South Of England International (2) 2018 | An Eventful Life

South Of England International (2) 2018

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

South of England International (2)

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Please note - Cameras placed at 7abc and the water jump failed due to water damage. As these are important fences we have discounted the 2* videos by 20%

Further information regarding our XC Videos can be found HERE or feel free to contact us by phone or email

Paul Higgs 07934 464 317

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbie Cowley Kylebrack Star Open Novice U18 Buy
Abigail Woodward Willbrook Cougars Diamond BE100 Buy
Adam Trew Classik Lady CIC1* Buy
Aimee Claus Tullycrine Thady Novice Buy
Alana Sparrow Angels Spirit BE100 Buy
Alexa Marks Tristan Hill Open Novice U18 Buy
Alexandra Van Randwyck What A Primadonna CIC1* Buy
Alfie J Sturley Ubranco Uk CIC1* Buy
Alice Casburn Topspin Ii CIC1* Buy
Alice Dunsdon Espen BE100 Open Buy
Alice Dunsdon Doonside Jack Novice Buy
Alice Grassly Caoran Beg Hero BE100 U18 Buy
Alice Hallows Vintage Graffiti BE100 Buy
Alice McLeod Scott Mo Cuiske Open Novice U18 Buy
Alicia Earee Hickory Iv CIC1* Buy
Alison Dippenaar Candy Blue BE100 Open Buy
Amanda Bernard Hob Nob Ii BE100 Buy
Amy R Howe Quilates Primeiro Filho Novice Buy
Amy Tate Grantstown Class Act BE100 U18 Buy
Andrea Starns Pauldarys Lord Luie CIC1* Buy
Andrew Nicholson As Is Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew Nicholson Andrea Bt4 Open Intermediate Buy
Andrew Nicholson Argentino Bk Intermediate Buy
Andrew Nicholson Teseo Open Intermediate Buy
Anna Hilton Ringwood Babinski Novice Buy
Anna Hilton Elektras Prince Charming Novice Buy
Anna Hollis Carnaval Pop CIC1* Buy
Anna Holmes Sandy Park BE100 Buy
Anna Martin Sannanvalley Classic Open Novice U18 Watch
Anna Martinez Rathnaleen Roy CIC1* Buy
Anna Price Top The Class BE100 Buy
Anna Singer Hardingville Delaware BE100 U18 Buy
Anna Tomson Billy Mcalpine CIC1* Buy
Annabel Murphy Milore Bormes BE100 Buy
Annabelle Hadden-Wight Polar Eclipse Ii BE100 U18 Buy
Annabelle Marbus Witchcombe Stan The Man Open Novice U18 Buy
Arran L Hollett Callisto Iii BE100 Open Buy
Ashley Clegg Namas Result BE100 Buy
Beatrice Allaway Winnal Bee Bee Banwee Open Novice U18 Buy
Beatrix Fuller Langaller Quango Novice Watch
Becky Lloyd Wotsthecatch CIC1* Buy
Becky Morrish Kilsallagh Cathal BE100 Open Buy
Ben Leathers Kauto Cyreo CIC1* Buy
Ben Taylor Bolero Iii CIC2* Watch
Ben Taylor Tanganyika Ii Novice Buy
Ben Taylor Barnacurra Ace Ventura Novice Buy
Biddy Brasted-Watts Bansha Vendi BE100 Buy
Billy Marshall My Grand Illusion BE100 Buy
Bindi Vereker Arkansas Gold CIC1* Buy
Bomb Pitakanonda Chateau De Versailles M2s CIC2* Buy
Bronte Monks Cuffesgrange Lord Admiral Open Novice U18 Watch
