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Sadly Alison Duthie has had to stand down from her role as bloggist controller (controller, in her dreams) due to a recent major shock … Sonja Johnson has done a blog!

Although we haven't heard from Sonja Johnson for a long time when we finally did catch up with her we discovered she's been as busy as ever and is looking forward to her eventing campaign of 2013 with some unexpected horses ready to start their eventing career

"How does any athlete that has trained for a major comp and not made it cope?" Elite squad member Sonja Johnson not only asks the big question but tells us her strategy

Even an Olympic silver medallist enjoys a day out at her old (and recently re-started) Pony Club. Sonja Johnson took her ‘ponies’ (including EA Elite Squad listed Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison aka Ben Pony) to Many Peaks Pony Club recently where they competed at all levels for large and small riders ..........

The thing about being mostly recovered from the broken pelvis is that I am now doing heaps of stuff to tell people about. The problem is I have no time to actually sit down and write about it so here is one heck of an overdue blog

One thing about my life it is not dull. I planned to write this last Monday after the Harvey CNC but instead I have been flat out with the sheep on the farm

On the weekend of the 17/18th of September I took Nikki Brooks’ Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison (Ben pony) and Simon and Rebecca Bells Belfast Mojito (Mojo) to the Alcoa Fairbridge CNC

A quick update from Sonja Johnson about how her bones are mending!

We hope that everyone who purchases An Eventful Life - Life Stories of Eventing Champions enjoys the book for the great stories and photographs

It is now 3 weeks since the accident and I am out of hospital thank goodness. My amazing mum has, with the help of some incredible friends, organised all of the ewes ready for lambing and then ducked up and grabbed me


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