Skipton (2) 2018 | An Eventful Life

Skipton (2) 2018

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Skipton (2) 2018

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbie Pearson Private Affaer BE100 Regional Final Buy
Abbie Thorne Rosscon Rockfield Boy BE80 Buy
Abby Austin Lilac Time BE90 Buy
Abigail Clare Arleys Goldmine BE90 Watch
Abigail Lambert Just Seamus BE80 Buy
Abigail Pearse Kalli BE90 Regional Final Buy
Adrienne Irving Wendy Revel BE80 Watch
Alan Goodenough Chiefs Looking Glass BE80 Buy
Alex Hill Ballygriffin Doc Cider BE90 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Freddie Viii BE100 Buy
Alex Postolowsky Carolain BE100 Buy
Alexandra Hardy Lucky Junior BE80 Buy
Alexandra Morgan Machno Rhodri BE80 Buy
Alfie Birkett Mymwood Rosie BE90 Buy
Alice Davies-cooke Discovery V Open Novice Buy
Alicia Newing Ks Jazz BE90 Watch
Alison Brown Penny Farthing Vi BE90 Buy
Alison Brown Timeless Banshee BE80 Buy
Alison Worley Budore Michael Anglo BE80 Buy
Allison Knights None Go Bye Red BE90 Buy
Ally Cope Bond Girl Ii BE90 Buy
Amelia Waterhouse Caher Rocky Novice Buy
Amy Fishwick Solloway Red Rose BE80 Buy
Amy Osborne Walter Tate BE100 Regional Final Buy
Amy Wybergh Ooda Loop Novice Buy
Andrea Marshall Call Him Superman BE80 Watch
Andrea Morris Kec Whispa In The Wind Novice Buy
Andrew Heffernan On Point BE100 Buy
Anna Layfield Derrygimbla Boy BE90 Regional Final Buy
Anna Layfield Darraks Clover Lux BE100 Regional Final Buy
Annabel Stanley Solitiare BE80 Buy
Ant Woodbine Dianto BE100 Open Buy
Anthea Thompson Ewan BE90 Buy
Anya Strilkowski Woodlander Wagalina BE90 Watch
Becci L Harrold Shannondale Annie BE90 Regional Final Buy
Beth Clegg Temple Ellie BE90 Regional Final Buy
Beth Eyles Abi BE100 Buy
Billie Bradbury Fine Day BE90 Regional Final Buy
Billie-Jo Davies Boann Sonic BE80 Buy
Breanne Kelso Jack Xxiv BE100 Regional Final Buy
Brier Leahy Trethern BE100 Open Buy
Caitlin Cox Cherokee Rising BE90 Regional Final Buy
Carly Woolley Grand Illusion BE90 Regional Final Buy
Caroline Taylor Castlelawn Fantastic BE100 Regional Final Buy
Carolyn Walkden Mr Frodo Ii BE80 Buy
Carrie Skelton Hespo Novice Buy
Cath Hall Crosstown Dancing Clover BE100 Open Buy
Catherine White Primitive Shining Star BE100 Buy
Chantelle Harris Johnstons Kiwi BE90 Buy
Charis Knipe Helsington Ready Or Not BE80 Buy
Charis Knipe Showgirl V BE90 Buy
Charlie Pimblott Millie Magic BE90 Buy
Charlotte Eastwood Pengoch Jonah BE80 Buy
Charlotte Fox Tullamoon Prince Charming BE80 Buy
Charlotte G Flood Super Sonic Iii BE100 Regional Final Buy
Charlotte Horsley Colour By Design Novice Buy
Charlotte Morphet Much Ado Ii Novice Buy
Charlotte Saxby Misty Day BE90 Buy
Chloe Nixon Anna Ii BE80 Buy
Chloe Whitney Run For Fun BE100 Regional Final Buy
Chris Fairs Whinchat BE90 Regional Final Watch
Christine Chippendale Just In Time BE100 Buy
Christine Salvage Rich Idol BE90 Buy
Christine Salvage M C Zephyr BE80 Buy
Christopher Whittle Curious Mr Chips BE100 Open Buy
Christopher Whittle Sea King Ii BE100 Buy
Claire Lewis Master Wickham BE90 Regional Final Buy
Claire Light Ruby Red Ii BE90 Regional Final Buy
