Mirri Lang and Mousetang | An Eventful Life

Mirri Lang and Mousetang

    James Lang and Mousetang on the CCI5* course at the 2017 Australian International 3 Day Event


Had it not been for Covid-19, the chestnut thoroughbred gelding Mousetang would have been preparing for his second CCI5* start at the Australian International 3 Day Event in 2020

But, with little competition available, his owner and rider James Lang decided that Mousetang should take on a new career in 2021, with James’ daughter Mirri taking over the reins on the 16-year-old gelding


     Mirri and Mousetang on cross country (above) and show jumping (below)


They completed their first ever horse trials together at the inaugural Gisborne EA Horse Trials in January, taking fifth place in the EvA65.2. They moved up from 11th after the dressage, had one rail down in the show jumping and cruised around the cross country (you would swear that Mousetang had a smile on his face the whole way round!)

We talked to Mirri after the event to find out more about the past 5* horse who bites you, but only if he loves you!