Brook Staples Chilly Boy Ii BE100 Buy
Brook Staples Ardagh Breeze Intermediate Buy
Bryony Whittington Burlington Bourree BE100 Buy
Bryony Whittington Burlington Skyfall BE100 Open Buy
Camilla Kruger Ashapurna BE100 Buy
Camilla Kruger Go Fly BE100 Open Buy
Candice Dunlop Coleplay CIC1* Buy
Carly Dimes Tregoid BE100 Buy
Carly Foss High Falutin Intermediate Watch
Caroline Ellis Stolen Kiss BE100 Buy
Catherine Van Randwyck Special Brew Ii BE100 U18 Buy
Cathi Osmond-Smith Pedro Iv CIC2* Buy
Cathi Osmond-Smith Bugsy Malone Novice Buy
Celia Marino Langaller Liberman BE100 Buy
Chantelle Boyden Boy Iv BE100 U18 Buy
Charlotte Bacon Cooley Enno CIC2* Buy
Charlotte Bacon Well Foxed CIC2* Buy
Charlotte Bull Cheeky Casper Open Novice U18 Watch
Charlotte Bull Macadam Jewel BE100 U18 Buy
Charlotte Bullick Cicero Van De Vive La Vie Novice Buy
Charlotte Kennedy Ricardo Red BE100 U18 Buy
Charlotte Kennedy Shannonvale Lux Boy Open Novice U18 Buy
Charlotte Mount Kerching CIC1* Buy
Charlotte Mount Coolrock Jackie Z Novice Buy
Chelsea Pearce Albert Vi CIC2* Buy
Chelsea Pearce Kilnaboy Buffet CIC2* Buy
Chiara Heneghan Wester Aikemas Lebrecht CIC1* Watch
Chloe Flanagan Brigadier Chill BE100 Buy
Chris Young Catherston Delta Diamond BE100 Open Buy
Christopher Burton Lawtown Girl CIC2* Buy
Christopher Burton Aras De Guibail CIC1* Buy
Christopher Burton Coup De Coeur Dudevin CIC1* Buy
Claire Deuten Ustinov Van Elsenham Open Intermediate Buy
Claire Fielding Fernando Iv CIC1* Buy
Claire Fielding Olympic Lady Ii BE100 Buy
Claire Fielding Stockade BE100 Buy
Claire Mealing Rowestown Monkey Intermediate Buy
Clare Beaumont Hunting Biggles BE100 Buy
Clare Hanson Diamond Zest BE100 Buy
Claudia Cooper Vardigo BE100 U18 Buy
Claudia Thornett Doonaveeragh April CIC1* Buy
Clementine S Shipp Top Dancer Novice Buy
Clementine S Shipp Kilderrys Cougar Girl Novice Watch
Clementine S Shipp Calibro CIC2* Buy
Connie Wheeler Loris Concerto Open Novice U18 Buy
Constantin Van Rijckevorsel Delacour Zoe BE100 Buy
Coral Keen Troja Queen Novice Buy
Coral Keen Leaping Lord Novice Buy
Coral Keen Quintessential Iii BE100 Buy
Corinne Roberts Recession Novice Buy
Daisy Amin Mr Blueskies CIC1* Buy
Darcy Zander Livell BE100 U18 Watch
Darcy Zander Gold Strike Blue CIC1* Buy
Devon Street Bee Positive Open Novice U18 Buy
Diane Esvan Bently Castelforte CIC2* Buy
Diane Esvan Morzillo St Leger BE100 Buy
Diane Esvan Doligo De St Leger BE100 Buy
Eileen Beach May Tham Little Mill BE100 Buy
Eleanor Duley Penny Ix CIC1* Watch
Elena Murphy Wonham Floral Tribute BE100 Open Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Flash Cooley Novice Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Cooley Stormwater Novice Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Cooley Moonshine CIC1* Buy