Claire Phillips Dunleckney Lark Novice Buy
Claire Williamson Tynagh Tim BE100 Buy
Colin Rae Viking Raider BE100 Buy
David Barrell Jalapeno Ii BE90 Buy
Dawn Grant Rosie Xli BE90 Regional Final Buy
Debbie Otterburn Mccoy Ii BE80 Buy
Deborah Hogg Rookins Danny BE90 Buy
Eadie Crouchley Benban Spirit BE90 Regional Final Watch
Edward Bradley Little Jimmey BE100 Regional Final Buy
Elise Jones Oakhead Red Devil BE90 Buy
Elizabeth Broadbent Silver Sunset BE100 Buy
Elizabeth Hayden Headleys Daredevil BE100 Buy
Elizabeth Ostle Glaramara Luca BE100 Regional Final Buy
Ella Armitage Beau Iii BE100 Watch
Ella Eadon Longwood Queen Of Diamonds BE100 Buy
Ella Turner Frankie Iii BE90 Regional Final Buy
Ellie Mollart Shersheen Trying Times BE90 Buy
Ellis Morton Dhi Sambuca BE90 Regional Final Watch
Emily Jagger King Herman BE90 Buy
Emily Murphy Hugo Xiv BE80 Buy
Emma - Thorpe Treliver Dashley BE100 Watch
Emma Mould Join The Dots BE90 Buy
Emma Rarity Zummertimes BE100 Regional Final Buy
Erica Hockney Eddy Splash BE100 Regional Final Buy
Erika Sjostrom Ghf On The Button BE90 Buy
Estelle Eccleston Top Its Ambitious BE90 Regional Final Watch
Felicity White Rathfee Freebie BE80 Buy
Fleur Lemke Georgia Rain BE90 Buy
Fleur Lemke Apache Warrior BE90 Buy
Fleur Lemke Shortwood Shadows In The Dark BE90 Buy
Francesca Dakin Firework Novice Buy
Francesca Fitzherbert Hartpury Take It 2 The Top Open Novice Buy
Freddie Fawcett Kilimazing Quartz Novice Buy
Freddie Fawcett Beltrim Sweet Clover Novice Buy
Frederik Nagel Rudi Novice Buy
Freya Kendrew Easter Vii BE100 Buy
Gabriela Baxter Billy Castillo BE90 Buy
Gail Bunce Artemis Bay BE100 Buy
Gail McAuley Emperors Diamond Star BE90 Buy
Gareth Warburton Coolboy Chinook BE90 Buy
Georgia Holden Pal Joey Novice Buy
Georgina Prest Obsidian Iii BE90 Regional Final Buy
Gillian Edward Benny Station BE90 Regional Final Buy
Grace Cooper Cedarmount Cavalier BE100 Buy
Grace Lumley Harveys Faeble BE90 Buy
Gracie Franey Wi Max BE80 Buy
Harriet Stephenson Meribel Rock BE100 Buy
Harriet Wright Riverside Lesotho BE100 Buy
Harriet Wright Modrix Dor Van De Mispelaere BE100 Buy
Harriet Wright Gino Vanelli Novice Buy
Harry Harding Withington Novice Buy
Harry Moran Galwaybay Lucky BE100 Buy
Harvey Yendall-Smith Atlantic Cruising BE90 Buy
Hayley Graves Beau Nieuwmoed BE90 Buy
Hazel Harris Bunderberg BE90 Buy
Hazel Towers Emperor First Choice Girl BE80 Buy
Hazel Towers Trouble At The Mill Novice Buy
Hazel Towers Welton Affaere Novice Buy
Hazel Towers Waikiki Cz BE100 Open Buy
Hazel Towers Fuzzyfelt BE100 Buy
Heather Urquhart Crafty Wizard BE90 Regional Final Buy
Helen White Borris Herbie BE90 Regional Final Buy
Helena Broadley Triple C Ii BE90 Buy
Holly Stevenson Touchdown Billy BE90 Regional Final Buy
Iain Mackenzie Rapid Times BE90 Buy
Ian Newton Ballahowe Comet BE90 Buy
Imogen Coughlan Bee Naround Novice Buy
Imogen Patrick Creagh Mazeppa BE90 Buy
Imogen Sutcliffe Wodka Lime BE100 Buy
Isabella Armitage Silvers Way BE90 Buy
Isobel Higginbotham Ringfort Pandora BE90 Buy
Issie Thompson Pennineview Kaiser Chief BE90 Buy
Jackie Tait Manor House Merry Mate Boy BE90 Regional Final Buy
