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2019 FEI General Assembly - Eventing proposals

       FEI President Ingmar De Vos at the 2018 FEI General Assembly      Photo courtesy FEI


The General Assembly is the annual congress for the National Equestrian Federations affiliated to the FEI. It is preceded by three days of meetings, notably those of the FEI Executive Board, Board and Regional Groups with the Board.

Elections, approval of changes to the FEI Rules and Regulations such as Statutes, General Regulations, Sport Rules, Veterinary Regulations and Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations. The General Assembly also approves the annual budget, accounts, etc.

The FEI General Assembly will this year be held in Moscow, Russia from November 16th – 19th

In the links below you can find out more about the changes and reports tabled for Eventing


Proposed Changes for Eventing Rules

One of the main topics on the Agenda each year is the Approval of Modification to Regulations across the disciplines and you can find the Proposed Changes for Eventing in the full document HERE.

One of the most contentious rule items in recent times has been Article No. 549.2 Run out – Missing a flag. This rule has been under discussion regarding the overall concept and the wording of the ruling and changes are proposed

Other items of interest with significant changes include;

Article 525 – Dangerous Riding

Article 526 – Abuse of Horse

Article 527 – Eventing Recorded Warning, Yellow Warning Cards and Suspension

Article 547 – Frangible/Deformable Obstacles

Article 548 – Scoring (relating to frangible obstacles)


The Report of the FEI Eventing Committee

Prepared by David O’Connor, Chair of the Eventing Committee, the report covers;

  1. Committee Meetings
  2. 2019 Rules Revision
  3. The Future of Eventing
  4. FEI Eventing Risk Management Programme
  5. Eventing Risk Management Steering Group
  6. Eventing Series (including an interesting comment regarding the introduction of a new competition format by the Event Rider Master Series which ‘will be considered by the Eventing Committee after a consultation process which will be launched with stakeholders and all interested parties as it is considered a major change to the sport’
  7. Education of Officials
  8. Eventing Development Programme

Read the full report HERE