Jaymee Tinney

Sisters Jaymee and Gemma have kicked off their 2013 eventing season and they each tell us about it

Gemma Tinney took over her sister Jaymee's blog and horse in 2012 with great success and has some big plans in 2013 (but will Jaymee be back??)

Gemma Tinney has taken over sister Jaymee’s blog (and her horse) .......................

Jaymee Tinney decides there is no justice in this world and can’t wait until school is over

With the HSC looming I decide that studying is going to be very important this year but then I discover I'm on the National Elite Youth Squad ... I'm so excited!

Adelaide! It's all over... but to say the least I think it went very successfully and we came home with a lot more blue ribbons than expected.

Canberra was the big qualifier for the CCI** at Adelaide so there was quite some pressure on.

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