Ros Canter’s Rainbow Cake


We’ve known for many years that World Champion Ros Canter is a very talented woman but she revealed a whole load of skills we didn’t know she possessed during last year's Equestrian Relief Challenge

As well as being the fastest over a 5km run, Ros showed that she had what it takes in the kitchen too by winning the Bake-Off with a very fancy and beautifully put together Rainbow Cake

The coloured layered cake was the showstopper for Pippa and William Funnell, who choose the winner (not knowing which competitors had made which cake) and we thought it so impressive, we asked if Ros would share the recipe, which turns out to have come from her Aunty (Aunty Beeb, that is, the BBC Good Food website!)

You’ll find the full recipe here but you will need to add a Willberry pony on top as part of the additional decorations that Ros added (and she admits to using pre-bought rolled out icing!)