BE80 Buy
Jennifer Baker Borislav BE100 Buy
Jessica Blaymire A Dream Within BE80 Buy
Jessica London Kilcogy Duke BE90 Buy
Jessica Todd Hartfell Barney BE90 Buy
Jessica Todd Magners BE90 Buy
Jodie Burnley Crownhill Smoke BE90 Buy
Jodie Cantrill Assertivebynature BE90 Buy
John Guy The Usual Suspects BE100 Buy
John Thornton Guido Mh BE100 Open Buy
Jonathan Procter Falko Van Valenta BE80 Buy
Jordan Kavanagh Be My Romeo BE100 Buy
Josie Hatch Tyrones Silversummit BE90 Buy
Judy Armstrong Endeavour V BE90 Buy
Karen Ford Macklemores True Diamond BE80 Buy
Kate Adam Diamond Diablo Ii BE105 Buy
Kate Charlton Woody Xiv BE80 Buy
Kate Dennis Sapphire Revolution BE100 Buy
Kate Sawyer Lady Luna Of Pemberley BE90 Buy
Katherine Askew Dougies Lassie BE80 Buy
Katherine McNamee Lucky Pretender BE90 Buy
Kathryn Woolley Alimarr BE90 Buy
Kathryn Woolley Oberonza BE90 Buy
Katie Brickman Etasja BE90 Buy
Katie Corteen Forgeland Tiger Tot BE100 Buy
Katie Magee Kilnamona Lincoln BE105 Buy
Katie Magee Carraig Du Carel BE100 Buy
Katie Magee Dream Rocket BE105 Buy
Katy Summerfield Urlanmore Rico BE100 Buy
Kayleigh Almond Rollestone Artanis BE90 Buy
Kerry Armstrong Lucky Xiii BE100 Buy
Kimberley Marshall Evans Wood BE90 Buy
Kirsten Bell Reagans Lady BE90 Buy
Laura Hall Dungar Blue Moon BE90 Buy
Laura Hayden Manhattans First Choice BE90 Buy
Laura Irving Miss Pandora BE100 Buy
Laura Ridley Midnight Viii BE90 Watch
Laura Ritchie-Bland Esi Falsterbo BE105 Buy
Laura Varty - Lindsay Hylaya B BE90 Buy
Lauren Blades Idonna W BE90 Buy
Lauren Blades Halo Salour BE90 Buy
Lauren Dale Cotterstown Magic BE100 Open Buy
Lauren Milner Hot Whisky BE100 Buy
Laurie Stewart Martha Iv BE90 Buy
Leah Lowis Suddenly Dudley BE90 Buy
Leanne Graves Showcase BE100 Buy
Lily Rawson Fisherhill View BE90 Buy
Linden Craven Fsh Lucki Twister BE80 Watch
Lindsay Raistrick Buffalo Springfield BE100 Buy
Lindsey Brown Rebel Duchess BE90 Buy
Lisa Heely Dalcotes Regency BE80 Buy
Lisa J Bainbridge Rushwood Sunseeker BE90 Buy
Lisa Shuttleworth Athlone Fantasy BE90 Buy
Liz Wilson Eye Down BE100 Watch
Lizzie Lucas Samthan Sure Thing BE90 Buy
Lois Scholey Platinum Fox BE80 Watch
Lorna Mary Bedford Daddy Boy BE100 Buy
Lottie Simpson Shannondale Sylvester BE90 Watch
Louise Barker Stilton Iii BE80 Buy
Louise Knock Laurelview Alice BE90 Buy
Louise Wilson Blackrock Fred BE90 Watch
Lucy Adams Galway Blue Lily BE80 Watch
Lucy Hixson Rocklands Bob BE80 Buy
Lucy Marie Hobson Knockans Henry BE90 Buy
Lucy Thompson Forfray BE90 Buy
Lucy Whitehead Maximum Leader BE80 Buy
Lynn Pattison Summer Time Lady BE80 Buy
Madeleine Wolfenden Majestic Expectations BE90 Buy
Madeleine Wolfenden Springfield Baby Bell BE100 Buy
Mark Davidson Ex Bonheur 2009 BE90 Buy
Mark Poskitt Little Organic BE100 Buy
Mark Poskitt Spypark Ferro Xs BE100 Open Buy
Mary Richardson Allanagh Quellissima BE90 Watch
Megan Green Jimbob O Reilly BE90 Buy
Melanie Sharpe Clonshire Rebel BE100 Buy
Michael Arthur In Technicolor BE90 Buy
Michelle Hindmarsh Glennis BE105 Buy
Millie Hewitt O Hagan BE100 Buy
Miska Mascall Carrickatee Lad BE90 Buy
Molly Selby Tarmon Travis BE90 Buy
Morgan Kent Harrison Iv BE100 Buy
Morgan Kent Hk Cassia BE100 Buy
Morgan Stokes Cor Blimey O Reilly BE90 Buy
Nadia Illingworth Tulsa BE90 Buy