Jade Thompson Shes Gold BE90 Regional Final Buy
Jake Fowles Weston Dazzler BE100 Buy
James Rushbrooke Poynstown Rocket BE100 Buy
James Rushbrooke Always On My Mind BE100 Buy
Jane Christison On Flight BE90 Buy
Janna Wood Cassidy Of Leemires BE100 Buy
Jasmine Watson B Silktown Magnolia BE90 Regional Final Buy
Jasmine Watson Grande By Design BE90 Watch
Jennifer Lange Desdamona BE100 Regional Final Buy
Jennifer Stead Fortunus Open Novice Buy
Jennifer Stead Dsh Luckey Town Novice Buy
Jessica Baugh Ashcroft Chatterbox BE100 Buy
Jessica Baugh Rnh Vincent Junior Novice Buy
Jessica Blaymire A Dream Within BE90 Buy
Jessica Chapman Goodheys Carousel BE90 Buy
Jessica Dickson Opals Fantasy BE90 Watch
Jessica Murray Ballydonah Rebel BE90 Regional Final Watch
Jessica Rawsthorn Jazz Time Iv BE100 Regional Final Buy
Jessica Taylor Tiger Lilly Xxx BE90 Buy
Jo Holding My Magic Star BE100 Buy
Joanne Watts Sirens Tigerlily Novice Buy
Jodie Webster Denzil BE80 Buy
John Guy The Usual Suspects BE90 Regional Final Buy
John-Paul Sheffield Royal Legend BE100 Buy
John-Paul Sheffield Sanbonani BE100 Buy
John-Paul Sheffield Midnight Blues BE100 Buy
John-Paul Sheffield Tynan Cooley Novice Buy
Jonathan Procter Falko Van Valenta BE80 Buy
Jordan Kavanagh Be My Romeo BE100 Regional Final Buy
Jordan Tipping Hammy BE80 Buy
Josie Hatch Tyrones Silversummit BE90 Buy
Joss Stewardson Asblands George BE100 Open Buy
Judy Armstrong Endeavour V BE90 Watch
Julia Mulligan Joy V Hof Ter Bolle Z BE90 Buy
Karen Donaghue Noorje Roos Vanbeek BE90 Buy
Kate Halpin Miss Valentino BE90 Buy
Katherine Holloway Whitewood BE90 Watch
Katie Brickman Etasja BE90 Regional Final Buy
Katie Brickman Black Jack V BE80 Watch
Katie Collins Susurrayshaan BE100 Buy
Katie Field Jubilee Jinx BE80 Buy
Katie Woodall Brave And Blazing Boy BE90 Buy
Katy A Rothwell Captivate Novice Buy
Kaylee Clark Samson Ix BE100 Buy
Keith Rosier Just Jenson BE80 Buy
Kelly Norman Benvarden Muskie BE100 Buy
Kelly Scott Bazaars Jumble BE100 Buy
Kerry Olivieri Moygannon Cruise BE100 Regional Final Buy
Kimberley Marshall Evans Wood BE90 Regional Final Buy
Kimberley Price The Pink Panther Vi BE90 Buy
Kirsty Hogg Stonehavens Redrock Novice Buy
Kirsty Hogg Harry Oh Open Novice Buy
Lara Cubley Mister Premier BE80 Buy
Laura Burton Blessington Power Novice Watch
Laura Greenhalgh Stanhopes Travelling Man BE90 Regional Final Buy
Laura Hayden Manhattans First Choice BE90 Regional Final Buy
Laura Smith Ucs Subaru BE80 Buy
Laura Warwick Mr Moonshine Boy BE80 Buy
Laura Warwick Carlando BE90 Buy
Lauren Gaunt Bazaars Graffiti BE100 Buy
Laurie Stewart Martha Iv BE90 Buy
Leanne Graves Showcase BE100 Buy
Leonna Mayor Mr Rua BE100 Watch
Libby Humphreys Macalla BE90 Buy
Lily Blythe Ashdale Skys The Limit BE90 Buy
Lily Blythe Clonshire Kestrel BE90 Regional Final Buy
Lily Dickinson Jack Blue Novice Buy
Linda Brennand My Ruby BE90 Buy
Lisa Turnbull Midnight Proposal BE90 Buy
Lisa Walsh Sophistica BE100 Buy
Liz Wilson Eye Down BE90 Regional Final Watch
Lloyd Newton Waterbeck Woodruff BE90 Regional Final Buy
Lois Roberts Make A Wish Iii BE90 Regional Final Buy
