Shelford Manor 2016 (1) | An Eventful Life

Shelford Manor 2016 (1)

Rider names will appear for ordering once the event is complete.

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbie Coulson Verdiconte BE100 Buy
Abby Keall Glebedale Sabrina BE80 Buy
Abigail Jones King Champ BE100 Buy
Abigail Van Den Heever Strattonstown Robin BE80 Buy
Abigail Van Den Heever Silver Endeavour - George BE80 Buy
Adrian Buzzard Milners Premiere Lady 5 Year Old Buy
Alex Hill Latest Edition BE80 Buy
Alex Low Golly BE80 Buy
Alex McNamara Murphy And The Bricks BE80 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Grappa Nera 5 Year Old Buy
Alex Postolowsky Freya V BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky All Or Nothing Ii BE100 Open Watch
Alexandra Nanton Kournikova BE90 Buy
Alexandra Owen Witchcraft BE80 Buy
Alexandra St Aubyn Killawalla Jj BE80 Buy
Alice Greenacre Tusox BE90 Buy
Alice M Walker Kapitein Van De Nethe BE90 Buy
Alice Midmer Dassett Real Deal BE100 Buy
Alice O'Neill Dream Catcher Vii BE80 Buy
Alice Pearson Brookpark Jemima BE100 Buy
Alice Rocher Dassett Supreme BE100 Open Buy
Amanda Bristow Carden Precious Gem BE80 Buy
Amelia Simpson Hilltop Bouncer BE100 Buy
Amy Binch Bida Badger Boo BE80 Buy
Amy Burbage Caramel Chew Chew BE80 Buy
Amy J Lennon Abu Darius BE100 Open Buy
Amy Jones Glen Nevis Iii BE100 Buy
Andrea Pawson Top Country Dreamer BE80 Buy
Andrew Duffin Harry BE80 Buy
Angela Palmer Purdy BE80 Buy
Ann Brooks Ordelia BE100 Buy
Ann Fairbrother Audacious BE80 Buy
Anna Collins Bennie Bach BE90 Buy
Anna Gilbert Justso Georgia BE80 Buy
Anna Granville Dustin Kewell BE90 Buy
Anna Wain Two Tone Masterpice BE80 Buy
Annabel Strawson Rocky BE80 Buy
Annabelle Farrar Louie BE80 Buy
Anne Grindal Bright Prospect 5 Year Old Buy
Anne Grindal Bright Prospect 5 Year Old Buy
Anneka Hardstaff Paddy BE80 Watch
Annie Bellamy Shannondale Aston 5 Year Old Buy
Annie Smith Annaghmore Lad BE80 Buy
Arabella Bealby Forward BE100 Buy
Barney Johnson-Wells Lovable Rogue BE80 Buy
Becci L Harrold Shannondale Annie BE100 Buy
Beckie Cartwright Tactical Strike BE80 Buy
Becky Mullan-Feroze Lilly BE80 Buy
Becky Mullan-Feroze Belle BE80 Buy
Bella Higham Monbeg Tsar BE80 Buy
Bella Higham Mighty Mouse BE80 Buy
Ben Way Perkel 5 Year Old Buy
Ben Way Moher Prince BE100 Watch
Bridie Molloy Foxy BE80 Buy
Caitlin Dutton Just A Dream Ii BE100 Buy
Caitlin Holgate-Davey Mockbeggar Adam BE80 Buy
Carly Beet Ziggy BE80 Buy
Carly Beet Dnoma House George BE80 Buy
Caroline Boucher On The Button Iii BE100 Open Buy
Cathy Brown Prince Grey Tom BE80 Buy
Charlotte Agar Gambler Vd Beekzijde BE90 Buy
