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XC Video Analysis: Tim Price and Will Furlong


WINDRUSH 2021 INTAKE APPLY HERE - Closes 14th July

The Windrush Equestrian Foundation applications for the 2021 intake of riders to the Young Eventers Programme closes on 14th July 2021. Find out more and apply now for this wonderful opportunity on the link above


When we started our partnership with the wonderful Windrush Foundation earlier this year, we couldn’t resist asking if they would share some of their coaching analysis with us (and you!)

For those not yet aware (where have you been??) of the Young Eventers’ Programme offered by the Windrush Foundation, it provides young riders, between the age of 21 and 28, with in-depth training opportunities both in and out of the saddle. 

With mentorship from Pippa Funnell, Tim Price and support from Yogi Breisner, plus a surrounding support bubble of education, training and welfare advisors, the programme aims to deliver a 360 degree focus on the skills required to succeed as a professional equestrian athlete.

this year the partnership with An Eventful Life will allow the six members of the 2021 Programme - Alicia Hawker, Will Furlong, Connie Copestake, Yasmin Ingham, India Wishart and Lorenzo Monachesi - to benefit from access to their cross-country videos from a range of events across the UK.  The videos will provide the programme’s riders, and coaches, an additional tool to review performances and analyse what went right and where marginal improvements can be made.

But before the belated 2021 eventing season began in England, the Windrush coaches did some virtual training with the riders via Zoom using previous years’ footage.  

In this video session above, Tim Price and Will Furlong look through the video of Will riding Collien P2 at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2019 to analyse where things were good, what can be improved and what to work on in their coming training sessions and competitions.

This was Will’s first crack at Burghley which, as Tim says, is a ‘very different kettle of fish’ and is ‘a course of a few different faces’. Tim knows Burghley well, having ridden there many times and, in 2019 he tackled it on three different horses, so is able to give some insightful and first-hand feedback about riding this famous course

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have Tim Price as a mentor but we can provide analysis by three other fabulous cross country coaches – Lucinda and Lissa Green and Caroline Moore FBHS. Find out more about our cross country video coaching here