Puhinui International Horse Trials 2019 | An Eventful Life

Puhinui International Horse Trials 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Puhinui International Horse Trials 2019

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbey Thompson Rockin It CCI4*-L Watch
Abby Snodgrass Limitless Time CCN1*-L Watch
Abigail Long Cruising Guy CCI2*-L Watch
Abigail Long Henton Audacious CCI2*-L Watch
Abigail Long Belmont Holy Smoke CCI3*-L Watch
Alaina Thompson Puketu White Wolf CCN1*-L Buy
Alena Dorotich Donner Xs CCI3*-L Watch
Alena Dorotich Knoxville CCI2*-L Buy
Alex Donald Danherz CCI2*-L Buy
Alex Donald Gina Vt Bloemenhof CCI2*-L Buy
Alyssa Harrison Da Vinci Code CCN1*-L Buy
Amanda ''Muzi'' Pottinger Good Timing CCI3*-L Buy
Amanda Illston Verdelho CCI3*-L Buy
Amanda Illston Pebbles CCN1*-L Buy
Amber Scott Absolou CCN1*-L Watch
Annabelle Jones Quintero CCI2*-L Buy
Ashleigh Mckinstry Pioneer Brass Monkey CCI3*-L Buy
Beth Wilson Alto Et Audax CCI4*-L Watch
Beth Wilson Figurato CCI2*-L Buy
Beth Wilson Aramis CCI2*-L Buy
Brea Walker Erewhon Milly Molly Mandy CCN1*-L Watch
Bundy Philpott Shillings CCI3*-L Buy
Bundy Philpott Jerry CCI2*-L Buy
Catherine Taylor Kiteroa Lara CCI3*-L Buy
Catherine Taylor Coljoy CCI2*-L Buy
Chanel Hargrave Moving On CCI3*-L Watch
Charlotte Edwards Charlton Chime CCN1*-L Buy
Charlotte Edwards Charlton Cabaret CCN1*-L Buy
Charlotte Kedzlie Bellahowe Osprey CCN1*-L Buy
Charlotte Penny Festival CCN1*-L Watch
Charlotte Robertson Sirocco Venus Rising CCN1*-L Buy
Charlotte Treneary Kabo Pongo CCN1*-L Buy
Charlotte Treneary Mirrabella Piper CCN1*-L Buy
Christen Lane Henton First Lady CCI3*-L Buy
Christen Lane Thunder Cat CCI4*-L Buy
Clarke Johnstone Watermill Hadley CCN1*-L Watch
Clarke Johnstone Aces High CCI4*-L Watch
Clarke Johnstone Deo Volente CCI4*-L Buy
Danielle Wheeler Cp Aurelio CCN1*-L Buy
Danielle Wheeler Soldierboy CCN1*-L Buy
Dannie Lodder Money Shot CCN1*-L Buy
Donna Edwards-Smith Dse Tangolooma CCI4*-L Buy
Donna Edwards-Smith Dse Mendoza CCI4*-L Buy
Donna Edwards-Smith Dse Cluny CCI4*-L Buy
Donna Edwards-Smith Dse Presley CCI2*-L Buy
Donna Edwards-Smith Dse Rodriguez CCI4*-L Buy
Elise Power Arctic Cielo CCI3*-L Buy
Ella Morshuis World Famous CCI2*-L Watch
Fiona Fraser Xanthus Iii CCI3*-L Buy
Francesca Masfen Kinnordy Gallilee CCN1*-L Buy
Fraser King Clooney Ksnz CCI2*-L Watch
Georgia Dagg Kataza CCN1*-L Buy
Greer Caddigan Mr Mancini CCI3*-L Watch
Greer Caddigan Ricker Ridge Pico Boo CCI2*-L Watch
Hannah Doak Ralph CCN1*-L Buy
Harriet Gelb Rei Huia Checkles CCN1*-L Watch
Hayley Pickmere Makers Mark CCN1*-L Buy
Heelan Tompkins Oranoa Greyson CCI3*-L Buy
Helen McGrath Woodbine Just Magic CCI2*-L Buy
Imogen Morrison Agricola CCI2*-L Buy
Jake Barham Atlan CCI4*-L Buy
Jasmyne Speake Dse Beyond Compare CCI3*-L Buy
Jess Blair Beq Astro CCN1*-L Buy
Jessica Woods Lv Encostalot CCI3*-L Buy
Jessica Woods Lv Gee Whizz CCI2*-L Buy
Jonathan Paget Majestic Chief CCN1*-L Watch
Jonathan Paget Bing Bong CCI2*-L Watch
Jordan Smythe Mistabrowne CCN1*-L Watch
Katrina Butler Gallie Tarndale Endeavor CCI3*-L Buy
Kelli Frewin Phoenician Zatalk CCI2*-L Buy
Kelli Frewin Easy Going CCN1*-L Buy
Kyle Calder Apteryx CCI3*-L Buy
Laura Bellamy Just Jim CCN1*-L Watch
Leasa Williamson Villaggio CCI2*-L Buy
Leisa Keightley Black Attire CCN1*-L Buy
Lilly Anderson Catalac De Ville CCI2*-L Watch
Lilly Anderson Dse Sunset Pass CCI2*-L Watch
Mackenzie Marlo Chs Diplomat CCN1*-L Buy
Mackenzie Marlo Jumping Jack CCI2*-L Buy
Matthew Grayling Henton Ambassador CCI2*-L Buy
Megan Finlayson Fair Lady CCN1*-L Buy
Miya Fleming Eon CCI2*-L Buy
Monica Oakley Acrobat CCI4*-L Buy
Monica Oakley Artist CCI3*-L Watch
Nick Stackpole Delta Duet CCN1*-L Buy
Nicola Peat Chinwag CCI2*-L Watch
Rebecca Smithey Sd Amourosi CCI3*-L Watch
Rene Ryall Regal Riems CCN1*-L Watch
Renee Faulkner Rubinstar Hh CCI4*-L Buy
Renee Faulkner Mi Focus CCI3*-L Buy
Rosa Millar Dse Palpitation CCN1*-L Buy
Rosa Millar Dse Mister CCI2*-L Buy
Sam Doak Mr Fahrenheit CCN1*-L Buy
Samantha Mynott Chs Royal Genie CCI2*-L Buy
Samantha Mynott Cornucopia CCN1*-L Buy
Samantha Mynott Ipso Facto CCI3*-L Buy
Sarah Saint Merat Jalisco CCN1*-L Watch
Sarah Young Equador Mw CCI3*-L Watch
Savanna Stirling Henton Flamboyant CCN1*-L Buy
Savanna Stirling Ngahiwi Lenny CCI3*-L Watch
Scout Lodder Overnight Success CCN1*-L Buy
Scout Lodder Ricker Ridge Escada CCN1*-L Buy
Sofie Boswell Anastasia CCN1*-L Buy
Susan Le Mesurier Sparky Malarkey CCI3*-L Watch
Tayla Moss King Oath CCN1*-L Buy
Tony McAllister Will I Am CCI2*-L Buy
Vicky Browne-Cole Cutting Edge CCI3*-L Watch
Vicky Browne-Cole Eli CCI2*-L Buy