Laura Wallace

I have come to the unsurprising conclusion that I am a rubbish blogger…my last one was a summary of a year, and now this one is nearly a summary of two years

Welcome back Laura Wallace! Not only to our blog but also to Australia - Laura summarises her past year in the UK and her return to Australia in her first (of many we hope) blog of 2015

It has taken Laura Wallace a long time but now feels she has gained enough perspective to write something meaningful about someone that she misses every day - Tom Gadsby

Laura Wallace discovers the joy that building flat pack furniture can bring as she moves into her new house in East Sussex

A new lorry called Doris and very shortly a new home with British eventer Francis Whittington for blogger Laura Wallace

Laura Wallace admits that it has been a while since her last blog - but she's blaming it on the weather as she prepares for Houghton

From sun to snow. Laura Wallace enjoyed some time on the beach and is now taking photos of the white stuff back in the UK

Laura Wallace takes us through how she has purchased various horses over the years and in some cases how ‘taking a chance’ can turn out to be a good thing

Laura Wallace gives us a round up of all the events she has been to lately, including her ‘win’ over Blyth Tait.


Blogger Laura Wallace is very happy because after being 'let out of prison' (I'll let her explain) she is enjoying every moment of her eventing ... well nearly every moment


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