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Congratulations to Lissa and Giorgio



2020 will be a year that eventing rider Lissa Green will not forget, and not just because of Covid-19.

Amidst all the ups and downs of a pandemic year, it is lovely to have some ‘feel-good’ moments and this is one as Lissa has announced her engagement to Giorgio Audino

Lissa, the daughter of legendary British eventing rider Lucinda Green and Australian Olympian David Green, rides for Australia and she now adds another nationality to her string, with her Italian fiancé Giorgio.

Giorgio is from Nervi (near Genova), a coastline town in Italy, but he spent his very early years in New York due to his father’s work commitments, before moving back to Italy. He studied Business Economics at the University of Genova and moved to London in 2008 where he undertook a Masters of Finance and now works in banking

“We met on a Ryanair flight four years ago when I missed my original flight home after a wedding in Italy. I ended up sitting next to him and the rest is history!” says Lissa

The big question we had for Lissa, whose family is so steeped in the sport of eventing, was ‘Does he ride’? Well, he does now …..

“He loves cycling (and sadly wears Lycra to do it)” laughs Lissa “He actually loves all sports but had zero idea there was such an industry involved with horses. True to character he has studied it and now probably knows more than me …..”

In recent times Lissa has suffered with the ongoing effects of a quite serious brain injury sustained in a fall down a flight of stairs, which went undiagnosed for quite some time ‘probably because it was not horse related’

“I still can't quite believe it – I’m happily shell shocked” Lissa told us “Especially with the difficulties of my head over the past year I felt for sure he would be sensible and run a mile”

“He is absolutely hilarious and one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life. Basically, he makes up about 90% of our relationship and I REALLY hope our kids take after him” 

Gaudio’s mastery of English is apparently impeccable but Italian is such a romantic language that we can’t help but say ‘Congratulazioni per il tuo fidanzamento’