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Duiske Abbey Novice Buy
Elise Gayler Hotspur Last Tango BE100 Buy
Ella Bubb Hardy Iii BE100 U18 Buy
Ellie Barnard Templar Esprit Novice Buy
Ellie Fredericks Joubert Open Novice U18 Buy
Ellie Fredericks Mandorior Open Novice U18 Buy
Ellie Guy Ballymurphy Lizzy BE100 Open Buy
Ellie Guy Cothopo BE100 Open Buy
Ellie Thorman Hugonaught CIC1* Buy
Elouise O'Toole Pauldarys Last Rolo BE100 Buy
Emelye Kenyon-Brown Beech Ravell BE100 U18 Buy
Emilia Andrade-Brown Lislaird Barney BE100 U18 Buy
Emily C Nicol Annaghmore Boomlander CIC1* Buy
Emily Callard El Nino V BE100 U18 Watch
Emily Llewellyn Exclusive Open Intermediate Buy
Emma D'Angibau Mosstown Toby BE100 U18 Buy
Emma Payne Bedazzle BE100 Buy
Emma Philpot Zoook BE100 Open Buy
Eva Sharp Electrick BE100 Buy
Fallon Turner Ryals Alfie Novice Buy
Fiona Kashel The Rebel County Novice Buy
Fiona Kashel Monbeg Equality Novice Buy
Florence White Dennis Viii CIC1* Buy
Francesca Swallow Darius Iv CIC2* Buy
Freddie Carden Kec Pallis BE100 U18 Buy
Freddie Carden Fletcher Christian Open Novice U18 Buy
Freya Partridge Master Macky CIC1* Watch
Gaspard Maksud Pizazz Ii CIC2* Watch
Gaspard Maksud Zaragoza Ii BE100 Buy
Gaspard Maksud Cado Louvo CIC1* Watch
Gemma Tattersall Summer Stardust BE100 Buy
Gemma Tattersall Facari Mg Novice Watch
Gemma Tattersall Chilli Knight CIC2* Buy
Gemma Tattersall Chillis Prince Novice Watch
Gemma Tattersall Billy Shania CIC2* Buy
Gemma Tattersall Estemeya BE100 Buy
Georgia Bartlett Coolrock Wacko Jacko CIC1* Buy
Georgia Thomson Lucky Comeback BE100 U18 Watch
Georgia Thomson Constance O Cool BE100 U18 Watch
Georgie Beach Patrick Harry Duke BE100 Buy
Georgie Fisk Browns Luck CIC1* Buy
Georgie Porter Fourashes Bond Street BE100 Buy
Georgie Strang Cooley Earl Open Intermediate Buy
Georgina Kidner Dark Diamond Iii CIC1* Watch
Georgina Roberts Taal CIC1* Watch
Georgina Roberts Miss Mariposa CIC1* Buy
Georgina Wood Greenlanes Hudson BE100 Watch
Gordon Murphy Monbeg After Dark Novice Buy
Gordon Murphy Legend De Lux BE100 Buy
Gordon Murphy Bgs Star Attraction CIC1* Buy
Grace Dixon Ccs My Guy BE100 Buy
Grace Durkan Fredos Midas Touch Novice Buy
Grace Durkan Crosstown Clovers Dancer Novice Buy
Grace E Bartholomew Aithne BE100 Open Buy
Grace Marshall Maata Of Principle BE100 Buy
Grace Taylor Jack In The Box Iii CIC2* Buy
Grace Taylor Denfer Du Banney BE100 Open Buy
Gussie Terry Golden Beryl CIC1* Watch
Hannah Andrade-Brown Diamond G Ii BE100 U18 Buy
Hannah Galley Aart BE100 Open Buy
Hannah Ingham Fairy Wand BE100 U18 Buy
Hannah Naylor Stewart Baileys Dawn BE100 Open Watch
Hannah Stewart Skew Head BE100 Watch
Harriet Baillie Phoenix Park Novice Watch
Harriet Colderick Watergate Bay Intermediate Buy
Harriet Gillam Stonehall Miss Russel BE100 Buy
