Clarke Johnstone

What an autumn season it has been for Clarke Johnstone's team of horses and he's looking for another win at Melbourne - but he's not bringing a horse to this one

Welcome back Clarke! Blogger Clarke Johnstone must have had frostbite in the fingers in the UK but now he's back in New Zealand, his writing fingers are working again and he has lots of exciting news

Clarke Johnstone found himself having to borrow a tweed jacket to compete in the Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse class but it was worth it

After finishing the season at Puhinui with a win Clarke Johnstone takes time to enjoy the beautiful journey home

Clark Johnstone had made his escape from the British winter and is back ‘at home’ in New Zealand but not before moving yards in UK which involved lots of pakcing and unpacking ...

Clarke Johnstone has survived an 'interesting' year, with various ups and downs. He is now looking fowarding to be based with one of the best event riders in the world ...

We finally pin down Clarke Johnstone to write his first blog for An Eventful Life and discover that eventing in UK is all about cancelled events and an impressive trip around the Prestige Italia Factory in Italy - courtesy of his sponsors.

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