Kate Mackenzie

It takes a lot to slow down self-diagnosed ADHD sufferer Kate Mackenzie, Equestrian Australia’s Administrator of the Year, but fractures in her L2,3 and 4 spinal processors following some cross country high jinks did the trick

Kate Mackenzie re-discovered her love of eventing at SIEC and it seems the sport loves her too, being voted the 2017 NSW Administrator of the Year and in the running for the same EA Award

Whatever the result at an event, I need to remember that today is called the present and that is a gift and I am grateful to be involved in the sport of eventing

It occurred to me that this is one way for my kids to read about life when I’m either lying in hospital with amnesia after a stack or lost my marbles from dementia (I think I’d rather the former)

"I’ve got a new horse to ride!  His name is Chaka and he’s a 7YO TB and he’s not evented before I started riding him" Kate MacKenzie updates us on her eventing life and celebrates a wedding anniversary in the best way

Kate Mckenzie has decided the time has come to retire the 'vocal' Astro - anyone know of a 'sweet kind patient horse' for her?

Kate Mckenzie thought she had found the secret to a good dressage test at Berrima but, then again, as her daughter suggests "it is really quite easy and maybe I’m doing it wrong….."

Kate Mckenzie stayed up, like most eventing tragics, to watch Badminton but has also discovered that her own event at Canberra has something in common with big event in the UK - as a heritage listed site

What can be more important than eventing at Wallaby Hill, Canberra and Scone? Kate Mckenzie's young son Ben thinks he knows ...........

Kate Mackenzie is packing lunch boxes for her kids again and getting back into the swing of eventing, having broken the voodoo of Pre-Novice and moved up to 1*


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