Sinead Halpin - asking all the right questions

      Sinead and Manoir de Carneville at Burghley                       Photo: Libby Law

Sinead Halpin inspired a lot of people of people at Burghley this year, including her old boss William Fox-Pitt who said of her cross country ride at Burghley “I watched Sinead’s round and it was amazing. She set the standard.”

Sinead had a difficult year, being overlooked for the London 2012 US eventing team, but this experience and her reflection on it has obviously made her stronger.

Although Sinead just missed out on the chance of becoming the first American rider for 19 years to win at Burghley her riding was inspiring and her delightful manner was infectious. In this interview with Chris Stafford she talks about where she draws inspiration from, the need for role models and the importance of asking questions

“You don’t have to have all of the answers, but you do have to have an open mind”

It is quite a long interview but well worth a listen

Sinead Halpin Interview by Chris Stafford


For our video interview with Sinead at Burghley CLICK HERE