Somerford Park International (2) 2018 | An Eventful Life

Somerford Park International (2) 2018

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Somerford Park (2)

Friday 17th - Sunday 19th August 2018

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abby Todd Garrybritt Murphy BE100 Watch
Abby-elle Healy Barum Peter Pan Novice Buy
Abigail Boulton Tilston Tic Toc Open Intermediate Buy
Abigail Kate Walters Agher Spot The Difference Intermediate Watch
Adam Ashall Evita Iv Novice Buy
Adam Morgan Mini Version CIC2* Watch
Adam Trew Black Ink Intermediate Buy
Adam Trew Lamborghini Intermediate Buy
Alan Nolan Garcon De Lux Novice Buy
Alberto Giugni Orchid Elm Novice Buy
Alberto Giugni Billy Hennessy Novice Buy
Alberto Giugni Summerbridge Boots CIC1* Buy
Alberto Giugni Carneyhaugh Quantum Intermediate Buy
Alex Postolowsky Denver Viii CIC2* Watch
Alex Postolowsky Howick Freedom CIC2* Buy
Alex Postolowsky Freya V CIC2* Buy
Alexander Bragg Cooga Hat Trick Intermediate Buy
Alexander Bragg King Of The Mill CIC2* Buy
Alexander Bragg My Lucky Day Intermediate Buy
Alexander Bragg Alcatraz Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Alexander Bragg Bonmahon Blue Mist CIC2* Buy
Alexandra Haggard Magnifique Van De Doornhaag Novice Buy
Alexia Schwarz Elita BE100 Open Buy
Alexia Schwarz Lecklin Champeix Novice Buy
Ali Wilkes Social Butterfly CIC2* Watch
Ali Wilkes Tagal Novice Buy
Alice Davies-cooke Discovery V Open Intermediate Watch
Alice Davies-cooke Longfordpass Delux Open Intermediate Buy
Alice Rocher Dassett Supreme Novice Watch
Alice Tracey Hana Novice Buy
Alice Tracey Freedom Hill CIC2* Buy
Althea Bleekman Dasj Intermediate Buy
Amelia Hattersley Oak Wood Bunny CIC1* Buy
Amelia King Csf Teddy Novice Buy
Amelia Walker E Boy Intermediate Buy
Amelia Walker Coromandel Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Amelia Waterhouse Caher Rocky CIC1* Buy
Amy Cliff Ambils Flash Harry BE100 Buy
Amy Hawley Hhs Williamstown Intermediate Buy
Amy J Lennon Gortmore Rosebud Intermediate Buy
Amy J Lennon Abu Darius Intermediate Buy
Amy Martin Sparkys Reflection Open Intermediate Buy
Amy Morgan Kikos BE100 Buy
Amy Ross Cians Boy BE100 Buy
Andrea Morris Kec Whispa In The Wind CIC1* Buy
Andrew Downes Legal Graffiti BE100 Buy
Andrew Downes Kimberlys Crusador Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew Downes Ballins Kelligs BE100 Buy
Andrew Heffernan Chicko BE100 Buy
Andrew Heffernan On Point BE100 Buy
Andrew Hoy Bloom Des Hauts Crets CIC2* Buy
Andrew Nicholson Argentino Bk Intermediate Buy
Andrew Nicholson Jet Set Iv Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew Nicholson Aquiles Bt4 Intermediate Buy
Andrew Nicholson Babiblonia Bt4 Intermediate Buy
Andrew Nicholson Teseo Open Intermediate Buy
Angus Smales A Bit Much Open Intermediate Buy
Angus Smales Valentinos King Intermediate Buy
Angus Smales Eastern Gold Ii Intermediate Buy
Anna Lancashire Ballyric Novice Buy
Anna Stonex Brooklet Boo CIC1* Buy
Annabel Carthy Renegade Marmalade CIC1* Buy
Anne Tattersall Lulanda Novice Buy
Annie Getley Forever Spring Novice Buy
Annie Keir Brutus G Open Novice Buy
Arthur Duffort Tickled Pink Vi CIC1* Buy