Charlotte Bartle Eye Eye Sally BE80 Buy
Charlotte Dann Coco BE80 Buy
Charlotte MacEwan Ransboro Fear Dun BE90 Buy
Charlotte O'Reilly Tom BE80 Buy
Charlotte Robinson Alice In Wonderland Iv BE90 Buy
Chloe Astill Sizing Symphony BE80 Buy
Chloe Astill Loosen My Load BE80 Buy
Chloe Pearson Freckleton Maritza BE100 Open Buy
Chloe Pearson Switched On BE100 Open Buy
Chloe Whitehead Rupert BE80 Buy
Chloe Whitehead Molly BE80 Buy
Chloe Williams Woody BE80 Buy
Chris Armitage Krafty King BE90 Buy
Cicely McGill Newtown Artist BE80 Buy
Claire Deuten Alfansafety BE90 Open Buy
Claire Deuten Baby Fingers BE90 Open Buy
Claire Deuten Lady Berry BE90 Open Buy
Claire Lewis Perriland Leonardo BE90 Buy
Claire McCann Tick Toc Tim BE100 Buy
Claire Surl Grafelles BE90 Watch
Clare Horton-Smith Vidi Vici BE90 Buy
Claudia Campbell Minx BE80 Buy
Claudia Horsley Diamond Spectical BE90 Open Buy
Craig Barr Drombane Dassett BE90 Open Buy
Craig Barr Dassett Attraction BE90 Open Buy
Daisy Proctor Johnny Cash BE90 Open Buy
Daisy Proctor Iratu Varagnac BE100 Buy
Danica Lawson Rusty Nail BE80 Buy
Danielle Gwynne Badger BE80 Buy
Danielle Jones Two Steps Twilight BE80 Buy
Darcey Wilkinson William Xvii BE100 Open Buy
David Evans Cavalier Captain BE100 Open Buy
Denny Bailey Embla Coppice BE80 Buy
Edie Campbell Glendew BE80 Buy
Eliza Stoddart Priorspark Flashpoint 5 Year Old Buy
Elizabeth Homer Tourtane BE100 Buy
Ella Woodhead Derroe Sprinter BE100 Buy
Ella Woodhead Theo BE80 Buy
Ellen Singer The Double Dip BE90 Buy
Ellie Clarke Lex Iv BE90 Buy
Ellie Clarke Bertie Ii BE80 Buy
Ellie Clarke Primitive Clown BE80 Buy
Emelia Petchell Cartown Apache BE80 Buy
Emily Prangnell Dhi Falkon BE100 Buy
Emily Prangnell Lily BE80 Buy
Emily Wilkins Lord Blake BE90 Open Buy
Emma Elliott Cavalier Lad BE80 Watch
Emma Hyslop-Webb Perry BE80 Buy
Estelle Bradley Cherry Vi BE80 Buy
Eva Carrier Carrigeen Diamond BE100 Open Buy
Eve Manchon Bossy Girl BE80 Buy
Fiona Davidson Tom Of Diamonds 5 Year Old Buy
Fiona Davidson Regal Prince V BE100 Buy
Fiona Davidson Secret Weapon BE80 Buy
Frances Neep Silver Kittiwake BE80 Buy
Francesca Dakin Firework BE90 Buy
Frere Buckland The Manse Brae BE80 Watch
Gary Foggon Whos A Boozer 5 Year Old Buy
Gavin Vaughan Northern Candy BE90 Buy
Gemma Lindon-Rose Geschenk BE90 Buy
Georgia Bowron Coolatuder Buck BE90 Buy
Georgia Holden Garona 5 Year Old Buy
Georgia Holt Tubby Shaw BE80 Buy
Georgie Rockingham Keeford Ca Ching BE100 Buy
Georgie Rockingham September Song BE100 Open Buy
Georgina Clarke Carrick Honey Queen BE90 Buy
Georgina Clarke Aberville BE100 Open Buy
Georgina Smith Cool Hand Luke Ii BE90 Buy
Grace Gordon Sparkling Diamond BE80 Buy