Lottie Hill-Trevor Billie Curtis BE90 Buy
Louise Anderson Diancara Vdl BE90 Regional Final Buy
Louise Clark Lisatara Lad BE80 Buy
Louise Knock Laurelview Alice BE100 Buy
Lucinda Atkinson Prf Jaguar Elite BE100 Buy
Lucinda Markendale Monochrome Zee BE80 Buy
Lucy A York Moortown Alchemist BE90 Buy
Lucy Jaskowicz Croftfarm Julius Novice Watch
Lucy Lloyd Glensensaw Sweet Girl BE100 Open Buy
Lucy Mallinson Withcote Warrior BE90 Regional Final Buy
Lucy Robinson Garvan Drummer BE100 Buy
Lucy Sugden I Am Quality Dhi BE100 Watch
Lucy Thomas Rubys Romance BE90 Regional Final Buy
Lucy Whitehead Maximum Leader BE80 Buy
Lydia Turnbull Robe Summer Knight BE100 Buy
Maddie Maher Willoway Chicago BE90 Regional Final Buy
Madeleine Wolfenden Springfield Baby Bell BE100 Regional Final Buy
Maggie Dearnley Lassban Ice Cool BE100 Buy
Maisie Cain Beechhill Tilly BE80 Buy
Mark Richard Fuller Franko BE80 Watch
Marta Ozyzniewska Madame Z Novice Buy
Matilda Wadeson Dartagnan BE90 Regional Final Buy
Matilda Wadeson Knights Beau BE100 Regional Final Buy
McKenzie Clark Diamonds Hero BE80 Buy
Megan Boocock Sportsfield Ricky BE100 Buy
Megan Lewcock Independence BE90 Buy
Mia Ketcher Lostock James Brown Novice Buy
Mia Ketcher Lostock Jazzman BE100 Regional Final Buy
Michelle Fitton Selbstganger BE90 Buy
Michelle Hindmarsh Glennis BE100 Buy
Michelle Hindmarsh Hakuna Matata Vdz Novice Buy
Michelle Pritchard Fathers Compromise BE90 Regional Final Buy
Moira Ashton-Walsh Southway BE100 Open Buy
Molly Phillips Watachance BE100 Open Buy
Morgan Stokes Cor Blimey O Reilly BE90 Buy
Morven Pringle Alfred Boss BE90 Buy
Nathan Connolly Westminster Red BE90 Buy
Niamh Lonergan Little Miss Millicent BE90 Buy
Nicholas Johnson Charlies Approval BE80 Buy
Nicky Green Opening Bid Ii BE100 Open Buy
Nicola Mann Catton Candyman BE90 Watch
Nicola O'connor June D Novice Buy
Nydia Chandler Goldies Indiana BE100 Regional Final Buy
Oliver Kent Jjays Havana BE100 Buy
Oliver Williams Equi Open Novice Buy
Olivia Rogers Taihirion Colorado Blue BE80 Buy
Olivia Stones Wet Furrows Whatever BE100 Buy
Patricia Halliwell Chamonix Supernova BE90 Watch
Patricia Moore Southern Comfort BE90 Regional Final Buy
Paul Lander Derby Duke BE90 Regional Final Buy
Pauline Fletcher Trulli Scrumptious BE80 Buy
Phillipa Ward Tipperary William BE100 Buy
Phoebe Towers Arber B BE90 Buy
Rachael Lupton Shannondale Gold Rush BE100 Buy
Rachael Lupton I Blame Bertie BE100 Buy
Rachel Clark Wot Beauty BE100 Regional Final Buy
Rachel Clark Wot Glamour Novice Buy
Rachel Inman Caoife Z Novice Buy
Rebekah Reay Saffron Ix BE90 Regional Final Buy
Rhona Smith Delightful Doris BE90 Regional Final Buy
Ria Scott Miss Demeanour Iv BE100 Buy
Ricki Riley My Noble Valentine BE90 Regional Final Buy
Rio Hall For Vehlage BE100 Open Buy
Robyn Gray Little Mill Ii BE100 Buy
Robyn Gray Coco Reef BE100 Watch
Rosalie Speeckaert Miss Murphy Ii BE100 Buy
Rosalie Speeckaert Dark Diamond Ii BE100 Regional Final Buy
Rosalind Canter Jamakin Faer Trial Novice Watch
Rosalind Canter Grafics Novice Buy
Rosalind Canter Lordships Parc Royale BE100 Buy
Rosalind Canter Shannondale Nadia Novice Buy