Arthur Duffort Arkos Lad CIC1* Buy
Arthur Duffort Ring Of Fire Ii BE100 Watch
Arthur Duffort Jsc Bucketlist BE100 Buy
Arthur Pottier Garfield Et Novice Buy
Austin O'Connor Lucky Contender Open Intermediate Buy
Austin O'Connor Billy Black Cat Open Intermediate Watch
Beccie Atkinson Arracourt BE100 Buy
Becky Hartley Emc Its Showtime CIC1* Buy
Becky Hooley Primitive Bazaar Ii BE100 Buy
Beetle Gage Fly Me To The Moon Open Intermediate Watch
Bella Innes Ker Rosses Captain Open Intermediate Buy
Bella Innes Ker Highway Ii CIC1* Buy
Bella Innes Ker Guidaro CIC1* Watch
Bella Lloyd Webber Lvs Movistar CIC2* Watch
Bernadette Buxton Coolgrange Pixie BE100 Watch
Bert Bolton Fun Lovin Criminal Novice Buy
Bert Bolton Prince Ramiro CIC2* Watch
Bert Bolton Chelsea Mill Intermediate Buy
Bert Bolton Just A Wish Novice Buy
Beth Clegg Temple Ellie BE100 Buy
Bethany Humphries Rich Maximus K CIC1* Buy
Bill Levett Piltown Colours Intermediate Buy
Bill Levett Improvise Open Intermediate Buy
Bill Levett Lates Quin Open Intermediate Buy
Blyth Tait Dassett Courage Open Intermediate Buy
Bonnie Bartlett Hayestown Clover Quin CIC1* Watch
Brier Leahy Trethern Novice Buy
Brier Leahy Kellen CIC2* Buy
Caitlin Pitcher Mji Master Mccricket CIC2* Watch
Carlos Parro Watusi CIC1* Buy
Carlos Parro Reubens Promise BE100 Buy
Carlos Parro Vicount Volani Novice Buy
Carlos Parro Maesmawr Fox CIC2* Buy
Carlos Parro Goliath Iii CIC2* Buy
Carlos Parro I Can Dance Hrb BE100 Buy
Carlos Parro Jrp Kick On Casanova CIC2* Buy
Carole Dennis Edison Nj CIC2* Buy
Carole Dennis Sonnet To Shannon BE100 Buy
Caroline Powell On The Brash Open Intermediate Buy
Caroline Powell Shannondale Inca CIC1* Buy
Caroline Powell Chance Encounter Vii Open Novice Buy
Carrie Childs Perchance BE100 Buy
Cathrine Taylor Hilda Ii BE100 Buy
Cathrine Taylor Bazaars Chit Chat Open Novice Buy
Cecilia M Bradley Townend Balou BE100 Buy
Chantal Siddle Special Proposal BE100 Buy
Charles Dicker Jimmys Hope Novice Buy
Charlie Wells Newgrove Lass BE100 Open Buy
Charlotte Bacon Last Touch CIC2* Buy
Charlotte Bacon Cooley Enno CIC2* Buy
Charlotte Clewlow Express Mail Intermediate Buy
Charlotte Clewlow Deufor Dare To Dream BE100 Buy
Charlotte Dennis Mount Panther CIC2* Buy
Charlotte Morphet Much Ado Ii Novice Buy
Chelsea Pearce Djakota Eb CIC2* Buy
Chelsea Round Fleetwood Mac V CIC2* Watch
Chloe Astill Dario CIC2* Buy
Chloe Astill Poppyfields Pebbles CIC2* Buy
Chloe Livesey Kilgarron Kontender BE100 Open Buy
Chloe Whitehead Along Came Molly Novice Watch
Chloe Whitney Run For Fun BE100 Buy
Christine Salvage Rich Idol BE100 Buy
Christine Threlfall Byzantina Fair BE100 Buy
Christopher Burton Graf Liberty Open Intermediate Buy
Christopher Whittle Magnifique Royale Novice Watch
Christopher Whittle Tregaverne CIC2* Watch
Christopher Whittle Skip Mill CIC2* Buy
Christopher Whittle Kilwaughter Blade CIC2* Buy
Christopher Whittle Vs Champion Chips CIC1* Buy
Claire Duffin Vivienne Du Carel Novice Buy
Claire Fielding You Never Said CIC1* Watch
Claire Fielding Its Chico CIC1* Buy
Claire Mealing Rowestown Monkey Intermediate Buy
Claire Phillips Dunleckney Lark CIC1* Buy
Clare Guest Longmoor Lad Novice Watch