Greta Mason Grc Rocky BE90 Buy
Greta Mason Cafre First Melody BE100 Buy
Hannah Comery Ballylahive Prince BE80 Buy
Hannah Marley Booty Boots BE100 Open Watch
Hannah Parr Tinkers Boy BE80 Buy
Hannah Westropp Percy BE80 Buy
Harriette Howard Ambrosiano BE100 Buy
Harriette Howard Starholme Walter Mitty BE90 Buy
Harry Fairlie Man On The Moon BE80 Buy
Hatty Coney Liberty Belle X BE100 Buy
Heather McCredie Quicksilver Eighty BE100 Buy
Helen Scholl Woodville Johnny BE90 Buy
Helen Sheard Deano BE80 Buy
Hollie Jepson Ballykillen Lass BE80 Buy
Ian Bennett Primitive Pluto BE80 Buy
Isabel White Quite Something 5 Year Old Buy
Isabella Frost Ringwood Sasnakra BE90 Buy
Isabella Robinson Wynnmere Vision BE90 Buy
Izzy Mears Psh Epitome BE100 Open Buy
Izzy Mears Psh Charisma BE100 Buy
James Cuthbert Unshine BE90 Buy
Jane Armstrong Bramcotes Lucky 7 BE100 Buy
Jenna Allinson Beaulah Sunway Lagoon BE90 Buy
Jennifer Hall Fernhill On Tour BE90 Buy
Jennifer Johns Chekov BE80 Buy
Jess Butler Tilly BE80 Buy
Jess Butler Zena BE80 Buy
Jess Butler Roxy BE80 Buy
Jess Duxbury Mulligan BE80 Buy
Jess Johnson Dolce Vita Iii BE100 Open Buy
Jessica Baugh Trifolium Field BE80 Buy
Jessica Corser Direct Contender 5 Year Old Buy
Jessica Montgomery Follow That High BE90 Buy
Jessica Wasley B Walt Lando Z BE80 Buy
Jill Watmough Mighty Sea Warrior BE100 Buy
Jo Ward Centaur Liza Jane BE100 Buy
Jo Ward Geminis Proposal BE80 Buy
Jo Ward Hidden Diamond BE90 Buy
Joanna Purvis A Spot Of Clover BE80 Buy
Joanne Bednall Deva Zsandar BE100 Buy
Joanne Brown Hughie BE80 Buy
Joanne Watts Darc Legend BE90 Buy
Jodie Wrench Silvery Silk BE80 Buy
Joy Jackson Glencarrig Spirit BE90 Buy
Joyce Lomas Powder King BE80 Buy
Julia Dungworth Killossery Kingston BE100 Buy
Julia Dungworth Bravo Bellissimo 5 Year Old Buy
Karen Holmes Lucas M BE100 Open Buy
Karen Powney Flash Of The Blues BE90 Watch
Kat Sydenham-Young Peaks Prime Time BE80 Buy
Kate Corker Monbeg Early Dawn BE80 Buy
Kate Gorse Beau BE80 Buy
Kate Hayward Nobelle Clover BE90 Buy
Kate Pegrum Lancelot BE80 Buy
Kate Pegrum Snoopy BE80 Buy
Kate Pegrum Lenamore Lazard BE80 Buy
Kate Rocher-Smith Svs Dassett Enterprise BE90 Open Buy
Kate Rocher-Smith Dassett Odyssey BE100 Buy
Kate Ward Three Greens BE80 Buy
Kathryn Woolley Newport Arch BE90 Buy
Kathryn Woolley Alimarr BE100 Buy
Katie Collins Kevin BE80 Buy
Katie Oxby Piper BE80 Buy
Keeley Durham Adagio Iv BE100 Open Buy
Kelsey Walker Summer BE80 Buy
Kelsey Walker Banjo BE80 Buy
Kelsey Walker Oscar Ii BE80 Buy
Kezia Lay Magpie Girl BE80 Buy
Kirsten Hendry-Griffiths All That Malarky BE90 Buy
Kirsten Wright D Espirit Roulette BE80 Buy
