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About Cross Country Video

The best way to review and share your cross country ride with friends, family, coaches and the rest of the world!

Our cross country cameras capture every rider on course over the majority of fences

You simply order your personalised video online here and it will be available online, for download or as a Private video within a few days



Which events are you covering?

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How do I order my video?


Where do I order my video?

Put your name or horse name in the Cross Country Video Search Box and it will provide you with all options to purchase your video.

During competitions your name may not be listed until the day after the event completes


What options are there?

Watch Online: You and everyone else can view the video on An Eventful Life

Watch and Download: You can view and download the video from An Eventful Life. Everyone else can view it (option available only to 5* Members)

Private: You can watch and download the video from An Eventful Life. No one else can watch it. You have the ability to make the video Private or Public at any time on the website (option available only to 5* Members)


How long does it take?

Your video should be available within ten (10) working days of order, usually much sooner. You will be notified via email of your successful purchase and when the video is available online. As this is an automated email, please check your Junk folder for messages


How do I view videos?

Simply type a rider, horse or event name into our Cross Country Video Search Box and it will provide you with all viewable videos.

If you know the event you wish to watch but not the horse or rider, visit the Event Page to choose


What does 5* Membership offer?

Subscribe to our 5* Membership for discounted purchase price, the ability to Download your file and control your video privacy settings as well as access to all subscriber-only 5* editorial content and entry to our monthly competitions

With our vast archive of cross country videos stretching back to 2015, An Eventful Life now offers additional cost savings and benefits to our 5* Members

We know that, on the one hand, many of you love to download and share your videos on social media but also that there are times you wish to keep your video private, for personal reasons or review with your coach

So now we have made it even more cost effective and simple for our 5* Members to manage their downloads and privacy settings. All videos purchased by our 5* Members will automatically include a download and the video shown on our website can be made private or public as and when you wish by simply pressing a button*.

Sign up for membership before you purchase to automatically receive the discount. If you already are a member, please log in to ensure that your discount is automatically applied

Find out more about 5* Membership here


*Please note that the cost in GB pounds may vary - to ensure an accurate price in pounds please check the current exchange rate

You can Unsubscribe from 5* Membership at any time


Do you capture every fence on course?

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, it is impossible to guarantee that we can video every rider over every jump.

  • Weather conditions (in particular the wind that can blow tripods over and rain that causes the lens to fog over and the sun can also create over-exposure, make the footage unclear)
  • Cameras occasionally knocked over by horses and spectators
  • Limited time during course changes mean that sometimes our cameras are not re-focused in time for the first rider on a new course
  • People standing in front of cameras obscuring the view
  • Camera or battery failure
  • Jump options - often there are options at fences which we may usually do not cover

And of course, simple human error

We are continually improving our processes to ensure that we capture as much footage as we possibly can but with 18 - 30 cameras, often running for over 12 hours, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. Despite this, although we cannot guarantee 100% coverage for every rider, we aim to come close to it


Other Questions?

See our FAQs or please feel free to Contact Us


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