Maia Guppy-Hall

Maia Guppy-Hall's stressful year of HSC is over and she's back to eventing, starting 2014 with a win and lots of competitions lined up

Blogger Maia Guppy-Hall is suffering from the HSC blues as she has to concentrate on school work rather then getting out to events

Blogger, Maia Guppy-Hall spent much of the Christmas break attending Camps where she polished her riding skills to then come out and score a win at Wallaby Hill

Blogger Maia Guppy-Hall has been working hard at school and missing out on horses but she intends to change over for the next few weeks

Blogger Maia Guppy Hall enjoyed her first pre novice win at Harden and then jetted off to Cuba to enjoy some music!

The past school holidays were pretty hectic for blogger Maia Guppy-Hall with a step up the eventing ladder and a unexpected medical condition to deal with


"Mixing horses, school work and musicals is never easy but it's worth it," says our junior Blogger Maia Guppy-Hall

Maia Guppy-Hall begins her blog with An Eventful Life with a great time at camp and a new saddle as she looks forward to her eventing year

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