Clare Highfield Jacobite Legend BE100 Buy
Clare Valender Ladys Sky High CIC2* Buy
Connie Warde-Aldam Erco Polo B CIC2* Watch
Constance Copestake El Kolibri Intermediate Watch
Craig Barr Ard Dassett Spectre Novice Buy
Craig Barr Dassett Code Novice Buy
Craig Barr Mbf Dassett Legacy Novice Buy
Craig Barr Boleybawn Dassett Cruise Novice Buy
Daniel Megson Cheeki Chilli Charli CIC2* Buy
Daniel Megson Popular Choice CIC2* Buy
Daniel Scott Dont Say Goodbye BE100 Open Buy
Daniel Scott Grafix CIC1* Buy
Daniel Titterton Larriston Red Bailey BE100 Buy
Danielle Holt Gorgeous George CIC1* Watch
Danielle Hughes Ballinvoher Spartacus BE100 Buy
Danni Nicholson Upsalls Georga BE100 Watch
Darren Mottershead Westswoods Scarlet Lady BE100 Buy
David Llewellyn Dromkeen Draiocht BE100 Buy
David Llewellyn Wolke Midnight BE100 Buy
Dominic Eccleston Bazaars Hightown BE100 Open Buy
Edie Campbell Fireball F Intermediate Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Deniro Z Open Intermediate Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Cooley Copresenter Novice Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Cooley Quicksilver Open Intermediate Buy
Eliza Watson Curious Mr Chips BE100 Open Buy
Eliza Watson Belter BE100 Open Buy
Elizabeth Power Samuel Thomas Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Elizabeth Power Dsl The Entertainer Open Intermediate Buy
Elizabeth Power Soladoun Open Intermediate Buy
Elizabeth Power Azure CIC1* Buy
Elizabeth Walker Dollys Daughter Ii Novice Buy
Elizabeth Walker Wall Street Novice Buy
Ella Fraser Fabris Novice Buy
Ella Woodhead Fernhill Playboy CIC2* Watch
Ella Woodhead Westwood Mariner Open Intermediate Buy
Ellie Rutherford D Fir Trees First Novice Buy
Ellie Williams Cavaliers Pride CIC2* Watch
Emilie Chandler Winning Belle Intermediate Buy
Emilie Chandler Coopers Law Open Intermediate Buy
Emilie Chandler Jemilla Open Intermediate Buy
Emilie Chandler Gortfadda Diamond Open Intermediate Buy
Emily King Brookleigh Open Novice Buy
Emily King Langford Take The Biscuit Novice Buy
Emily King Quinlan Z Open Intermediate Buy
Emily King Amore Jg Z BE100 Buy
Emily King Kings Rose Novice Buy
Emily Philp Primitive Perdita Novice Buy
Emily Philp Unchained Melody Novice Buy
Emily Rucker Cesano H Open Novice Buy
Emily Wheelhouse Shes A Lady CIC2* Buy
Emma Corner Iamwotiam CIC2* Buy
Emma Corner Edmonton Els CIC2* Buy
Emma Lawton Mantra CIC2* Watch
Emma Rarity Zummertimes BE100 Buy
Emma Silman Kec Sazoon CIC1* Buy
Emma Silman Kec Simona BE100 Buy
Emma Silman Kec Quality Edition Novice Buy
Emma Silman Kec Kimberley Novice Buy
Emma Stretton Willy Ever Intermediate Buy
Erin Coughlan Arctic Mouse BE100 Open Watch
Etti Dale Samwise Novice Buy
Etti Dale Simply Simon Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Faye Mcphillips Drombane Rebel Novice Watch
Fern Hordern Baluchis Novice Watch
Fern Hordern Country Rioca BE100 Buy
Fern Thomas Bronze Flight BE100 Open Buy
Ffion Robinson Knockmore Rock BE100 Watch
Fiona Davidson Cranny Hill Chosen CIC2* Buy
Fiona Macdonald Spring Into Business Novice Buy
Flora Harris Diamond Holly CIC1* Buy
Flora Harris Monarts Masterpiece CIC2* Buy
