Australian National Eventing Squads undergo half-yearly review

      Sonja Johnson and Belfast Mojito at MI3DE

National Eventing Selectors have completed their half-yearly review of the ‘2014 Normandy’ and ‘2016 Rio’ eventing squads.

Among those to join the ‘2016 Rio squad’ are the top two placegetters from the recent Melbourne International Three Day Event CCI3*, Katja Weimann (BP Flamboyant) and Sonja Johnson (Belfast Mojito).

Katja Weimann

      Katja Weimann and BP Flamboyant

Bill Levett and Shannondale Titan also join the national program on the ‘2014 Normandy’ squad following a strong performance at Saumur CCI3*.

Whilst the number of combinations on the 2016 Rio squad has increased, there has been a reduction in the number of combinations on the 2014 Normandy squad.

National Performance Director for Eventing, Prue Barrett says the new national squad requirements have raised the bar and demand more of our athletes and is essential if Australia is to achieve its eventing medal targets at the forthcoming World Championships and Olympic Games.

“The policy is based on obtaining benchmark scores to achieve positions on the relevant squads. The benchmarks are directed towards achieving stronger performances and medal outcomes at both WEG in Normandy 2014 and the Olympic Games at Rio in 2016.

Bill Levett

      Bill Levett and Shannondale Titan

“Whilst there are only two combinations which have been able to achieve the 2014 squad benchmark, we have a number of riders who are very much on the periphery of these squads.

“With a number of competitions yet to come in 2013 both here in Australia and the UK, we anticipate a very different look to these squads at the end of year review.

"The High Performance program is working closely with the riders who we believe are on track to obtaining these world class scores,” she said.

Congratulations to the combinations which have been selected on the national eventing squads:

2014 Normandy Squad




Paul Tapner


Penny & Fred Barker and Paul Tapner

Bill Levett

Shannondale Titan

Clare Prentice

2016 Rio Squad




Andrew Hoy

Cheeky Calimbo

Christiane Classen & Andrew Hoy

Bill Levett


Ali & Sam Butler and Jenny Levett

Craig Barrett

Sandhills Brillaire

Keith and Juliet Osborne

Emma Mason

Poker Face

Emma Mason

Katja Weimann

BP Flamboyant

Katja Weimann

Kevin McNab


Pieternella Barnard

Lucinda Fredericks

Flying Finish

Lucinda Fredericks, Angus Murray and Richard Ames

Paul Tapner

Indian Mill

Mr & Mrs C McGinn & Paul Tapner

Tim Boland

GV Billy Elliot

Waratah Equestrian

Shane Rose


Shane Rose & Michelle Hasibar

Shane Rose

CP Qualified

Shane Rose & Elizabeth Wischer

Sonja Johnson

Belfast Mojito

Rebecca & Simon Bell

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