Swalcliffe Park 2021 (2) | An Eventful Life

Swalcliffe Park 2021 (2)

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Swalcliffe Park (2) 2021

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Rider Horse Class Status
Abbi James Kimba Royale BE90 Buy
Abigail Baker Cornish Breeze Ii BE100 Watch
Abigail Yeates Impact Vi BE100 Buy
Adam Harvey Lux Like Quickly BE100 Buy
Alannah Dunstan Zealous Novice Buy
Alex Kennedy Ard Cluedo Open Novice Buy
Alfie Haynes Shannondale Harries BE90 Watch
Ali Wilkes Jazz Roos Novice Buy
Alice Collins-youngs Nicholasville BE100 Watch
Alice Fulford Piltown Moll BE100 Buy
Alice Kneen Eastern Gold Ii Open Novice Buy
Alice Kneen Dazzling Springtime BE100 Buy
Alice Picton-jones Tax Break Novice Buy
Alice Williams Sharpe's Rifles BE90 Buy
Alicia Corbett Rathnaleen Roy BE100 Open Watch
Alicia Hawker Scoobo Open Novice Watch
Alicia Hawker Bounty Castle Novice Buy
Alina Kozersky Ardeo Snowman BE90 U18 Buy
Alison Lidstone Twilight Rollercoaster Novice Buy
Allegra Cowley Glynndale Sahara BE100 U18 Buy
Amanda Brieditis Miltonhill Metoo BE100 Buy
Amanda Brieditis Inspector Harry BE90 Buy
Amanda Brieditis Miss Sunshine Elm BE100 Buy
Amanda Brieditis De L Amour BE100 Buy
Amelia Fogden Mill Heights Novice Buy
Amelia Fogden Descara M W Novice Buy
Amelia Walker Kinetic Dassett BE100 Buy
Amelia Winter Muskoka I BE100 Buy
Amy Chittenden Elite Syncopation Open Novice Buy
André Parro Tamara Ii Open Novice Buy
André Parro Watusi Novice Buy
Andrew Day King Of Jazz Cds Novice Watch
Andrew James As Novice Buy
Andrew James Mbf Bite The Bullet BE100 Open Buy
Andrew James Lochan D. Van Altrido BE100 Buy
Andrew James Ginuwinefizz Novice Buy
Andrew James Jason King Novice Buy
Angelina Stich Tonevane Midnight Storm BE100 U18 Buy
Anna Price Keep Happy Novice Buy
Anna Stillwell Rhode Island 19 Open Novice Buy
Anna Stillwell Sligo Caletto Lady Novice Buy
Anna Stonex Brooklet Boo Open Novice Buy
Anna Taylor Irish Encounter BE90 Buy
Anne-Marie Taylor The Fresh Prince Of Belle Eire BE100 Watch
Antonia Shriane Canaletto D Orvaux BE100 Open Buy
Aoife Clark Lissavorra Quality BE100 Buy
Aoife Clark Master Rory Novice Buy
Ashley Harrison Maximus X Novice Buy
Ashley Harrison Triple Dream Novice Buy
Aston Sidwell Disien BE100 Buy
Austin O'Connor Killbunny Silver BE100 Buy
Austin O'Connor Rossa Seven Novice Buy
Barnie Brotherton High Hopes Viking BE100 Buy
Barnie Brotherton Mbf Outlier BE100 Buy
Becky Hartley Kilcandra Harlequin Reward BE100 Watch
Bella Ruddle Belville Clover BE90 Buy
Bella Stevens Totally Worth It BE100 U18 Buy
Bella Stevens Templemore Wild One BE100 Buy
Ben Edwards Eg Tiger Chilli BE100 Buy
Ben Edwards Pokerface BE100 Buy
Ben Millard Dreaming With Hugo BE100 Buy
Bertie Cameron Diamonds Talisman BE90 Buy
Bill Levett Tiger's Legacy Novice Buy
Bill Levett Brideview Master George Novice Buy
Bizzy Loffet Dario Fo BE100 Buy
Bronwen Jones Willow In The Wind BE100 Buy
