Lucinda Green

Lucinda Green at Luhmuhlen 2022

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022 13:59

1982 World Champion at Luhmuhlen, Lucinda Green, will be a special guest at the Longines Luhmuhlen Horse Trials this week in celebration of the 40th anniversary

Moments of genius with Lucinda Green

Tuesday Apr 30, 2019 3:30

“Every time a death happens, or something goes wrong in our sport, we become more dominating” Lucinda Green talks about rider safety, the 5* events and the ‘Bartle brilliance’ during this video interview

Living Legends Super Clinic in WA

Saturday Jan 18, 2014 11:45

The team of Lucinda Green and Andrew McLean will be joined by sports scientist and human performance expert Jon Pitts in what is sure to be a long weekend of learning and entertainment in WA and some elephants will be helped along the way!

Thanks to Lucinda Green

Friday Mar 1, 2013 8:59

The committee from Denman Horse Trials would like to thank Lucinda Green for teaching at their recent clinic

Lucinda Green - eventing exercises

Saturday Feb 23, 2013 17:36

Lucinda Green's exercises with interesting lines, lots of skinny fences and a complete disregard for strides help to sharpen up the horse’s and rider’s reaction times