Francesca Dakin Firework Novice Buy
Francesca Fitzherbert Hartpury Take It 2 The Top CIC1* Buy
Franky Reid-warrilow Dolley Phantom Novice Buy
Franky Reid-warrilow Tillington Jet Setter Novice Buy
Frederik Nagel Rudi Novice Watch
Gail Bunce Artemis Bay BE100 Buy
Gareth Warburton Six One Away Novice Buy
Gareth Warburton Shenandoah Iv BE100 Buy
Gemma Tattersall Arctic Soul Open Intermediate Buy
Gemma Wellings Strong Prospect CIC2* Watch
Gemma Wellings Drumaclan Diamond D CIC2* Buy
George Hopwell Foxcovert Grey CIC1* Watch
Georgia Dixon Fiderpoppy CIC1* Watch
Georgia Dukes Jsr Jiji CIC2* Buy
Georgia Holden Premier Platinum Novice Buy
Georgia Holden Pal Joey Novice Buy
Georgie Rockingham September Song CIC1* Buy
Georgina Prest Obsidian Iii BE100 Watch
Georgina Reece Carrick Diamond Craft BE100 Buy
Georgina Vicente Olive Du Gesnois BE100 Buy
Ginny Howe Trendy Captain Clover Intermediate Buy
Ginny Howe Undalgo De Windsor Intermediate Buy
Ginny Howe Cruise On Inny Open Intermediate Buy
Grace Lumley After The Beat BE100 Buy
Grace Taylor Jack In The Box Iii CIC2* Buy
Hannah Atkinson Falant BE100 Open Buy
Hannah Bate Galvinised CIC1* Buy
Hannah Bate Ardfield Tower BE100 Buy
Hannah Bate Fanta Boy CIC2* Watch
Hannah Bate Riverside Vision Open Intermediate Buy
Hannah Bate Ardfield Lord BE100 Buy
Hannah Bate Dialogue De B'neville BE100 Buy
Hannah Bate Barones Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Hannah Brown Winsome Control Open Intermediate Buy
Harriet Bagley Ballyoskill Boy BE100 Watch
Harriet Bagley Southgrange Dominator BE100 Watch
Harriet Mitchell Dusky Limit Novice Buy
Harriet Wright Riverside Lesotho BE100 Buy
Harriet Wright Modrix Dor Van De Mispelaere BE100 Buy
Harriett Beaumont Annaghmore Bonita CIC1* Buy
Harriett Beaumont Confetti Ii CIC1* Buy
Harriett Rhodes Toytime Ii BE100 Buy
Harry Meade Brookfield Quality Open Novice Buy
Harry Meade Gideon Open Intermediate Buy
Harry Meade Monbeg Medlar Intermediate Buy
Harry Meade Red Kite Intermediate Buy
Harry Moran Galwaybay Lucky BE100 Buy
Hattie McCance Dannys Diamond BE100 Buy
Hattie McCance Sand Storm Ii CIC1* Buy
Hayden Hankey Henrys Diamond Point BE100 Watch
Hayden Hankey King Ralph CIC1* Buy
Hayden Hankey Youve Got The Lux CIC2* Buy
Hayley Millington-Smith Phoenix Fire Dancer Intermediate Watch
Heidi Woodhead Handsome Dhi Novice Buy
Heidi Woodhead Generous Dhi Intermediate Buy
Heidi Woodhead Harieko Dhi Novice Buy
Helen Bates Moreno BE100 Buy
Helen Bates Geluk G CIC2* Buy
Helen Bates Ittigen W BE100 Buy
Helen E Dunning Bojack Jx CIC1* Buy
Helen Flinn Kec Simpli Quality Novice Watch
Helen Jones Ok Kandu BE100 Buy
Helen Jones Merlot CIC1* Buy
Helen Jones Shes Kanny Intermediate Buy
Helena Pope Courtyard Cracker BE100 Open Buy
Helena Vardag-Walters Vardags Bucephalus BE100 Buy
Helena Vardag-Walters Noble Nuteller BE100 Buy
Henny Cooper Ballyvad Dubh CIC1* Buy
Henrietta Horsley-Gubbins Trinity Cavalier CIC1* Watch
Henry Stott Its Sharons Choice CIC2* Watch
Hippolyte Rechard Diamond Duette CIC2* Buy
Hippolyte Rechard Highland Patriot CIC2* Buy
Holly Bradshaw Archfield Echo Intermediate Buy
Ian Pycock Trendy Diamond Cruiser BE100 Buy
