Farewell Kirby Park Irish Jester

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Megan Jones retired Kirby Park Irish Jester on his home turf in Adelaide

It brings a lump to the throat every time when you see a great horse retired from competition. This time it was extra special.

Megan Jones and Kirby Park Irish Jester are a special partnership and we’ve spent a lot of time writing about them, photographing them and talking to them ( of course Jester can talk). We’ll be putting together a full tribute to Jester but here is just a quick look at his official retirement on Sunday (get ready to blub............)

      "Let's go mum......."

      A final time in front of their fans

       Megan's parents, Margaret and Peter Jones watch the horse and daughter they bred

      They popped over a couple of fences just for fun, much to the delight of the crowd

       An emotional Megan makes her speech    Photo: ESJ Photo

Time for the traditional unsaddling and Megan's husband-to-be James Deacon is on hand to hold Jester.........

       ...and consolation ( "Don't mind me" says Festy "I'll just have a nibble")

      Bye bye Kirby Park Irish Jester ......... here's to a not quite so busy life in the future


Sorry about the poor video quality due to technical gremlins. There is also a lovely video tribute to Jester on Megan's website