An Eventful Life Cross Country Video Events 2019 | An Eventful Life

An Eventful Life Cross Country Video Events 2019


In 2019 we filmed more than 23,000 rides on cross country over 500,000 fences at 58 events in two hemispheres and three countries!

This video is a compilation of clips from every event we filmed at – if you can name all of the events, we’d be very impressed! There is of course an easy way but we’re not telling you that yet ….

If you want to watch any particular rider on cross country (after all, there’s nothing better than watching the experts to learn how to do it so why not watch some videos of World Number One Oliver Townend, British Number One, Piggy French or any rider you love to follow)

To watch full videos or find out if we filmed you in 2019 (or the years prior), simply put your name or horse name in our Cross Country Video Search Box here