Imogen Murray Donatello S Intermediate Buy
Imogen Murray Fernhill City Bound Novice Buy
Imogen Murray Ive Dun Talking Open Novice Buy
Isabel White Finding Cooley CIC2* Buy
Isabelle Hogarth Shannondale Aston CIC1* Watch
Izzy Harper Witchcraft Iii Open Novice Buy
Izzy Mears Psh Love Affair BE100 Buy
Izzy Mears Psh Goldrush BE100 Buy
Izzy Mears Pritty Lady Novice Watch
Izzy Taylor Tregolls Open Intermediate Buy
Izzy Taylor Junior Z BE100 Buy
Izzy Taylor Conguistador Ii CIC2* Buy
Izzy Taylor Star Commander Ii Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Tilt Du Chatelier Intermediate Buy
Izzy Taylor Fonbherna Lancer CIC2* Watch
Izzy Taylor Director General Intermediate Buy
Izzy Taylor Liscarrow Conista CIC2* Watch
Izzy Taylor Direct Cassino Open Intermediate Buy
Izzy Taylor Hello Stranger Novice Buy
Izzy Taylor Artful Trinity CIC2* Buy
Jack Leese Harthill Phantom Novice Buy
Jack Leese Grange Simply Gifted BE100 Buy
Jacqui McDermott Diamond Lyl Novice Buy
James Adams Cupido Iv CIC2* Watch
James Avery Seaflower Novice Buy
James Avery Vitali Open Intermediate Buy
James Rushbrooke Milchem Eclipse Intermediate Buy
James Rushbrooke Rowland Open Intermediate Buy
James Rushbrooke Always On My Mind BE100 Buy
James Rushbrooke Zelandnew Bk Intermediate Buy
James Rushbrooke Poynstown Rocket BE100 Buy
James Sommerville Talent Open Intermediate Buy
Jamie Atkinson Gonzalez Intermediate Buy
Jamie Atkinson I G W Novice Buy
Jamie Atkinson Hallo Quality Penny Novice Buy
Jane Buchan Carleton CIC2* Buy
Janet Clarke Bright Knight Iii Intermediate Buy
Janet Clarke Tch Top Label Intermediate Buy
Jaya O?neill Drakkar Open Intermediate Buy
Jeanette Brakewell Saratoga Candyman Novice Buy
Jeanette Brakewell Argent Touch Novice Buy
Jennifer Bowman Highlight K Novice Buy
Jennifer Stead Fortunus CIC2* Buy
Jenny Cowan Mister T Ii CIC1* Watch
Jesse Campbell Hickstead Musterd Novice Buy
Jesse Campbell Cooley Lafitte BE100 Open Buy
Jesse Campbell Decaw Diamond Novice Watch
Jessica Baugh Rnh Vincent Junior Novice Buy
Jessica Corser Moangarriff Duke Intermediate Buy
Jessica Corser Class Booze Cruise Novice Buy
Jessica Horne Liberty Rock BE100 Open Watch
Jessica Shopland Bond Girl CIC1* Buy
Jessica Watts Sportsfield Adventure CIC2* Buy
Jo Holding My Magic Star BE100 Buy
Jodie Amos Hiarado CIC1* Buy
Jodie Amos Ballyvaughn Intermediate Buy
Jodie Amos Soltair Justice Intermediate Buy
Jodie Amos Attack Van De Peerdebos CIC2* Buy
Jodie Cantrill Linton Ii Novice Buy
Jodie Stokes Quaikin Qurious CIC2* Buy
Jodie Stokes Tullabeg Chinzano Novice Buy
Johanna Burnage Obos Megan CIC2* Buy
Jon Kirby Popaflora BE100 Buy
Jonelle Price Cloud Dancer Ii Open Intermediate Buy
Jonelle Price Cooley Showtime Open Intermediate Buy
Josh Haynes To Love And Honour CIC1* Buy
Josh Haynes No Reason BE100 Buy
Josh Haynes Thackeray BE100 Buy
Julia Norman Joblesse Van Bareelhof CIC2* Buy
Julia Sandford Easier Said Than Dun BE100 Buy
Julie De Winton How Nice BE100 Buy
Julie Finney Del Quinto BE100 Buy
Julie Lawson Faerlie Similar CIC2* Buy
Justine Naylor Roanwood Cruising Quin CIC1* Watch
Juulia Savonlahti Cult Rewind CIC1* Buy
Karoline Fawcett Ultra De La Rose BE100 Open Buy
