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Les Etoiles de Pau

Australia has tasted victory at Les Etoiles de Pau but not in the top class and this year it was a case of so near but so far .....

Watch the footage of the full cross country phase and interviews with the riders at Les Etoiles de Pau 2020

Laura Collett’s first 5* win on London 52 is the ‘stuff that dreams are made of’ at Les Etoiles de Pau

“He is unbelievable to sit on” said Laura Collett of London 52, her leading horse at Pau CCI5* “We had some heart in mouth moments but he has really shown me what he’s made of”

Laura Collett set another record score at Les Etoiles de Pau to lead on London 52 after the dressage and she is hoping that it is 'third time lucky' here

The possibility of the first Australian win at Les Etoiles de Pau is one step closer as Chris Burton and Graf Liberty lead after the first day of dressage

  Could an Australian win for the first time this year? We're off and running at Les 5 Etoiles de Pau - the only CCI5 Star to take place this year

48 athletes with 62 horses from 10 countries will compete at Les Etoiles de Pau in southern France in October - see who is entered for the only 5* event this year

Spectators will be allowed at Les 5 Etoiles de Pau but masks will be mandatory

The organising team for Les Etoiles de Pau, scheduled to take place from 21st – 25th October, is hoping that the event will carry on as planned this year