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Hartpury International

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Just off the podium for Bill Levett, Sammi Birch blazed a path in the CCI2*-L and Sam Griffiths talks about the 'most talented horse I’ve ever ridden' at Hartpury International

Interview: Gemma Tattersall tells us why Chilli Knight is so fast and how she handled being chased by a dog on cross country when riding Flash Cooley

What a line-up in the top 10 of the CCI4*-S at Hartpury! Find out what the riders thought in our full wrap up from Saturday at the NAF Five Star Hartpury International

Piggy March may only have one horse at Hartpury International but she is leading on Cooley Lancer 'a real top end type of horse' in the CCI3*-L

Nicola Wilson leads the way in the CCI4*-S at the NAF Five Star Hartpury International where we also talk to Pippa Funnell, Kitty King, Sarah Bullimore, Tina Cook, William Fox-Pitt, Harry Meade and Ben Hobday

Is that an Olympic gold and silver medallist we see at Hartpury? Tom McEwen is back at competition in the UK and tells us that success in Tokyo "Gives you more drive for (Paris) in three years’ time!”


Video interview: Sam Clark caught up with Ben Hobday at Hartpury International to talk about his Shadow horses and the unusual year that it has been leading up to this point

The NAF Five Star International Hartpury Event is back with a vengeance running large CCI2*L and CCI3*L divisions alongside an enormous CCI4*S - here's what happened on Thursday

We talk to Piggy French, Susie Berry, Alex Bragg and Charlotte Dennis in our wrap up from four days of action at the NAF Hartpury International Horse Trials