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Wellness of horses a focus at World Championships - Herning 2022

The arenas are ready for action      Photo: Herning2022




While our focus is firmly on the Eventing World Championships at Pratoni Del Vivaro in September, the ECCO FEI World Championships – Herning 2022 for the disciplines of Dressage, Showjumping, Para-Dressage and Vaulting get underway today in Denmark

The dressage competition starts on Friday 5th with the welfare of the horses very much a focal point. From the footing to spa treatments, nothing has been left unplanned!

“Almost 12,000 tons of sand have been laid out in the arenas and they are now all finished and ready for the horses. And we have even had some heavy rain to test the footing and the drainage layer, and everything is working well” say the organisers as final tests of the footing were completed with Professor Lars Roepstorff running the final tests of the footing before competition began

All riders were assigned a specific arrival time slot and every one of the 1,200 horses expected to arrive at the venue must pass a meticulous health check before being allowed into the stables but during their stay the four-legged athletes will have the opportunity to enjoy some luxury pampering in a special ‘wellness area’ that has been set up.


Ryan Torkkeli from Canada with Sternenwanderer in ”NC Horse Trainer Wellness Area”   Photo: Herning2022



The “NC Horse Trainer Wellness Area” area spreads over 600 sqm and is situated close to the stables and training arenas

As well as simply providing an area for in-hand grazing and sand rolls, the area has been set up with equipment for specific horse training and rehabilitation.

Four experienced aqua trainers will be ready to help riders and grooms to achieve the optimal treatment for the horses with the Horse-Trainer Water, in which the horses can train in cooled-down water with air pressure, as well as Horse-Trainer Spas (cooled-down water with Epsom-salt and air pressure) and 2 Horse-Trainer Relax (vibration-floors to help the horses rehabilitate by speeding up the release of lactic acids).

The Wellness Area is also offering a modern, high-tech bio energetic scan using photo biomodulation and infrared light

“The machine measures and analyses cell communication in the horse’s body and locates any blockage. Then we treat using light therapy. Next, we do a follow-up scan to see how the horse has reacted to the treatment and to track the improvement in the cell-communication which will start a self-healing after the therapy” explains Nicole Christiansen from NC Horse Wellness

“We are open from 8-20 every day and the horse’s treatment can be booked via a booking system. We also have an emergency phone on case a horse is injured and needs to use the spa outside opening hours. Our four aqua trainers will be there during the entire Championship, and we will help as many horses as possible, both advising grooms and riders and treating the horses”.


Enjoying a spa at NC Horse Trainer Wellness Area         Photo: Herning2022