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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - General News

At the time of postponement of the Olympic Games, the primary venue for Equestrian sport was 95% complete - find out how the latest preparations for Tokyo 2020 are going

Video: "This is the place to be”. Take a look inside the new Olympic Stadium and Athletes’ Village ahead of next summer’s postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Increasing confidence that the Tokyo 2020 Games will go ahead next year, possibly even with spectators

“What kind of an Olympic Games is it if athletes cannot march into a packed venue to a cheering crowd?” Tokyo 2020 and the IOC are confident that the Games will go ahead but others are not so sure

Major sporting events, including eventing fixtures, are resuming in a Covid-19 world but Tokyo 2020 is still grappling with the many scenarios for how the Games can open in July 2021

We take a look at the science behind some of the changes to the Tokyo 2020 cross country course and footage from the Test Event

Would an unshaven rider be leading the dressage at Tokyo 2020? Some quirky facts and memorable moments from the Rio 2016 eventing dressage days

The Australian Olympic Committee now has the authority to nominate and select athletes to a team for Tokyo 2020 should Equestrian Australia, currently in Voluntary Administration, be unable to do so

“Think of the coming year not simply as a one year postponement, but as a +1” Find out more about the inspirational Ikee Rikako, star of the Tokyo 2020 +1 message

Tokyo 2020 has confirmed the event schedules of the equestrian events for the Olympic Games in 2021