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Charlie Brister

Charlie Brister took a holiday after finishing Uni and ended up being interviewed by CBS

Having studied hard for Uni finals, Charlie Brister decides he's not ready for an office job yet so it's off to Calgary for the Stampede after some recent success eventing

This photo really has nothing to do with Charlie Brister's blog -  'getting ready for Sydney Three Day Event' but it could have something to do with the rest of his life ...?

Charlie Brister couldn't decide whether to take it easy while recovering from a groin strain or get a job that didn't involve riding horses - so what did he choose? A  trip to the Crown Casino of course!

The result of a bolter and a bucker leave our blogger, Charlie Brister, pointing out some parts of his anatomy!


Charlie Brister has returned home from his whirlwind trip to Europe where he enjoyed dressage, jumping and a bit of ice skating!

Charlie Brister is having a great time in Germany, despite having to drink beer and go to parties ... it's a hard life!

Blogger Charlie Brister was a bit down when his two top horses were injured but a scholarship trip to Germany put a smile on his face – as did the upgrade to business class!


Blogger Charlie Brister enjoys the fringe benefits from his clients ... from lasagnas to lemon meringue!

Our blogger, Charlie Brister, was excited about his big win at Sydney and celebrating his 21st all in the same week.


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