Could this be the next Holstein Park Leilani?


   Holstein Park Leilani and Chris Burton at London

Jade Findlay handed over the reins of her top horse Holstein Park Leilani to Chris Burton when she was pregnant, with the plan being to take back the ride following the birth of her baby girl. However things don’t always go to plan and because Chris was getting on so well with the talented chestnut mare Jade, together with her mum Jean, decided to leave Leilani with Chris and follow her journey as owners. The rest, as they say, is history with Chris and Leilani making it on to the team for the London Olympics.

  Jade and the promising Oaks Cordelia

Meanwhile Jade has been searching for another horse that might just take her to the top level and she now thinks she has done just that. The horse is question is Oaks Cordelia and Jade, who is now competing her at 2* level, believes this mare has even more talent than her beloved Leilani.

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