Kat Raybould Diamond Dancing Hettie CIC2* Buy
Kat Raybould Ferdinant N CIC2* Buy
Kat Raybould Dancing Hero Vii CIC1* Buy
Kate Dennis Eric The Red Intermediate Watch
Kate Dennis Livella Z Intermediate Buy
Kate Dennis Dhi Hot Chip Open Novice Buy
Kate Dennis Secret Desire Ii CIC2* Buy
Katherine Coleman Monte Classico Open Intermediate Buy
Katie Bleloch Cavalier Micky Finn CIC2* Buy
Katie Bleloch Goldlook CIC2* Buy
Katie Corteen Forgeland Tiger Tot Novice Buy
Katie Magee Kilnamona Lincoln Novice Buy
Katie Magee Enceladus Open Intermediate Buy
Katie Magee Garcia Ii Novice Buy
Katie Patrick Inspector Kenko CIC1* Watch
Katy Summerfield Urlanmore Rico BE100 Buy
Kelly Guillambert Cool Quidesco Novice Buy
Kelly McCarthy-Maine Greenlough Cross Intermediate Buy
Kelly McCarthy-Maine Blusteren Open Intermediate Buy
Kelly Scott Bazaars Jumble BE100 Buy
Kelsie Willis Rasputins Rockafella BE100 Buy
Kelsie Willis Newby Ii CIC1* Buy
Kerry Olivieri Moygannon Cruise BE100 Buy
Khia Cadney-Moon Milwaukee 8 Novice Buy
Khia Cadney-Moon Up In The Air Novice Buy
Kirsten Bell Reagans Lady BE100 Open Buy
Kirsty Cocks Practical Magic Iv Novice Buy
Kirsty Short Kilcoltrim Katxi Novice Buy
Kirsty Short Cossan Lad CIC2* Buy
Kitty Taylor Hope Over Experience BE100 Open Buy
Kitty Taylor Noble Rebel BE100 Open Buy
Kristina Hall-Jackson Killerisk Leo BE100 Open Buy
Kylie Roddy Carden Earl Grey CIC2* Buy
Kylie Roddy Shearwater Billy CIC2* Buy
Kylie Roddy Srs Kan Do CIC2* Buy
Laura Birley Boxtree And I CIC2* Buy
Laura Birley Bob Cotton Bandit Intermediate Buy
Laura Cocking Quanti Du Vi Open Intermediate Buy
Laura Collett London 52 Open Intermediate Buy
Laura Collett Hakuna Matata Novice Buy
Laura Collett Flight Master BE100 Watch
Laura Collett Hanson Dhi Novice Watch
Laura Collett Dacapo Open Intermediate Buy
Laura Collett Calmaro Open Intermediate Buy
Laura Greenhalgh Vivogue Novice Watch
Laura Irving Miss Pandora BE100 Buy
Laura Varty - Lindsay Quick Je Jaime CIC2* Watch
Laura Watson Gotcha Pss BE100 Buy
Laura Watson Endeavour Iii BE100 Buy
Lauren Blades Rodnikova Dream CIC2* Buy
Lauren Blades Making Waves CIC2* Watch
Lauren Blades Russal Z Intermediate Buy
Lauren Blades Carrigsean Tigerseye CIC2* Buy
Lauren Blades Geminis Proposal Intermediate Buy
Lauren Hemingway The Tasset Minstrel BE100 Open Buy
Laurence Hunt Eclipse Sb Novice Buy
Layla Felgate Zutopia CIC2* Buy
Libby Dodes Newcopse Apollo BE100 Open Buy
Libby Seed Philanderer CIC2* Buy
Libby Seed Heartbreaker Star Quality Ii CIC1* Buy
Lilly Keogh Kilcoltrim Swift CIC1* Buy
Lindsay Mccallum Redhill Ilisit CIC2* Watch
Lindsay Middleton Ballygriffin Black Vendi BE100 Buy
Lindsay Middleton Aaragon CIC1* Buy
Lindsay Morton Daldo BE100 Open Watch
Lisa Freckingham The Classic Composer CIC2* Buy
Lorenzo Monachesi Euphorie CIC1* Buy
Loretta Joynson Psh Lava Flow CIC1* Buy
Loretta Joynson Psh Catalyst CIC1* Buy
Louise Cupitt Energiek N Open Novice Buy
Lucas Poole Gorgeous George V BE100 Watch
Lucas Poole Casino Royale Viii BE100 Buy
Lucas Poole Vanquish Iii BE100 Buy
Lucinda Atkinson Kilnamona Henry BE100 Buy
Lucinda Atkinson Prf Jaguar Elite BE100 Watch
Lucinda Brookes Downton Cally BE100 Buy
