Update to proposed modifications for 2018 Eventing Rules


The FEI Eventing Committee has followed up on its review of the structure of international level eventing competition to be introduced in January 2018

With its aim ‘to adapt to the current global level of the sport and better support the implementation of the Olympic strategy’ the Eventing Committee has released an update to the recommendations issued to the National Federations (NF’s) last year

The full document is ‘part of the continued effort to address risk management and the cost effectiveness of the discipline together with encouraging the development of the number of nations participating in Eventing’ and can be viewed here




6 July 2017 -1st Draft of Rules

The detailed review of all articles related to the structure change will be included in the GA Annex document in October

18 September 2017

Feedback from NFs - to be considered by the Eventing Committee

19 October 2017

GA Annexes: the specific articles relating to the required updates in the overall Eventing Rules as the result of the proposed structure change will be included in the second draft prepared for the General Assembly


Proposed Category Changes

New Categorisation for 2018

Existing Levels in 2017

CCI 5* (Long)

Olympic & WEG format

CIC 5* (Short)

New level - cross country (CIC 3*), dressage and


 (CCI 4*)

CCI 4* (Long)

CCI 3*

CIC 4*(Short)

CIC 3*

CCI 3* (Long)

CCI 2*

CIC 3* (Short)

CIC 2*

CI 2* (Unified)

CCI 1* and CIC 1*

CI 1* (Unified)

New introductory level not existing in 2017



1. The current CCI4* will be transferred to a separate “SPECIAL EVENT” category, i.e. “Iron-horse” (maximum technical difficulty) which will not be compulsory for the general progression of the Olympics and WEG.

2. CIC5* Short could be the level to support the Nations Cup /World Cup series

3. The introduction of a CI* at a lower level event of a XC at 1.05 meter level. This new category would allow a transition between national and international competitions in developing countries. The level can be used for the Pony championship as well as the basis for developing a Children level/category in Eventing.  This level would be optional for NFs and not included as a compulsory level of events to obtain qualifications.


Changes to specifications

The proposed changes would require many changes to the current technical specifications for the cross-country and jumping phases, officials’ appointments and Minimum Eligibility Requirements which are addressed in the full FEI document.


Making the sport more understandable

Other significant discussions designed to make the sport more self-explanatory to a wider audience in line with the IOC Agenda 2020 are;

  • Scoring
    •  proposal to remove the Dressage Coefficient, to promote the importance of the Cross Country Test as the essence of the Sport
    •  review of two different positive scoring different systems during 2018 for an implementation at a later date


  • Dressage Test Changes
    • New 1 star test for the new level
    • Shorter time for the Dressage Test. The Committee have conducted an analysis on the removal of the collective marks. Further investigations will be made to prepare a proposal to replace all collective marks with one mark, and remove the general comments, taking also into account the level of the competition. Discussion postponed until 2018.
    • A new short test will be drafted for Olympic Games


  • Dress Code
    • The Committee clarified that National Identification could be, but not only, of the colour of the National Flags for the cross country phase


  • Indoor / Arena Cross Country Rules
    • further input and recommendations on Indoor/Arena Eventing for 2018-2019 season