Bosu fitness training exercises for horse riders

All horse riders know that developing core stability and strength can help their riding, whatever their level or equestrian discipline.

We asked author and healthy life mentor, Sally Symonds how to develop core strength and she suggested some Bosu exercises explaining that a bosu workout is very effective in this area.

For example Sally believes that a pilates workout would be about a 3/10 on an intensity workout versus a bosu workout of an 8/10 providing a much more challenging and effective workout for core stability. Take a look at the exercises Sally suggests utilising the bosu and how to perform them correctly


The Brilliant Bosu

Shaped like a giant half ball, bosu stands for “both sides can be utilized” – a good indication of just how versatile it can be.  The bosu has become a "must have" tool for balance training since it was first launched 2000, and is a regular feature of many major gyms throughout the world.

The bosu targets the core muscles of your body - those muscles around your abdominal and back area helping you to not only gain strength, trim and tone but to help coordinate your entire body. Virtually any exercise you can perform on the ground can be performed on the bosu - making that exercise more challenging, more fun and more effective!

The bosu adds FUNctionality to any workout because your body is constantly shifting and contracting to stay aligned. This helps burn more calories, and enhances coordination and balance.  Consider these brilliant bosu exercises:


Bosu core climbers

Bosu training for horse riders

Start position:

Start in a push up position on the bosu, black side up, with your hands on the edge of the bosu.


Bosu training exercise for horse riders


Raise one leg off the ground and tuck your knee up to your chest. Make sure you don’t rotate your hips. Bring your leg back down to the ground and perform with opposite leg. Remember to keep good posture and core throughout and don’t allow the bosu to move too much—use your arms and core to stabilise it.


Bosu Swiss ball sit ups

Bosu training exercises for horse riders

Start position:

Lie back on the ball, resting your lower back on a Swiss Ball and your feet on a bosu. Place your hands behind your head.


Squeeze and contract your abs, raising your head and arms, and with a “Mexican wave” movement, curl the rest of your torso off the ball until you’re almost upright. Pause and lower with control, making sure you exhale on the up phase of the movement.


Double bosu lunge

Bosu training exercises for horse riders


Start position:

Start in a normal lunge position. Place each foot on a bosu, black side up.  and place a bosu black side up under both your feet.


Bosu training exercises for horse riders


Perform a normal lunge. Keep both your feet neutral rather than rolling inward or outward.


You may want to start off performing this exercise assisted (using a chair), and then progress to performing it unassisted.


Many thanks to Sally Symonds “One of Australia’s leading health and fitness experts” (Good Health magazine)