Michelle Robson

Look what Michelle Robson has got to play with! Lucky girl. Find out more about Frederico and what's been happening in Michelle's latest blog

Michelle Robson's move to Wallaby Hill Farm has gone well but there have been dramas with lost dogs and shredded tyres in the lead up to Melbourne (where consolation G&T's were required)

Michelle Robson has had an emotional couple of months preparing to leave all her 'boys' at Bimbadeen Park but the time has come to move on

As things on the horse front start to slow down for Michelle Robson at Bimbadeen Park, Olivia Rose spends some time watchin the cricket with her dad

Michelle Robson has been back in Australia for a few weeks now and the pace at Bimbadeen Park is back to normal … busy!

Michelle Robson fills us in on her French adventure at Haras du Pin and tells us what Shane has been doing to keep busy

Michelle Robson has once again jetted off overseas to look after Shane Rose's horses, but with Taurus left behind and only Virgil to look after she might end up playing with Olivia and her toys

The road to big events never fail to keep Michelle Robson and the team from Bimbadeen Park fully entertained and of course leave them with some tales to tell once there

Michelle Robson admits there is one thing she really doesn't like about working with horses

With a plan to break in 300 horses this year it's no surprise that the guys at Bimbadeen Park need a good feed!


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