Harrison Chart Direct Cruising Open Novice U18 Buy
Harry Dzenis Poynstown Samson Novice Buy
Harry Dzenis Chorus Boy BE100 Buy
Harry Dzenis Kagami Novice Watch
Harry Horton Darc Silver BE100 Buy
Harry Horton Alvescot Wannabe BE100 Buy
Harry Horton Maybe This Time Ii CIC1* Buy
Hayley Vowels Greenvale Delicia Novice Buy
Healey Ramus Saulsford Imp BE100 U18 Buy
Hector Payne Top Biats Open Intermediate Buy
Helen Fraser Justanumber BE100 Buy
Helen Witchell Billy Castle BE100 Buy
Helen Witchell Csf Just A Dream Novice Buy
Helen Witchell Mcs Maverick BE100 Buy
Helen Witchell A Cooley Deal Breaker BE100 Buy
Helena Yates Laragh Colleen Open Novice U18 Watch
Hollie Swain Hope And Faith Hw BE100 Buy
Hollie Swain Solo Xii Intermediate Buy
Hollie Swain Brook Key West BE100 Buy
Hollie Swain Faruq Aldrup CIC1* Buy
Holly Horton Halvanna The Last Song CIC2* Buy
Holly Woodhead E Warrantsson CIC2* Buy
Holly Woodhead Cashmans Diamond BE100 Buy
Holly Woodhead Nuans T Volt CIC2* Buy
Holly Woodhead Giraldo Novice Buy
Holly Woodhead Iris Iii BE100 Buy
Hugo Payne Jolly Quality Intermediate Buy
Hugo Payne Noble Endeavour BE100 Buy
Ibble Watson Bookhamlodge Pennylane CIC1* Watch
Imo Brook San Solo CIC1* Buy
Imogen McMurray Coolrock Spit Fire Novice Watch
Imogen Porter-Wright Fleur 55 BE100 Buy
Indi Hine My Rustic Clover CIC1* Buy
Indiana Limpus Trenwheal Bonnie Intermediate Watch
Indiana Limpus Billy Pacific Intermediate Buy
Indiana Limpus Fernando Viii CIC2* Buy
Iona Sclater Foxtown Cufflynx CIC1* Buy
Isabelle Cook Galross Amigo BE100 U18 Buy
Isabelle Cook Fernhill First Light Open Novice U18 Buy
Isla Martin Lucky Cliff Novice Buy
Isobel Stenning Dunluce Rolling Thunder Open Novice U18 Buy
Jack Mariani Curraghchase Silver Open Novice U18 Buy
Jade Hyatt Watchfull Eye BE100 Buy
Jaide Hartridge Donogue Steel Clover BE100 Watch
Jane Collins Bella Lorentina BE100 Buy
Janice Macleod General Joey BE100 Buy
Janice Macleod Borneo Bramley Novice Buy
Jasmine Wilks Harestone BE100 Buy
Jay Imberg Fiesta Am Novice Buy
Jenna Good Bigwin Carabalou BE100 Buy
Jennifer Hossack Sligo Flash Again BE100 Watch
Jessica Copsey Atlanta Riva Novice Buy
Jessica Penn Midnight Temple Open Novice U18 Watch
Jessica Pidcock Activ Adventure Intermediate Buy
Jessica Sutton Spot On Harrison CIC1* Buy
Jessica Venton Rich Mistique K Novice Watch
Jessie Vanassche Da Vinci Ii CIC1* Buy
Joanna Buckley La Tinka BE100 Open Buy
Joanne Foley Georgina H Novice Buy
Joanne Foley The Last Striker CIC1* Buy
Jody Sole Linton BE100 Buy
Jody Sole Imperial Sarco BE100 Buy
John Ayton Murkas Marine BE100 Buy
Josh Moore Funny Boy Fortuna CIC1* Buy
Kajsa Mansby Svedberg Ballintrane Incentive CIC1* Buy
Karen Brown Zippos Dynamite BE100 Buy
Kate Beier The Gossip Novice Buy
Kate Sim Read Faerietale Peter Pan Novice Watch