Kitty Taylor Prince Iii BE100 Open Buy
Kitty Taylor Queens Toxica BE100 Buy
Kyrie Birkett Emerald Rock BE80 Watch
Lacey Dowse Breezy Cms BE100 Buy
Lara Wallace Cupidon BE100 Open Buy
Laura Bennett Salik BE80 Buy
Laura Bregant Grangewood Mccoy BE90 Buy
Laura Ridlington Factor Three BE80 Buy
Laura Turner Moortown Alchemist BE80 Buy
Laura Waddington Shannondale Tilly BE80 Buy
Laura Watson Contory 5 Year Old Buy
Laura Webb Lord Of Galloway BE100 Buy
Lauren Allin The Aviator Iii BE100 Buy
Lauren Church Tourmakeady Jack BE80 Buy
Lauren Dexter Erica Cinerea BE80 Buy
Lauren Hayes Colonel BE80 Buy
Lauren Hextall Bosworth Field BE90 Open Buy
Lauren Shannon Edelweis V BE100 Open Buy
Lauren Winspear Miss Independent BE90 Buy
Leanne Reynolds Kilpurcells Mystery BE80 Buy
Leanne Wade Cullagh BE80 Buy
Leila Loveday Colehill Carerra BE100 Open Buy
Lilly Adkins Jumbo Bay BE100 Buy
Lilly Dodds Apaches Blaze BE80 Buy
Lily Blythe Ashdale Sky's The Limit BE80 Buy
Lily Gray Billy Goat BE80 Buy
Lindsay Harrison Fugly BE80 Buy
Lisa Freckingham Bobby BE80 Buy
Lisa Freckingham The Classic Composer BE100 Buy
Lisa Hyde The In Thing BE90 Buy
Lisa Reid Diptford Kestral BE80 Buy
Liz Pears Statham Nautilas BE80 Buy
Lizzie Baugh B Exclusive BE100 Buy
Lizzie Best Pacific Blue Iii BE90 Buy
Loran Wilcox Pedlar BE80 Buy
Loretta Joynson Psh Odysseus BE100 Buy
Loretta Joynson Psh Catalyst BE90 Open Buy
Loretta Joynson Psh Lets Tango BE100 Buy
Lorna Collins Blackrock Ricardo 5 Year Old Buy
Lucy Barnwell Bertie Wooster BE80 Watch
Lucy Bednall My Grey Melody BE90 Buy
Lucy Goodey Lady Guinevere Elm BE90 Buy
Lucy Jackson Dolce Schimanski 5 Year Old Buy
Lucy Jakes Hio Dancing Lad BE100 Buy
Lucy Paybody Buster BE80 Buy
Lucy Stimson Cregaan Scenic BE100 Open Buy
Lucy Stimson Lisnalea Grace BE100 Buy
Lucy Stimson Bits Of Blue BE100 Buy
Lydia Crouch Romano K BE100 Buy
Lyndsay Smith Carlo Iv BE100 Buy
Lynne Appleby Patriot BE80 Buy
Maddy Moffett Cooley Well Related BE90 Buy
Margaret Cole Tinraher Liam BE90 Buy
Margaux Herinckx Waipuna Rose BE90 Open Buy
Marie Osborne Cest Boom La La BE80 Buy
Mark Cavell Smudge BE80 Buy
Maxine Smith Astra Millers Dream BE100 Buy
Melissa Fricker Walter BE80 Buy
Melissa Newton Ori BE80 Buy
Michele French River Hill Iii BE80 Buy
Michele Redgraves Dodger BE80 Buy
Michelle Patrick Dream On Porsche BE80 Buy
Michelle Pritchard Promise BE80 Buy
Millicent Shepherd Madam Zorro BE90 Buy
Milly Mitchell Rapid Black Magic BE90 Buy
Miranda Brooman-White Minnie BE80 Buy
Miranda Harrison Coulston Topcat BE100 Buy
Mollie Mills Hero BE80 Buy
Mollie Mills Bertie BE80 Buy
Molly Brown Ifan BE80 Buy