Caitlin Smith Tias BE90 U18 Buy
Carlos Parro Harrison Iv Open Novice Buy
Carlos Parro Joly Jumper Open Novice Buy
Caroline Harris Pepper Jack Novice Buy
Caroline Harris Etto B BE100 Buy
Caroline Harris Langstaff BE100 Buy
Caroline Harrison Seapatrick Cruise Delle BE90 Buy
Catherine Robinson Albatomas BE100 Buy
Catherine Robinson Gentleman Merze BE100 Buy
Charles Bultitude Brego Hasufel BE100 Buy
Charlie Ahl Earl Galante BE100 U18 Buy
Charlotte Bacon Silver Coin BE100 Buy
Charlotte Bacon Agher City Boy Novice Buy
Charlotte Bacon Cosmos Du Figuier Open Novice Buy
Charlotte Bailey Clarimilo BE100 Buy
Chelsea Pearce Kilnaboy Buffet Open Novice Buy
Chloe Livesey Aloha Novice Buy
Chloe Pearson Seapatrick Deja Vu Novice Buy
Claire Cook Rockrimmon Cloud Number Nine BE90 Buy
Claire Cook Royal Duke BE80 Buy
Claire Fielding Boleybawn Cooley Lady BE90 Watch
Claire Fielding Storm In December Novice Buy
Claire Fielding Kirei Mill Novice Watch
Clara Hofstetter Cobhams Extraordinaire BE90 Buy
Claudia Burton Wil Celtic Playboy BE100 U18 Buy
Constantin Van Rijckevorsel Niarado Du Langwater Novice Buy
Courtney Romcke Destino Bello Novice Buy
Courtney Romcke Jumbelissa BE90 Buy
Daniele Bizzarro Calcourt Starlight BE90 Buy
Daniele Bizzarro Xiphias BE90 Buy
Daya Singh Hujan Icarus Hk Novice Buy
Dina Fasakin King Star BE80 Buy
El Raven Stickman Silver Buck BE100 Buy
Elaine Tragett Drumin Miller Novice Watch
Eleanor Warner-Jones Silken Thoughts BE100 Buy
Eleanore Kelly Riverstown Rollercoaster Novice Buy
Elisha O'Brien Highlight Roller BE100 Buy
Eliza Bradford Brockington Jessie Hall BE100 U18 Buy
Elizabeth Barratt Dargun Open Novice Buy
Elizabeth Barratt Lvs Movistar Open Novice Buy
Elizabeth Barratt No Rush One BE100 Open Buy
Ella Goffe Ballyvonare Pixie BE100 U18 Watch
Ella Gorrigan Atlanta Lass BE80 Watch
Ella Miall Drumreenagh Flight Novice Watch
Ella Palmer Jubilee Star Iii Novice Buy
Ellie Barnard Twice The Spice Novice Watch
Ellie Mullan Clogorrows Dun BE100 Buy
Elliott Short Serendipity Bay BE100 Watch
Eloise Harkness Yodalicious BE90 U18 Buy
Elsa Thwaites Lord Shadowfax BE90 U18 Buy
Emily Bruce Kagami BE100 Open Watch
Emily Dunning Mr Todd Vii Novice Buy
Emily Towle Matushka BE100 Buy
Emma Harriman Lucky In Love BE90 Buy
Emma Jowett Total Freedom Novice Watch
Emma Keedwell Creevagh Butterfly BE80 Watch
Emma McIntosh Air Mail Novice Buy
Erica Watson Helios BE100 Buy
Erin Watt Poppinghole Pyez Novice Buy
Eugena Barker Elizabeths Diamond Jubilee BE100 U18 Buy
Finley Atherton Shannondale Sylvester Novice Buy
Fiona J Brenninkmeijer-Mckenzie Howick Stealth BE100 Open Buy
Flora Coombs Fortview Fred BE100 U18 Watch
Flora Harris Dysart Elite Novice Buy
Flora Harris Toffy-fee BE100 Buy
Flora Harris Class Apart Novice Watch
Flora Harris Iwica Vd Hermitage Dn Novice Buy
Florence Baron Dassett Secret BE90 U18 Buy
Florence Baron Pipers Last Stand BE90 U18 Buy