Kate Tarrant Figaro X Intermediate Buy
Katey Cuthbertson Oarehouse Hero CIC1* Watch
Katey Cuthbertson Incognito Iv CIC2* Buy
Katherine Morris Gurrane Captain Sparrow BE100 Buy
Kathy Staples John Travolta BE100 Buy
Katie Bleloch Bulano CIC2* Buy
Katie Hale Leamore Hightale BE100 U18 Watch
Katie Higgins Tir Na Nog Shadow CIC1* Watch
Katie Preston Dreams Come True CIC1* Buy
Katie Sephton Lea Titus Rex BE100 Open Buy
Katy Dziedzic A Splash Of Class CIC1* Buy
Katy Lawrence Whitemoors First Flight BE100 Buy
Kelli Hooper Carlingfords Cootehill BE100 Open Buy
Kelly McCarthy-Maine Blusteren CIC1* Buy
Ken Spencer Dunaway BE100 Buy
Kerry Gibson Paradise City BE100 Buy
Kerry Gibson Domingo Iv CIC2* Buy
Khia Cadney-Moon Milwaukee 8 CIC1* Buy
Khia Cadney-Moon Wineport Cooley CIC1* Buy
Kitty Ashby Rebels Skytime BE100 U18 Buy
Kristina Cook Rebeliant Intermediate Buy
Kristina Cook Mexican Law Novice Buy
Kristina Cook Mexican Rose BE100 Buy
Kristina Cook David Cricket Novice Buy
Kristina Cook Killadeas Open Intermediate Buy
Lara Fewings My Clonmore Bonnie BE100 Buy
Lara Jackson King Kong Kenny Novice Buy
Laura Collett Calmaro Open Intermediate Buy
Laura Collett Finduss Pfb Open Intermediate Buy
Laura Collett Parkfield Quintessential Open Intermediate Buy
Laura Geary Nightshade Ii Novice Buy
Laura Matthews Tara Jim BE100 Buy
Laura Schroter Billy Senora CIC1* Buy
Laura Schroter Goo Goo BE100 Buy
Laura Schroter Billy Shamrock BE100 Buy
Laura Taylor Cavalier Breeze BE100 Open Buy
Lauren McLusky Rle Spencers Dream CIC2* Buy
Lauren Yallop Hilltop M CIC1* Buy
Lauren Yallop Billy Beaufort CIC1* Buy
Layla Felgate Zutopia CIC2* Buy
Leah Bentley Dont Forget The King CIC1* Buy
Leila Ruane Roswat Sparrow BE100 U18 Buy
Leonard Goerens Hillgrounds Wishiek Novice Buy
Leonard Goerens Cooley Master Craft Intermediate Buy
Libby Mead For Real Novice Buy
Lila Millard Stillbrook Ben Open Novice U18 Buy
Lillie Browne Luxury Flight BE100 U18 Buy
Lily Good One Misty Morning CIC1* Watch
Lily Marsh Hawkeye Blue BE100 Buy
Lisa Keys Coeur D Elle BE100 Buy
Lisa Pilbeam Oldtown Tango Novice Buy
Lisa Pilbeam Irish Honours Intermediate Watch
Lisa Pilbeam Popstar Iii CIC1* Buy
Lisa Pilbeam Lissyegan Marosect Z BE100 Buy
Lisa Pilbeam La Bella BE100 Buy
Livi Hosking Circus Ringmaster BE100 Buy
Lorenzo Monachesi Euphorie Intermediate Buy
Lorna Haydon Funnily Enough Intermediate Buy
Lorna Young Carrigeen Harvest Novice Buy
Lucas Peries Quote Of The Day BE100 Buy
Lucie Guano Dent Ella Carthiloma BE100 U18 Buy
Lucie Guano Dent Cuvera BE100 U18 Buy
Lucy Crichton Major Powers Novice Buy
Lucy Gasston Nelgorde Naheez BE100 Open Buy
Lucy Hanby Lomond Jepito Novice Buy
Lucy Holland Beaghmore Mat Novice Buy