Lucinda Mills Dona Di Casa BE100 Buy
Lucy Cocker General Samarski Novice Watch
Lucy Grindal Jolie Lark CIC1* Buy
Lucy Ormrod Pickhill Dancer Novice Buy
Lucy Robinson Cosmic Charm CIC1* Buy
Lucy Scholl Just Dunnit Novice Buy
Lucy Varley Primitive Dazzle Ii Novice Buy
Lucy Varley Master Trump CIC2* Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Magnolia Ii CIC1* Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Imperial Plan CIC2* Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Calvadoz CIC2* Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Nefertiti CIC2* Buy
Lydia Hannon My Royal Touch Open Intermediate Buy
Lydia Hannon Pls Beroko Open Novice Buy
Lydia Hannon Caesars Gold Open Intermediate Buy
Lydia Heywood Bonmahon Jd CIC1* Buy
Lydia Norton Painted Moon Ii CIC1* Buy
Maddy Moffett Rienroe Drift BE100 Open Buy
Maggie Dearnley Lassban Ice Cool BE100 Watch
Marcio Appel Iberon Jmen CIC2* Buy
Marcus Reid Glencorran BE100 Buy
Marcus Roberts Farndon CIC2* Buy
Maren J Fischer Mgh Maureen BE100 Buy
Marion Vernon L Eminence Grise CIC1* Buy
Marion Vernon Dont Tell The Husband Ii Novice Buy
Marion Watt Pauldarys Tiger Woods CIC2* Buy
Mark Davidson Striding Edge CIC2* Buy
Mark Todd Kiltubrid Rhapsody CIC2* Buy
Mark Todd Cool Tide CIC1* Buy
Marta Ozyzniewska Madame Z BE100 Open Buy
Mary Edmundson Porridge Town Novice Buy
Mary Edmundson Sunday Driver Novice Buy
Mary Edmundson Lionel Ii Novice Watch
Mary Lofthouse Cappoquin Jon BE100 Open Buy
Mary Lofthouse Handels Gem BE100 Buy
Matilda Wadeson Knights Beau Novice Watch
Matthew Glentworth Farleaze The Beez Kneez CIC1* Buy
Matthew Glentworth Kandinsky CIC2* Buy
Matthew Wright The Corn Crake Open Intermediate Buy
Matthew Wright Obos Colombus Open Intermediate Buy
Matthew Wright The Artist Almost Famous Open Intermediate Buy
Matthew Wright Dhi Paparazzi Open Intermediate Buy
Matthew Wright Monbeg Maximus Intermediate Buy
Max Gordon Redwood Clover CIC2* Buy
Megan Boden Dreamers Gold BE100 Buy
Megan Rudge Poynstown Charlie BE100 Buy
Mia Ketcher Lostock James Brown CIC1* Buy
Michael Jackson Hilldown Prophet Open Intermediate Buy
Michael Owen Castlecoote Seamus BE100 Buy
Michael Owen Metropolitom CIC2* Buy
Michael Winter Explosion Vmh Open Novice Buy
Michael Winter Gilexio Intermediate Buy
Michael Winter Center Intermediate Buy
Michael Winter Shannondale Arlo Intermediate Watch
Millie Dumas Universal Cooley CIC1* Buy
Millie Dumas Iminnus W BE100 Buy
Miranda Filmer Fernhill Fissa Open Novice Watch
Miranda Harrison Innovation K Novice Watch
Molly Johnstone Claragh Sonny Novice Buy
Morgan Kent Felda CIC1* Buy
Morgan Kent Harrison Iv Open Novice Buy
Natasha Anson Irish Konnection BE100 Watch
Nathalie Ecclestone Royale Maiden BE100 Buy
Nesta Thomas Chevalian Titan CIC1* Buy
Niall Fergusson Grand Design Ii CIC1* Watch
Niall Griffin Monarts Monet Novice Buy
Niall Griffin Monarts Hopper CIC2* Buy
Niall Griffin Monarts Garrison Guy Intermediate Buy
Nicola Nelson Its Frank BE100 Buy
Nicola O'connor June D Novice Buy
Nicola Rooke Chezet CIC1* Buy
Nicola Rooke Mhs Twenty Twenty CIC1* Buy
Nicola Toomer Templebrook Boy CIC1* Watch
Nicola Wilson Chabadu Novice Watch