Molly Brown Sparkling Luidam Clover BE80 Buy
Morgan Johnson -Wells Moonlight Ard Silver BE80 Buy
Morgan Johnson -Wells Luens Velds Xantos BE80 Buy
Nat Dixon Total Eclipse BE90 Buy
Nat Dixon Vic BE100 Open Buy
Nat Dixon Irish Class BE90 Buy
Natalie Biggin Dark Emperor 5 Year Old Buy
Natalie Carter Ozzy BE80 Buy
Niall(IRL) Griffin Red (hc) BE80 Buy
Nicola Chappell Missy BE80 Buy
Nicola Hughes Rathmore's Little Artist BE80 Watch
Nicola Parker Our Becks BE80 Buy
Nicola Parker Millers Lace BE80 Buy
Nini French Akd Corline 5 Year Old Buy
Nini French Able BE90 Buy
Noah Brook Tabasco Boy BE100 Buy
Olivia Dawson Sanau Hugo BE90 Watch
Olivia Mawditt Skys True Illusion BE80 Buy
Ollie Finnegan Monbeg Bounty BE80 Buy
Ollie Finnegan Monbeg Tsar BE80 Buy
Ollie Lord Ibeatu BE90 Watch
Penny Roberts Buddy BE80 Buy
Philippa Heler Direct Beechfield BE100 Open Buy
Phillip Grimwood Secret Friend BE80 Buy
Phillipa Ward Quality Mack 5 Year Old Watch
Phoebe Booth Sillogue B BE100 Buy
Pippa Hanley Storm Xv BE90 Buy
Poppy Noble Aosta Wizard BE100 Buy
Rachael Parrott Cartymore Spot BE100 Buy
Rachel Clark Wellington Curtis BE80 Buy
Rachel Clark Kryptic K Curtis BE80 Buy
Rachel Clark Bluestone Curtis BE80 Buy
Rachel De Fraja Lionel BE90 Buy
Rachel Eley Tremle About Thyme BE80 Watch
Rachel Finnegan Digby BE80 Buy
Rachel Finnegan Terry BE80 Buy
Rachel Gillard Almost A Rainbow BE80 Buy
Rachel Woolley Carlby Cruiser BE90 Buy
Rebecca Binks Mouse V BE90 Buy
Rebecca Bullock Power Pack Iii BE100 Open Buy
Rebecca Bush Artemis Viii BE100 Buy
Rebekkah Minchin-Hepburn Jackson Brown BE80 Buy
Richard P Jones Teeton Turnip BE100 Buy
Richard P Jones Garrison Rhodes BE100 Buy
Richard P Jones Dinan Gem BE100 Buy
Richard P Jones Fonbherna Lancer BE90 Open Buy
Richard P Jones Mile Hill Boy BE100 Buy
Richard Thompson Kings Mistress BE100 Buy
Robert Bamford B Lennox BE90 Buy
Robert Brown Alkborough Oberon BE90 Buy
Robert Withall Max Xiv BE90 Buy
Roger Lee Dynamo Ii BE100 Buy
Rosalind Canter Dhi Jura BE100 Open Buy
Rosalind Canter Dieuwke BE90 Open Buy
Rosemary Riley Johnny BE80 Buy
Rosie Cosgrove Toffee BE80 Buy
Ruby Johnson Kimba Savi BE80 Buy
Sally Butler Just William Iii BE100 Open Buy
Sally Grimes Glebedale Deception BE80 Buy
Sally Hall Merevale BE80 Buy
Sam Gillespie Hopes And Dreams 5 Year Old Buy
Sam Gillespie Diessel Equi Nova BE90 Buy
Samantha Molyneux Ralph BE80 Buy
Samantha Molyneux Pierre BE80 Buy
Sara Reynard Benjamin Vii BE90 Buy
Sarah Charnley Enjoy Ii BE80 Buy
Sarah Colgan Miss Rebel Diamond BE80 Buy
Sarah Gowing Keeford Deluxe BE80 Buy
Sarah Martin Power Play BE100 Buy
Sarah Martin Field Power BE100 Open Buy
Sarah Parkes Isabelle Mirah 5 Year Old Buy