Natalie Milloy North End Diamond BE90 Buy
Natasha Jowitt Villa Billy BE90 Watch
Niall Fergusson Indo BE90 Buy
Niamh Fahey I Blame Bertie BE90 Buy
Niamh Lonergan Little Miss Millicent BE90 Buy
Niamh Richardson Glenn BE90 Watch
Nicola Wilson Prf Spartakiss BE100 Buy
Nicola Wilson Chiraz Iii BE100 Buy
Nicola Wilson Levitate BE100 Buy
Nicole Stobbs Olivia May Lily Of The Valley BE105 Buy
Niki Otterburn Wizzi Pippin BE100 Open Buy
Olivia Holloway Trefin BE90 Open Buy
Pauline Robertson Toby Twist BE90 Buy
Penny Spicer Finnerty BE100 Buy
Penny Spicer Barclay The Banker BE90 Buy
Peter Mellor Lvs Indigo BE100 Buy
Pippa Jean Brown Forest Son BE90 Buy
Poppy Carr Carnsdale Dun Good BE90 Buy
Rachael Evans Life Story Ii BE90 Buy
Rachael Lupton Shannondale Gold Rush BE100 Buy
Rachael Lupton Shannondale Shagosha BE105 Watch
Rebecca Chrisp Grazia Straordinaria BE90 Buy
Rebecca Fielding Nymphs Ascent BE105 Buy
Rebecca Thompson Finn Vii BE90 Watch
Rhona Smith Delightful Doris BE90 Buy
Ria Scott Miss Demeanour Iv BE100 Watch
Ruby Todd Bayview Prince BE80 Buy
Ruth Mottershead Double Diamond Vi BE100 Buy
Ruth Orrell-stokes Traum De Memoir BE100 Buy
Ruth Schofield Mariposa BE90 Buy
Sallyanne Nicol The Blue Eyed Boy Ii BE90 Buy
Samantha Carmichael Miss Offaly Skippy BE100 Buy
Samantha Hobbs Trespa BE90 Open Buy
Samantha Hobbs Lord Dalgorian BE90 Open Watch
Samantha Hobbs Trewitten BE90 Open Buy
Samantha Jimmison Iquitos BE90 Watch
Samantha Jimmison Kiali Van Der Waterhoeve BE90 Buy
Samantha Jimmison Dysart Dunn BE90 Buy
Samantha Wade Rebel Reserve BE80 Buy
Sara Bowe Benvarden Muskie BE100 Buy
Sara Bowe Themis Du Manoir BE100 Open Buy
Sara Lees Brilloso St Hubertushoeve BE105 Buy
Sara Lees Circus Denzil BE100 Buy
Sarah A Jones Ever Glade BE105 Buy
Sarah Dodd Thehookybooky BE90 Buy
Sarah Jane Hobbs Caher Charlie BE80 Buy
Sarah Roberts Huntingfield Rock BE100 Buy
Sarah Rowell Commodore BE105 Buy
Sarah-Ann Stoker Angelo BE100 Buy
Scarlett Rooke Fisherhill Boy BE80 Buy
Shona Murdoch Cumbrian Farmer BE90 Buy
Sienna Bowman Dun Drum Bobby BE90 Buy
Sophie Aylmer Jimsneverright BE90 Buy
Sophie Dawson Goedman BE105 Buy
Sophie Morice Homegrown Dunluce BE90 Buy
Sophie Morice Fulwoods Miss Easter BE90 Buy
Sophie Robinson Addrigoole George BE80 Buy
Sophie Sadler Daedalus Ll BE80 Watch
Sophie Wrisdale Grange Delaney BE100 Buy
Sorrel Smith As You Like It V BE100 Buy
Stacey Baister King Of Fairnley BE80 Buy
Stacy Longrigg Croupier Charm BE80 Buy
Stephanie Batty Attyrory Mate BE100 Buy
Stephanie Brumpton Lewaldo Star BE105 Buy
Stephanie Lynch Cool Sunrise BE90 Watch
Sue Doughty Madges Lane Sir BE100 Buy
Susan Chappelhow-Lacey Glenmore Of Roisbheinn BE90 Buy
Suzanne Yeend Kirtle Panzer BE90 Buy
Tilly Milbank Ryehill Prince Samuel BE90 Buy
Tim Jones Shadow Supernova BE90 Buy
Tina Riches Trebellan BE100 Buy
Tracey Brown Lowmoor Another Hero BE100 Buy
Tyler Smith Milos Mink BE80 Buy
Vicki struthers Killowen Echo BE100 Buy
Victoria Blount Faerlie Fancy BE105 Buy
Wendy Hoggard Barton Blount BE90 Buy
Wendy Midgley Lisnahall Lady Crest BE90 Buy
Will Murray Royal Etiquette BE100 Buy
Will Murray Touch Of Faerie Magic BE100 Buy
Zoe Allen Qualitat Des Bourdons BE90 Open Watch
Zoe Jane Sharp Rosscon Jennifer BE80 Buy