Florence Finzi Celeste Ii Novice Watch
Francesca Fox Eldorado Van De Otterdijk BE100 U18 Buy
Francesca Perry Fune D Or M BE100 Open Buy
Francois Heyns Fanfreluche Van De Zuuthoeve Z BE100 Buy
Franki Jarvis Duck Duck Goose BE90 Buy
Franki Jarvis Lissavorra Doc Novice Buy
Frankie Price Algina Royale BE100 Buy
Fred Powell Shannondale Anzac BE100 Buy
Freddie Carden Kec Pallis Open Novice Buy
Freddie Carden Fortside Cobra Novice Buy
Gabriella Kozersky Slieve Rushen Frank BE100 U18 Buy
Gemma Webster With Love Open Novice Watch
George Duffy Guess Wot BE80 Buy
George Duffy The Real Machine BE90 U18 Buy
George Stratton Killaughey Belle BE90 U18 Buy
Georgia Dagg Mundi BE100 Buy
Georgia James Lodgemor Fizz Bomb BE90 Watch
Georgie Williams Klatascha Br Novice Watch
Georgina Beeby Wynn Droughtville Mike Open Novice Watch
Georgina Holland Ruthstown Millfall Boy BE100 Buy
Georgina Holland Monatigue Royal Rose Novice Buy
Gilly Burrows King Heartbreaker Novice Buy
Ginny Thompson Erco Polo B Open Novice Buy
Grace Haig Kings River BE100 U18 Watch
Grace Taylor Bandito Van Polderzicht BE100 Buy
Grace Taylor Talia Novice Buy
Grace Taylor Merlins Cailin Dubh BE100 Buy
Grace Taylor Lorenzo BE100 Buy
Grace Taylor Greannanstown Quarryman Girl BE100 Buy
Grace Taylor Eliot Du Banney BE90 Buy
Grace Tucker Larkins Jazz Novice Buy
Hannah Bird Cowling Hot Gossip BE100 Open Buy
Hannah Bird Ballyneety No My Ya BE100 Buy
Hannah Clifford Return To Sender BE90 Buy
Harriet Beeby Wynn Brechfa Baruch Open Novice Buy
Harriet Beeby Wynn Affricks Charmer Novice Buy
Hattie Lloyd-Townshend Boris Vii Open Novice Buy
Heather Sherer Owe Two BE100 Open Buy
Heidi Ford Six For Gold Open Novice Buy
Heidi Ford Contessa Iii BE100 Buy
Helen Martin Hsh Good As Gold BE100 Buy
Helen Martin Emerald Emoe Novice Buy
Helen Martin Hsh Dom Perignon BE100 Buy
Helen Martin Loughnatousa Sampson BE100 Buy
Helen Swaddle Green View Ollies Boy BE100 Buy
Holly Horton Kilmurray Boy BE100 Buy
Holly Jessett Lombard Lad BE100 Buy
Holly Marsh Scuzzi Cava Z BE100 U18 Buy
Holly Maudlin Jubilee Party BE80 Buy
Holly Maudlin Lordships Great Expectations BE80 Buy
Holly Palmer-Shaw Sir Alfred Ii Open Novice Watch
Imogen Campbell-Gray Gossip Girl Kaef BE100 Buy
Imogen Gloag Oxmountain Flyer Open Novice Buy
Imogen Gloag Big Bang Novice Buy
Imogen White Hera S Novice Buy
Iola Parry Igna BE100 Buy
Iona Sperling Calidoscope BE100 Open Watch
Isabelle Cook Turbo Open Novice Buy
Isny O'Donnell Fernhill Beleza Novice Buy
Isobel Machin Royal Legend Novice Watch
Issie Thompson Pennineview Bee Spritely Novice Buy
Izzie Franck-Steier Expresso Iii BE90 U18 Buy
Jack Pinkney Vaya Con Dios Z Novice Buy
Jack Pinkney Penton Gauvain BE100 Buy
Jack Pinkney Carpo Vivendi BE100 Buy
Jack Whiteford Calcourt Legend BE100 Buy
Jacky Beavan Quinquaginta BE100 Open Buy
Jane Felton A Touch Of Arkan Novice Buy
Jemima Griffiths Guvanda Jr BE100 Buy
Jen Clements Irish Laddie Boy BE100 Buy