Lucyanna Westaway Dumero Novice Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Eternal Tango Von Der Held Open Intermediate Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Magnolia Ii CIC1* Buy
Luke Townsend Jitter Bug Boogie Novice Buy
Lydia Johnson Carrigallen Flash BE100 Buy
Lydia St Pierre Harris Lcc Todd CIC1* Buy
Maaike Van Wijk Prospect Howzat CIC1* Watch
Maddison Peries Ballywilliam Dun Deal Ii CIC1* Buy
Maddy Taylor Heart Breaking BE100 Buy
Mark Sartori Dowdstown Play Boy Intermediate Buy
Mark Sartori Kelecyn Ice Age Open Intermediate Buy
Martin Mullins Against The Grain BE100 Buy
Martin Thomas Electric Online CIC1* Buy
Martin Thomas Cedro CIC1* Buy
Mary Ashby Zalinero Open Novice U18 Watch
Mary Edmundson Clonmore Lily CIC2* Buy
Mary Edmundson Tashkaldou BE100 Open Buy
Matthew Braxton Bannerfarm Quality CIC1* Buy
Matthew Perry The Grey Fellow BE100 Buy
Matthew Selby No Way Back BE100 Buy
Max Warburton Samarkand CIC2* Buy
Max Warburton Jamaicas Pride CIC2* Buy
Max Warburton The Masters Legend Novice Buy
Megan Rowland Naughty I BE100 U18 Watch
Melanie Edwards Gamble On Star Diamond CIC1* Watch
Melissa Joannides Skip To The Beat Intermediate Buy
Melissa Joannides Prometheus Ii BE100 Buy
Melissa Joannides Uncle Desmond Novice Buy
Mollie Keen Carvallio BE100 Buy
Myles West Hatrick Ii BE100 Buy
Myles West Well Digger BE100 Buy
Myles West Grand Revolution BE100 Buy
Nancy Eadie Smokey Diamond CIC1* Buy
Nat Dixon Vic CIC1* Buy
Natasha Smailes Ghyllwood April Moment BE100 U18 Buy
Neil Taylor A Sportsfield Big Sensation Novice Buy
Nici Wilson Zaracolle Z Novice Buy
Nicola Butcher Silver Lady Blue BE100 Buy
Nicola Welch Rebel Sky Novice Watch
Olivia Craddock Mullaghdrin Star Class Novice Buy
Olivia Craddock Redinagh Keen Edge Novice Buy
Olivia Craddock Dusty Vi Intermediate Buy
Olivia Hall Foxdon Half Pint BE100 U18 Watch
Olivia Hearnden Dunarlen BE100 U18 Buy
Ollie Martin Martins Irish Eddie BE100 Buy
Ollie Martin Martins Irish Viking BE100 Buy
Owen Cooper Silver Sunshine Novice Buy
Padraig McCarthy Hot Commodity CIC1* Buy
Padraig McCarthy Hhs Noble Call CIC2* Buy
Poppy Pugh Knockmanus Flight BE100 U18 Buy
Rachel Lawson Liam CIC1* Buy
Rachel Pferdekamper Billy Crunch CIC1* Watch
Rebecca Godleman Smart Exit BE100 Buy
Rebecca Howard Cooley Convinced CIC1* Buy
Rebecca Howard Trebor CIC1* Buy
Rebecca Squire My Mr Darcey Ii CIC1* Buy
Roberto Scalisi Sober Up CIC1* Buy
Rosanne Heagerty Marchants Free Ruby BE100 Buy
Rose Carnegie Return To Sender Ii Novice Buy
Rose Carnegie Brother James Iii Novice Buy
Rose Carnegie Sister Sue Novice Buy
Rosie Olver Island Boy Ii CIC1* Watch
Rosie Wheeler Garvagh Fionn BE100 U18 Buy
Ross Giessler Kings Chrystal Maze BE100 Buy
Rowan Collins Josephine Novice Buy
Rowan Collins Moorelands Crossword Novice Buy
Ruth Burnard Godington Trasimeno Intermediate Buy