Nicola Wilson Levitate Novice Buy
Nicola Winslett-French Sir Darcy Of Clover Hill BE100 Buy
Nicole Gwynne Farrells Cavalier CIC2* Buy
Nicole Gwynne Rnh My Lord CIC2* Watch
Nicole Mills Fearless W CIC2* Buy
Nicole Mills Charming Boy Jr Intermediate Buy
Nini French Time For Harry Open Intermediate Buy
Noor Slaoui Cassinar Open Intermediate Buy
Oliver Lofthouse Amicitia BE100 Buy
Oliver Townend Nelson De La Pomme BE100 Buy
Oliver Townend Arklow Puissance Novice Buy
Oliver Townend Cooley Master Class Open Intermediate Buy
Oliver Townend Ballaghmor Class Open Intermediate Buy
Oliver Townend Ulises Open Intermediate Buy
Oliver Townend Cooley Srs Open Intermediate Buy
Oliver Townend Sligo Candyman BE100 Buy
Oliver Townend Weston Goodfella Novice Buy
Oliver Townend Mhs King Joules Open Intermediate Buy
Oliver Townend Malteser Du Carel Novice Buy
Oliver Townend Innislusky Paddy CIC1* Buy
Oliver Williams Equi BE100 Open Buy
Olivia Wilmot Ballingowan Estella BE100 Buy
Olivia Wilmot Zebedee De Foja CIC2* Buy
Olivia Wilmot Goodbye To Money CIC2* Watch
Owen Cooper Tj Blousey Brown CIC2* Buy
Owen Cooper Cash Casino Novice Buy
Paddy Muir Talica CIC1* Buy
Padraig McCarthy Hhs Noble Call Open Intermediate Buy
Padraig McCarthy Hot Commodity Novice Buy
Padraig McCarthy Fiveberry Open Intermediate Buy
Padraig McCarthy Moorland Magic Open Novice Buy
Padraig McCarthy Mr Chunky Open Intermediate Buy
Padraig McCarthy Iconic Novice Buy
Padraig McCarthy Rosemaber Lancuest Open Intermediate Buy
Paolo Torlonia Gallant Ii Intermediate Buy
Paolo Torlonia Bambino De L'llatte Open Intermediate Buy
Patricia Moore Southern Comfort BE100 Buy
Paul Burgess Jumbelena BE100 Buy
Paul Burgess Maistresse CIC2* Buy
Paul Sims Killinure Master BE100 Buy
Paul Sims Last Secret Open Intermediate Buy
Paul Sims G Star Van De Klinkenberg Intermediate Buy
Paul Sims Ardfield Nazar BE100 Buy
Paul Sims Galicia Novice Buy
Paul Sims Dream Roller CIC1* Buy
Paul Sims Woodcroft Destiny BE100 Buy
Paul Sims Blowell Beeline Novice Buy
Paula Dewsbury Jac Cruiseo Open Novice Buy
Pauliina Swindells Ferro S CIC2* Buy
Penny Baxter Killawalla Spirit BE100 Open Buy
Penny Lawn Bold Impulse CIC1* Buy
Phillipa Ward Welham Mile High CIC2* Watch
Phoebe Buckley Tiger Mail Intermediate Watch
Phoebe Cashmore Nights On Broadway BE100 Buy
Piggy French Graf Cavalier CIC2* Buy
Piggy French Brookfield Inocent CIC2* Buy
Piggy French Highdown March Intermediate Buy
Piggy French Sportsfield Top Notch CIC1* Buy
Piggy French Cooley Monsoon Open Intermediate Buy
Piggy French Flemington Ruby Novice Buy
Piggy French Carnival March CIC2* Buy
Piggy French Castletown Clover Open Intermediate Buy
Piggy French Gaillard Lancer Open Novice Buy
Pippa Dixon Barnadarrig Boy CIC1* Watch
Pippa Taylor Mosstown Prince CIC1* Buy
Polly Barker Chablis Grand Cru Open Novice Buy
Polly Jackson Griffin Monarts Carrick Diamond CIC2* Buy
Polly Jackson Griffin Papillon Open Intermediate Buy
Polly Jackson Griffin Monarts Affair BE100 Buy
Polly Jackson Griffin Monarts Madiba Intermediate Buy
Polly Jackson Griffin Annsfort Landon BE100 Buy
Polly Stockton Drummer Intermediate Buy
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