Jenny Lawton Londonlook BE90 Buy
Jess Hooley Ruby Tuesday BE100 Buy
Jess Hooley Kass BE100 Buy
Jessica Browning On A Mission BE90 Buy
Jessica Campbell Fabuleux Novice Buy
Jessica Campbell La Chunga Novice Buy
Jessica Clews Moyola Rosie BE100 Buy
Jessica Cox Sum Fun Now BE90 Buy
Jodie Stokes Promise Of Peace BE100 Buy
John Tilley The Noble Jester BE100 Buy
John Westmore Calcourt Bolt BE80 Buy
Josh Barker Zara Diamond BE100 Buy
Joshua Levett Shannondale Jedi Novice Buy
Josie Dix Woolaston Stormchaser BE100 Buy
Julia Fairbank Shannondale Roman Novice Buy
Julia Fairbank Shannondale Sheamus Novice Buy
Julia Webb Bruce Boy BE80 Buy
Katey Cuthbertson Isis Novice Buy
Katherine Illingworth Ballinoecastle Q BE100 Buy
Katherine Illingworth Itz Chinatown BE100 Open Buy
Katherine Pennels Miracle Contender Nj BE100 Open Buy
Katie Maclean Kalill BE100 Buy
Katie Major Silverwood Rebel BE80 Buy
Katie Peckham Glencanane Dancer BE100 Buy
Katie Reid Gundulas Gold BE100 Open Buy
Katie Richards Kilcombe Luxsam BE100 Buy
Katie Richards Don Dandy Novice Buy
Katy Carter Trendyman BE90 Buy
Katy Sawyer Greatest Time BE100 Open Buy
Kayleigh Gorman Beechtree Breeze BE90 Buy
Kelly Brown Rasputin Vi BE80 Watch
Khia Cadney-Moon Cooley Capri BE100 Buy
Kitty King Shadow Dignified BE100 Buy
Kristina Cook Kings Lane Novice Buy
Kristina Cook Kilmington Folly Novice Buy
Lara Chapple Lawd Of The Mill Open Novice Buy
Laura Bingham Cooley Vacation BE100 Open Buy
Laura Bingham Gracia Noordenhoek BE100 U18 Buy
Laura Dimelow Diessel Equi Nova Novice Buy
Laura Simpson Easy Open Novice Watch
Lauren Dallison Ete Rose Open Novice Buy
Leigh-louise Haynes Nairobi Vant Goedleven Novice Buy
Lena Saxe Connie Clover BE90 Buy
Lena Saxe Charter 08 M2s Novice Buy
Libby Colmer Lates Gold Futures Open Novice Watch
Lily Ergatoudis Indiana Royale BE100 Watch
Lisa Maynard Tresor Femme BE100 Buy
Lisa Maynard Orneta BE100 Buy
lois hempston Clashgannon Way BE90 U18 Buy
Lola Luchford Rododendro Spo Del Colle S BE100 U18 Watch
Lorraine Antoniou Fillo De Fear Bui Ii BE100 Buy
Lottie Roberts Sallybog Pointilliste BE100 Buy
Louisa Donovan Rathmorrissey Helium Novice Watch
Louisa Lockwood Rebel Blue Ii Novice Buy
Louisa Lockwood Lickeen Banner Boy BE80 Buy
Louise Bradley Ardeo Mandela Novice Buy
Louise Clark Daisy Jane Novice Buy
Lucie Stokoe Dolores Ii BE90 Buy
Lucinda Langhorne Howard BE90 Buy
Lucy Ayres Loughehoe Leonardo BE90 Buy
Lucy Boultbee-brooks Quality Blue BE100 Buy
Lucy Dickenson Royal Winnings BE90 Buy
Lucy Jackson Rms Camelot Novice Watch
Lucy Jackson Jubilee Gem Open Novice Watch
Lucy Jackson Karakter W Novice Watch
Lucy Jackson Hemmings Way Novice Buy
Lucy Jackson Hillberry Novice Buy
Lucy May Bolgerstown Alf BE80 Buy
Lucy Ward Proud Diamond BE100 Buy
Lydia Smith Castleroche Fritzer BE90 Buy
Lynn Nabarro Alvescot Wonderwoman BE90 Buy
Lynsey Register Cappulcorragh Georgio BE90 Buy
Maddison Peries Class Jewel Novice Buy