Sarah Short Samwise Arkansas BE90 Buy
Sarah Stretton Greenvale Albebaran BE90 Open Buy
Sarah Stretton Shannondale Sonya BE90 Open Buy
Sarah Stretton Geronimo Vii BE90 Open Buy
Sarah Wain Amber BE80 Buy
Scott Wallace Strike It Lucky V BE90 Buy
Scott Wallace Miserden Solitaire BE100 Buy
Serena McGregor Boots BE80 Buy
Sharni Mason Barana Flame BE80 Buy
Sharon A Westpfel-Hunt Cut The Blaze BE90 Buy
Sharon Knudsen Parsons Rhapsody BE80 Buy
Simon Bennett Wimoweh BE80 Buy
Simon Grieve Wish He Was Yours BE100 Buy
Sophie Brown Dolly BE80 Buy
Sophie Brown Bow BE80 Buy
Sophie Crease Silverley Enigma BE90 Buy
Sophie Goodman Penhill Priceless BE100 Buy
Sophie Inchley Grange Delaney BE80 Buy
Sophie Johnson Cameo Z BE80 Buy
Sophie Johnson Chilli BE80 Buy
Sophie Platt Grafenstolz Distinction 5 Year Old Buy
Sophie Platt Mega Rock Star BE90 Open Buy
Sophie Soskin Huntsman Archie BE100 Buy
Sophie White Brilliant Twilight BE100 Buy
Soulby Liam Frankie BE80 Buy
Stacie Charlton Boultbees Applejack BE80 Watch
Sue Evans Belle Isle Conor BE80 Buy
Sue M Ringrose Templemartin BE90 Buy
Sue M Ringrose Jessop Flying Officer BE100 Buy
Tanya Bridgeman Bambi K BE100 Open Buy
Tanya Bridgeman Damaskus BE100 Open Buy
Tasha Kimminau Apple BE80 Buy
Teri England Logic BE80 Buy
Teri England Harlow Carr BE80 Buy
Teri Rudkin Hasu BE100 Open Buy
Thomas Tulloch King Zulu BE100 Buy
Thomas Tulloch Bally Blackjack BE100 Buy
Thomas Tyler Centre Stage Ii BE80 Buy
Tiffany Eggleston Kilcorban Valentino BE100 Buy
Tilly Barrow Tullabeg Patch BE100 Buy
Tim Dobson-Seaton Abenwho BE100 Buy
Tim Dobson-Seaton Centaurs Archie BE100 Buy
Tina Canton All Wraped Up BE100 Buy
Tina Canton Ginger BE80 Buy
Tina Canton Dollification Van De Kapel BE90 Buy
Tina Canton Foxisle Reflection BE100 Buy
Tiny Clapham Ozzies Gem 5 Year Old Buy
Tracy Bredbury Colourful Oscar BE90 Buy
Trudy Johnson Foxridge Phantom BE90 Buy
Trudy Johnson Foxridge Dante BE100 Buy
Trudy Johnson Reggae Man BE100 Open Buy
Tyler Cassells Serenade Iii 5 Year Old Watch
Tyler Cassells Francesca Du Domaine R 5 Year Old Buy
Tyler Cassells J Adore Salsa 5 Year Old Buy
Victoria Kilbourn Dolce Far Niente BE80 Buy
Victoria Marchi Heatheroak Harry BE100 Buy
Victoria Pashby Octo Rio BE80 Buy
Victoria Raw Cheeky Charlie V BE100 Buy
Virginia M Turnbull Lime Rickey BE90 Open Buy
Virginia M Turnbull Jolie Lark BE100 Buy
Virginia M Turnbull Grafics BE90 Open Buy
Wendy Beal Poppy BE80 Buy
Will Clayton Usher De Florianne BE80 Buy
Will Clayton Calypso De Blonde BE80 Buy
Zara Dorrington Silent Echo Ii BE100 Open Buy
Zeinab Salem Yogi BE80 Watch
Zoe Grimwood Journeys End BE80 Buy