Ryck Turner Rio X CIC1* Buy
Sacha Hourigan Willy Be Dun BE100 Buy
Sacha Hourigan Pretty Cool Uk BE100 Buy
Sacha Hourigan Goldenheart Finlay BE100 Buy
Sam Bennett Saratogas Sunshine BE100 Buy
Sam Griffiths Tc Celtic Clover BE100 Buy
Sam Griffiths Golden Years BE100 Buy
Sam Griffiths Annaghmore Valoner Novice Buy
Sam Griffiths Coulston Casino BE100 Buy
Sam Griffiths Dont Tell Tom BE100 Buy
Sam Jennings Monbeg Iguassu CIC1* Buy
Sam Penn Just A Jewel Novice Buy
Sam Penn Britannia Royal BE100 Buy
Sara Ingleson War Lad BE100 Buy
Sarah Holmes Greenvale Coriado CIC2* Buy
Sarah Holmes Harley Brown CIC1* Buy
Sarah Marshall On The Road Ii BE100 U18 Buy
Sarah Wilson Easy Asset Intermediate Buy
Sasha Good Cara Clem Novice Buy
Saskia Bolt Slievefinn Charlie Ii BE100 U18 Buy
Serena Kullich In The Darco Open Intermediate Watch
Shari Butchart Merengo V T Dauwhof Novice Buy
Sharon Newman Igor Novice Buy
Simon Leadbetter Casino Royale 007 BE100 Open Buy
Sophia Anderson Drumgarvie Clover BE100 U18 Buy
Sophie Ashton-Rickardt Dijon Novice Buy
Sophie Callard Esprit Iii Intermediate Buy
Sophie Damment Rs Mateus Intermediate Watch
Sophie Dutton Fabos CIC1* Buy
Sophie Lunshof Bright Skylight BE100 Buy
Sophie Van der Merwe Cruise On Chloe BE100 Buy
Stephanie Rapley Belville Cabra BE100 Buy
Summer Dann Shamrocks Boy BE100 Buy
Susan Eggleton Gukato CIC1* Buy
Suzie Coats Ishi Amy BE100 Buy
Suzy Bull Cyber Rocket BE100 Open Watch
Tara Murphy Sunhill Beauty CIC1* Buy
Tasha Brooker Hes Spot On BE100 Buy
Tim Price Kincooley Cruising Open Intermediate Buy
Tim Price Spartaco Intermediate Buy
Tim Price Ascona M Open Intermediate Buy
Tom Bird Cowling Hot Gossip BE100 Buy
Tom Bird Rebel Rhyme CIC1* Buy
Tom Grant Penhills Rle Optimax Novice Buy
Tom Grant Caravaggio Ii CIC1* Buy
Tom McEwen Dream Big Intermediate Buy
Tom McEwen Braveheart B Intermediate Buy
Tom McEwen The Magician Intermediate Buy
Tom McEwen Royal Roxey Open Intermediate Buy
Tom McEwen Dreamaway Ii Intermediate Buy
Tomas Cousillas Ashwey Laurenzo BE100 Buy
Tori McAlister Corrieview Brynn Open Novice U18 Buy
Toshiyuki Tanaka Swiper Jra Open Intermediate Buy
Toshiyuki Tanaka Kinnordy Rhondo Intermediate Buy
Toshiyuki Tanaka Kelecyn Pirate Open Intermediate Buy
Valentine Tourres Fagrusus H BE100 Open Buy
Valentine Tourres Barnabys Princess BE100 Open Buy
Verity Leggett Badgerhill Melody BE100 U18 Buy
Victoria Bax Albertas Pride BE100 Buy
Victoria Dawkes Halvannas Diamond Girl BE100 Buy
Victoria Dawkes Bachus BE100 Buy
William Morton Tick Toc Tim Novice Buy
Xanthe De Wesselow Golden Chance Remark CIC1* Watch
Xanthe De Wesselow Baramona Lass CIC1* Buy
Yasmin Olsson-Sanderson Inchello Dhi BE100 Buy
Yasmin Olsson-Sanderson Hero Rhf CIC1* Buy
Yvie Jeanne Clonshire Reward BE100 Buy
Zara Harrison Ballynacarrick Rebel Lad BE100 Buy