Maddison Peries Class Secretly Dun Novice Buy
Madeleine Loweth Brookhill Monksland BE100 U18 Buy
Madison Tapner Wil Celtic Gumdrop BE90 U18 Buy
Maggie Brims Rough Diamond Novice Buy
Maisy Spratt Vanir Hello Duca BE100 Open Buy
Mara Waller Dance On BE100 Buy
Marcio Carvalho Jorge Kilcoltrim Kit Kat Novice Buy
Marcio Carvalho Jorge Cavan Novice Watch
Marcus Roberts Juvenate Novice Buy
Marisa Allright Linali Olympic Drum BE100 Buy
Matteo Gallucci Matheson Fargo BE100 Buy
Matthew Glentworth Innislusky Billy BE100 Buy
Matti Mercer Jack In The Box Iv BE100 Open Buy
Max Warburton Unnamed (809877) BE100 Buy
Max Warburton Ixion Novice Buy
Max Warburton Headleys Daydream BE100 Buy
Max Warburton Flamboyant Novice Buy
Max Warburton Simba Iv Novice Watch
Maximilian Shriane Ecrin D'avril Hrl BE100 Open Buy
Megan Bayliss Emerald Judy BE80 Buy
Megan Dyer A Splash Of Class Open Novice Buy
Megan Tucker Jacomar BE100 Buy
Melissa Joannides Quality Quick Decision BE100 Buy
Melissa Joannides Kuwait Silver BE100 Buy
Melissa Pollett Cloherview Sunset BE100 Open Buy
Mia Cronshaw Vincent Iii BE100 U18 Buy
Mia Jarrett Barum Peter Pan BE90 U18 Buy
Mia Ketcher Cloneygath Boy BE100 Watch
Mia Ketcher Cleopatra Z BE100 Buy
Michael Jackson Viva La Vision BE90 Watch
Michael Jackson Lux Cosmic BE90 Buy
Michael Winter Farceur D'elle BE100 Open Buy
Michele Kevill Darcey Dun BE100 Watch
Millie Toulson-clarke Tir Na Nog Shadow Open Novice Buy
Mimi Wentworth-Stanley Niveus Andante BE100 U18 Buy
Miranda Filmer Lachain Crux BE100 Open Buy
Miranda Filmer Dunrath Reward BE100 Open Buy
Molly Goodwin Kaydees Girl BE90 Buy
Morgan Evenett Boleybawn Genevieve BE100 Buy
Morgan Shelley Cavandjos Silver Fox BE100 Open Buy
Mouse Robinson Drumhowan Tattiana BE90 Buy
Natalie Heath Gweneth BE90 Buy
Niamh Warburton Monbeg Luxury BE90 Buy
Nichola Dos Santos Spud Man BE80 Buy
Nicholas Bevan Leograaf BE100 Watch
Nicholas Webb Brown Revel BE100 Buy
Nick Brooks Harbour Town Novice Buy
Nick Brooks Lucky Jo Jo BE100 Watch
Nick True Cappa Rathmorrissey Moonshine BE90 Watch
Noor Slaoui Vardags Saratoga Open Novice Buy
Noor Slaoui Savas BE100 Buy
Olivia Haddock Max Ward BE90 U18 Buy
Olivia Hall De Niro's Florett BE100 Buy
Olivia Whittingham Acton Major BE90 Buy
Oscar Fitzgerald Whos Nightcruise BE100 U18 Buy
Oscar Fitzgerald Langtons Choice BE100 U18 Buy
Oscar Fitzgerald Sf Detroit BE100 Open Buy
Phip Whitehead Cooley Macatoo Novice Buy
Phoebe Locke Quaikin Qurious Open Novice Buy
Polly Muirhead Horatio Dn Open Novice Buy
Polly Schwerdt Jumping Star J.w.b. Novice Watch
Poppy Clark The Honourable Kilkenny Class Novice Buy
Poppy Wilkinson Amazingmika BE100 Open Buy
Rachel Corbett Brandy Wulf BE100 Buy
Rachel Paduch Diamond Empress BE80 Buy
Rafael Losano Croueswan Eb Z BE100 Buy
Rafael Losano Jimmy Novice Buy
Rafael Losano Diaconletto Kbe BE100 Buy
Rafael Losano Missed Novice Buy
Rebecca Jessett Percivals Rebel BE100 Buy
