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Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Eventing

The hardest working shoe fitters in Rio are the team of British and Brazilian farriers working round the clock to keep the well-heeled equine athletes well-shod at the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Deodoro

"We love the challenge of a Championship so we have to live through all these ups and downs” said Ingrid Klimke; we look a few of the ups and downs of Rio 2016

Chilli Morning’s competition in Rio will be his last, says William Fox-Pitt

If the camaraderie of the three top eventing teams in Rio accounts for their success, what is it about the man who won individual gold?

Final results from the Eventing team and individual competitions at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Michael Jung has achieved the amazing feat of winning back to back Olympic gold medals on the same horse, Sam FBW

6.3 penalty points spelt the difference between gold and bronze team medals for Australia today as France became the Olympic team eventing champions

Can this man stop Chris Burton winning individual gold?

The cross country day at the 2016 Olympic Games saw Australia back in contention for team and individual Olympic gold medals after a few years break but they have a big job ahead tomorrow

“When Germany is far ahead (after the dressage), everyone is not happy so they have all decided to catch up” said Ingrid Klimke today “Now we Germans have to do a really good job tomorrow!”