Wendy Schaeffer - Sydney, Sunburst and the future

Wendy Schaeffer and Sunburst

The story of Wendy Schaeffer and her Olympic gold medal winning horse Sunburst is a great one. Those who have read An Eventful Life – Life Stories of Eventing Champions know that it is a story of triumph and tragedy. On April 30th the wonderful horse Sunburst, who died in 1997 just months after winning gold for Australia, was honoured at the Equestrian Australia Sports Achievement Awards by being inducted into the Hall of Fame

Wendy Schaeffer and Brett Parbery

      Brett Parbery interviews Wendy at the EA Sports Achievement Awards    Photo: SWD Images

We caught up with Wendy at the Sydney International Horse Trials to talk about her weekend at the Sydney event, Sunburst and Wendy’s trip back to the UK where she is to marry.

Wendy Schaeffer interview

And we couldn't resist this footage on YouTube that shows the great partnership between Wendy and Sunburst that won them team gold at the Atlanta Olympic Games




I remember that footage like it was yesterday!