Rebecca Keech Smart Exit BE100 Open Buy
Rebecca Squire My Mr Darcey Ii BE100 Open Buy
Rhea Macleod The Wigster BE100 Buy
Rhianne Pettifor Bbb Rockin Rosie BE90 Buy
Rhiannon Medlicott My Little Smartie BE90 Buy
Roberto Scalisi Primitive Funtime BE90 Buy
Rodney Powell Wonham Free B Novice Buy
Rosie Thomas San Dancing Hit Novice Buy
Rosie Thomas Strawberry Moon BE90 Buy
Rowan Collins She's The One Novice Watch
Ruby Beams James King BE90 Watch
Sally-Ann Leaf Touch Of Black BE100 Buy
Sam Gillespie Johnny Royal BE100 Buy
Samantha Garness Dont Look Back BE90 Buy
Samantha Lissington Zazu Open Novice Buy
Sammi Birch Parkfield Little Phoenix Novice Buy
Sammi Birch Jominka Pfb Novice Buy
Sammi Birch Mgh Capa Vilou Novice Buy
Sammi Birch Kaffir Lily Pfb BE100 Buy
Sara Ridgway Galtee Kassy Cashel Girl BE90 Buy
Sarah Gairdner Glenomra Harper BE100 Watch
Sarah Gairdner Black Rock Cavalier Novice Buy
Sarah Hordern Finod Cruise Novice Buy
Sarah Jenkins Langaller Polzeath Novice Buy
Sasha Hargreaves Charlemagne C BE90 Buy
Sean Duffy Milan's Society BE80 Buy
Serena Stanley Oughterard Harlequin BE100 U18 Buy
Shannon Lewis Great Jones Novice Buy
Sharon Boyd Irish Faerie Myth BE80 Buy
Sian Chapple-Hyam Pepperello BE100 Buy
Siena Taylor Corraleehan Rita BE90 Watch
Sophie Coles Cuffesgrange Clover Z BE80 Buy
Sophie Goodings Aberkenfig Calon Lan BE80 Watch
Sophie Newman-Moore Miss Josie BE90 U18 Buy
Sophie Sadler Joe's High Flyer BE100 Watch
Sophie Van der Merwe Rathcosgrove Timmy Novice Buy
Sophie Van der Merwe Milchem Page Novice Buy
Sophie Westmore Calcourt Leonardo BE100 Buy
Sophie Wildern Dodington Novice Buy
Stephanie Read Whitehill Boy BE90 Buy
Stephanie Read Carricos Conquest BE100 Open Buy
Stephen Way Joblesse Van Bareelhof Open Novice Buy
Stuart Nie Ponte Vecchio BE100 Buy
Summer Dann Shamrocks Boy Novice Buy
Suzanne Ross Toujours Libre BE90 Buy
Therese Viklund Vilja Hastak BE100 Buy
Tim Price Gurtera Jimmy Clover Open Novice Buy
Tim Price Falco Iv Open Novice Buy
Tim Price Jarillo Open Novice Buy
Tim Price Curly Girl Open Novice Buy
Tim Rusbridge Esprit De Feu Novice Buy
Toby Roach Cassinar Novice Buy
Tom Bird Shanagore Lusty BE100 Buy
Tom Woodward Blackwells Shanti Novice Buy
Tomas Hanlon Weston Celebration BE100 Buy
Tracey Rose Hero Harvey R Novice Buy
Ursula Popek Stellarista BE80 Buy
Victoria Ingles Lynwood Twenty Twelve BE80 Buy
Victoria Steele Litl'bit Last Minute BE80 Buy
Victoria Weir Osborne Stardust BE100 Buy
Vittoria Panizzon First Du Soleil BE90 Buy
Vittoria Panizzon Corinthian Clover Open Novice Watch
Vittoria Panizzon Dunges Kristal BE100 Buy
Vittoria Panizzon Borough Justapenny BE100 Buy
Vittoria Panizzon Irish Jig Iii Open Novice Buy
Vittoria Panizzon Galways Watervalley Pride Novice Buy
Will Connors Hammond Novice Buy
Zoe Archer Millridge Z Two Novice Buy
Zoe Embury Shirsheen Shelby BE100 Buy
Zoe Saunders Chantilly Imperial BE90 U18 Buy