Nikki and Blair Richardson

Nikki Richardson takes a few weeks away from riding and goes swimming with the sharks!

Once again Blair manages to avoid putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard as we catch up with him and at Berrima to find out what is happening at Vantage Hill


It seems that as soon as school holidays come around it all happens in the Richardson household. In their latest blog Nikki tells us about the trips to hospital Oscar  ... thankfully things improved and it now looks like the Richardson boys could become future eventers

Never let it be said that we don’t track our bloggers down … one way or the other

Blogger, Nikki Richardson, had to put horses to one side during the recent school holidays when the three men in her life suffered the dreaded 'Man Flu'

Our new bloggers Blair and Nikki Richardson tell us about their recent trip to Melbourne 3DE

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