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Advice for horse care, management, riding and breeding. Find training techniques for eventing horses and riders in dressage, cross country and show jumping | An Eventful Life


Our horses are our best friends. So proper care and management, both on the ground and while riding, are essential for your horse’s health and comfort.

Our How To section provides advice on all aspects of equine care, plus training tips for horse and rider, and the latest  information on breeding top eventing horses

Horse Management

Advice on all aspects of horse management, from feeding to grooming, at home and at competition with tips from some of the world’s best eventing riders and grooms.


Training Tips

Improve rider and horse technique, performance and confidence with our training tips and riding exercises for all three disciplines - dressage, show jumping and cross country – of eventing.



Looking to breed an eventing horse or simply interested in research and information on the top studbooks, breeders, stallions and their progeny? You’ll find it here.


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