Natalie Blundell

Nat Blundell is bringing on some lovely young horses for future (just don't tell anyone she has even been out Showing them!)

Despite getting a cold Natalie Blundell is enjoying her time in Australian team training in the UK and catching up with Aussie based riders Shane Rose and Stuart Tinney

Nat Blundell fills us in on exactly what happened for her and Sam at Badminton, is checking out the local scenery and preparing for Luhmuhlen. Go Nat!

Nat Blundell needs a warm and friendly pub (with wi-fi) to get us her blogs but she has managed to find a quiet corner, not full of fellow international eventers from Andrew Hoy's yard, to fill us in on her Badminton trip so far

Nat Blundell has an exciting year ahead with her first ever trip to the UK to compete on the hallowed turf of Badminton and then, who knows?

Natalie Blundell has been working double time to try and make up for the income she loses while she is away - but she's happy there's time to play in the winter darts competition

Natalie Blundell has certainly had her hands full in the past month or so - but just whose behind has she got her hands on here!

Natalie Blundell enjoys some time with her family and all the babies ... both two and four legged while keeping an eye on the fires

Natalie Blundell may get a little teased by her fellow elite riders when she comes out on her palomino ‘ponies’ but she just loves riding her talented little ‘barbie doll horses’!


Natalie Blundell gives us her view on the selection process for the Australian Eventing team and why she feels something has to change so that our riders of the future will have a fair chance to represent their country


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