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Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials

The Kiwis certainly know how to have a good time at big events! Check out some behind the scenes footage by Equestrian Sports New Zealand of the Kiwi camp at Badminton 2022

“At the end of the day the horse is phenomenal ... and he’s still young enough to come back and do it all again hopefully” Laura Collett and London 52 pull off a sensational win at Badminton Horse Trials and Team GB is on a roll

“The Vicarage Vee was the only time he questioned my sanity" but Laura Collett's London 52 came up trumps, Jonelle Price puts her foot down, Bill Levett's horse was was 'totally up for it today' and Muzi Pottinger has a message for those back home

"It’s a whole different ballgame today" says dressage leader Laura Collett. Here are the riders’ thoughts on the course they will face, along with comments by David O’Connor and Harry Meade who also touch on the safety aspects and use of frangible pins


Interviews: "He's not just excited - he's hysterical!" Sammi Birch's Finduss PFB has finally found a stable at Badminton he's happy with and Dom Schramm's Bolytair B grew a hand taller in the 'electric arena' during Friday's dressage 

"This is what we all dream of, he was just so with me" Laura Collett and London 52 take the lead at Badminton Horse Trials on a day that saw horses of 'all shapes and sizes' (and personalities) take to the arena

Britain's Tom McEwen leads the way at Badminton Horse Trials after a good day for Antipodean debutants Amanda Pottinger and Hazel Shannon

We catch up with the two Australian riders who have travelled a long way to fulfil the dream of competing at Badminton Horse Trials - Samantha Clark talks to Hazel Shannon and Dom Schramm

Erik Duvander is at Badminton Horse Trials with three US riders who could shake up the leaderboard. Samantha Clark talks to Erik about his new role, the riders he is working with, Badminton vs Kentucky courses and where does the Swedish born rider call home

Crowds throng back to Badminton House where all Aussies and Kiwis are accepted at the Badminton Horse Trials CCI5* first horse inspection