Rosalind Canter Izilot Dhi BE100 Buy
Ross Middleton Aberlour Novice Buy
Ross Middleton Blue Xviii BE90 Buy
Ross Middleton Diamante BE100 Buy
Sally Gillespie In Good Time BE90 Buy
Sally James Satyr BE100 Buy
Sam Ecroyd Wodan Iii Novice Buy
Sam Ecroyd Kings Ginger Open Novice Buy
Sam Ecroyd Kasseedorf Open Novice Buy
Samantha Jimmison Upsalls Lorna BE100 Regional Final Buy
Samantha Jimmison Expert BE100 Buy
Samantha Molyneux Carnoneybridge Monarch Open Novice Buy
Samantha Molyneux Feeling BE100 Open Buy
Sara Bowe Themis Du Manoir BE100 Open Buy
Sara Chapman Emerald Lad Iii BE80 Buy
Sara Entwistle Clonkyle Mayflower BE80 Watch
Sarah A Jones Ever Glade BE100 Regional Final Buy
Sarah Fawcett Actor BE90 Regional Final Buy
Sarah Fitton Stars Boy BE90 Regional Final Buy
Sarah Hamlyn Troubaritz BE80 Buy
Sarah Hayes Abbeyward Gold BE90 Buy
Sarah Lucas Tiggy Iii BE80 Buy
Sarah Metcalfe Ryehouse Jazz BE80 Buy
Sarah N Evans Commanche Bouncer BE100 Watch
Sarah Roberts Huntingfield Rock BE100 Regional Final Buy
Sarah Roberts Cartier Vd Ruitershoeve BE100 Regional Final Buy
Sarah Spearing Timberwolf Iii BE100 Regional Final Buy
Sarah Warner Zarento Vdl BE100 Regional Final Buy
Scarlett Clegg Captain Caddy BE90 Buy
Scarlett Hemingway Harthill Chico BE80 Buy
Scott Wallace Cvs Barrie Bug BE100 Buy
Scott Wallace Locarno Star Novice Buy
Shannon Stratton Marlin Diamond Starburst BE80 Watch
Sharon Prosser Cry Freedom BE100 Open Watch
Shauna Carman Sirillio Queen BE90 Buy
Shauna Carman Ben Beg Boy BE80 Buy
Sky Otterburn Cuffstown Village Boy BE90 Buy
Sophie Alexander Marbridge Diamond Imp BE100 Buy
Sophie Brown Sarchie Open Novice Buy
Sophie Brown Sbe Grafensbrook Open Novice Buy
Sophie Ingram Sarcos Annimore BE100 Buy
Sophie Maloney Knockmarc Shadow BE90 Watch
Sophie Platt Mega Rock Star Novice Buy
Sophie Sellers Kilmaine Pride BE80 Buy
Sophie Stead Sir Oakleigh BE80 Buy
Sophie Sykes Farah Sarco BE80 Watch
Stacey Marshall Ballylee Storm Chaser BE80 Buy
Stephanie Bennett Fenella Ii BE80 Watch
Stephanie Brumpton Lewaldo Star Open Novice Watch
Stephanie Green Tomgar Lancelot BE90 Regional Final Buy
Stephanie Lynch Cool Sunrise BE90 Regional Final Buy
Sue Doughty Madges Lane Sir BE90 Buy
Susan Chappelhow-Lacey Glenmore Of Roisbheinn BE90 Regional Final Buy
Susan Pym Clonswords Stardust BE90 Regional Final Buy
Sylvie Cunliffe Skellorn Realt Na Maidne BE90 Buy
Tara Barker Mr Picasso BE100 Buy
Tilly Conder Rowan Prince BE100 Buy
Tilly Milbank Ryehill Prince Samuel BE90 Regional Final Buy
Tim Jones Shadow Supernova BE90 Regional Final Buy
Tracy Hartley S Emerald Dell Aremac Z BE90 Buy
Vanessa Hamilton Trenouth BE100 Regional Final Watch
Venetia Thompson Statesman Vivendi BE100 Buy
Verity Catterall Fine Arizona BE100 Regional Final Buy
Vicki Lowe Ava Iii BE100 Regional Final Buy
Victoria A Garner Four Humour BE80 Buy
Victoria Banks Miss Junior BE100 Regional Final Buy
Wendy Hoggard Barton Blount BE90 Buy
Wendy McGrandles Ruby Mac BE90 Regional Final Watch
Willa Bowman Cornascriebe Clover BE100 Buy
Zena Roberts Diddi Dancer BE80 Buy
Zoe Thompson Esker Sire BE90 Buy