Chatsworth cross country course walk with Piggy French

Members of the press, the Dodson & Horrell team, Piggy French, Jennifer Saunders and her dog Olive check out the course at Chatsworth


Last week Piggy French was on the other side of the fence (literally) at Badminton in the press area interviewing riders but this week she is back into competition mode at the Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials, competing in the CIC1* on Cooley Monsoon and the CIC3* on Quarrycrest Echo. 

So who better to take the press around the course on Friday, as a brand Ambassador for the event's naming rights sponsor, Dodson & Horrell, than Piggy?

An added treat was to have one of Piggy’s owners join us, the well known actress Jennifer Saunders of 'Absolutely Fabulous' fame. Jennifer is the owner of the nine year old Irish Sport Horse Cooley Monsoon who is having his first CIC1* start here and she was keen to see some of the course her horse would be tackling.


Piggy and Jennifer after Piggy's CIC3* ERM dressage test on Saturday - currently in 7th place on Quarrycrest Echo


"I do get nervous watching Piggy ride these fences - I don't know how she does it" admits Jennifer "Piggy keeps telling me to come for a hack on Cooley Monsoon as he is really quiet but that's about my level of riding"

Jennifer joined us for a look at some of the bigger fences on the CIC3* course as Piggy explained how she will be approaching some of Ian Stark’s big and hilly course

The riders in both the Dodson & Horrell Challenge Sections and the Event Rider Masters (ERM) CIC3* classes all tackle the same course (the red numbered fences)


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