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Ricky Bannister eventer

      Ricky and Rex at HRCAV TTT Horse Trials 2012            

When I arrived at the HRCAV TTT Horse Trials a couple of weeks ago, the first thing I heard on the PA was that there was a fund raiser being run at the event for Ricky Bannister who had been seriously injured in a riding accident.

I had interviewed Ricky at the same event a year previously and ran into him at events since and, although I certainly can’t claim to know him well, I felt shocked and saddened. I can’t even begin to understand how traumatic it must be for his family, especially his wife who is expecting their first baby in September.

The family have been advised that Ricky will be a quadriplegic due to a complete C4-C5 spinal injury. He currently has no wrist or hand movement and no feeling below his chest but it is hoped that he will be breathing independently soon.

Ricky’s brother, Jordan, has written a moving account of his experience since learning of Ricky’s accident which you can read on the fund raising page at www.rickybannister.com.au

We cannot do much to help Ricky at this stage except donate money to assist in funding the many needs Ricky and his family will have during his rehabilitation. Ricky will need a suitable car, ongoing care and physiotherapy and renovations to the family home to make it accessible for Ricky when he leaves hospital.

Despite his injuries, Ricky has a future ahead of him; you only have to look at inspirational people such as Claire Lomas who was paralysed from the waist down at Osberton Horse Trials in 2007. Claire completed the 2012 London Marathon in 17 days in a bionic suit and is now on a 644km hand cycle ride around England on a fundraising mission for Spinal Research and The Nicholls Foundation. The money she raises will go towards stem cell research; this research could play an important part in Ricky’s recovery

The accidents that happened to these two riders could happen to any of us. The costs associated with recovery are great, not to mention the emotional trauma. Please donate generously towards the fund which will assist Ricky in his new life and future. We have no doubt that we will be seeing him at events again, maybe not competing but certainly still a part of our eventing community

Please visit www.rickybannister.com.au today to donate





Hi myself and my daughter met Ricky not so long ago, he was so kind and helpful when we were looking to buy a float from him and another time when we were at Geelong Horse Trials, he was so thoughtful to bring an extra set of yards for my daughter, they are both a lovely couple and we are sending our best wishes to him and his wife to help in some way to Ricky's recovery xxxxxxxxxx P.s please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

We have followed the site and made a donation towards Ricky's recovery x

I've made a donation in the memory of Christopher Reeeve. I wish you and your family the best xoxoxox